10 Best Places To Get Buffet In Brooklyn

As one of the boroughs of NYC, Brooklyn thrives with people who love enjoying great meals.

This charismatic nature makes Brooklyn an excellent tourist destination for locals and foreigners alike.

While in Brooklyn, you may not help but wonder where to get the best meals. The best breakfast, lunch, or dinner food will include that found in a buffet setting.

Brooklyn has the best restaurants and food joints that serve the best buffet globally.

Brooklyn has seen diverse cultures, and I may assure you that you will get the best dishes in their buffet setting.

Herein, I will help you uncover the best places to get your buffet in Brooklyn.

Most provide incredible offers, and you might settle for a breakfast, lunch, and dinner offer in no time.

So, which will be the best place to serve you a tantalizing buffet in Brooklyn?

1. Mannas Restaurant

  • 478 Rockaway Ave Brooklyn, NY
  • Phone: (718) 922-2744

Mannas Restaurant

Of all the buffet places in Brooklyn, I love the Mannas restaurant. Here, you get to be served all your delicacies professionally.

You get a variety of dishes in their buffet, including soups, greens, beef, chicken, fish, and other delicacies.

The food varieties would present a quick fast-food selection, especially if you were on the go.

Some people may complain about the food not being tasty, which means spicy.

It might be so here if you love it very spicy, but the food proves sweet with average spicing to suit almost everybody.

The staff will wow you with their hospitality, and the prices don’t come out overpriced.

So if you need a peaceful place to have your buffet in Brooklyn, Mannas will be a great place to start.

2. Tanoreen Restaurant

Tanoreen Restaurant


  • 7523 3rd Ave Brooklyn, NY
  • Phone: (718) 748-5600
  • Visit Website

This restaurant ranks high in the places I would recommend you to have your buffet in Brooklyn.

The foods prove a must-have, and the buffet here consists of a variety of tasty middle-eastern cuisine.

The Mediterranean aromas will keep you locked in every dish you serve, and I tell you, this place proves addictive.

I had my buffet here, and every time I am in Brooklyn, this place proves a must-go.

The owner, chef Rawia brings out her professionalism and talent in cooking delicious Palestine and the middle-eastern dishes in this restaurant.

This restaurant thrives on being run by women, and I tell you, dining here will guarantee you a taste of the best foods in Brooklyn. Their cold appetizers include, among others, eggplant salad and Rawia’s pickles.

Also, feel free to try their hot appetizers like Nakanek and butternut napoleon. These appetizers will spice up your appetite for the lunch and dinner dishes.

Here, the lamb shank tastes divine with dinner/lunch comprising baked kafta tahini and stuffed cabbage.

 3. Saketumi Asian Bistro

  • 118 Montague St Brooklyn, NY 11201
  • Phone: (718) 855-8688
  • Visit Website

Saketumi Asian Bistro


Do you want to dine in your favorite Asian delicacies? Saketumi Asian restaurant in Brooklyn has what it takes to provide you with precisely that. I love Asian food, and when I was looking for the perfect spot to dine, I found Saketumi.

The food here will be served just how you love it, and the buffet might be the best thing to try in Brooklyn.

The buffet will include sushi appetizers, starters, soup, noodle soup, classic rolls, and fried rice, among other foods on the menu.

This dining place enjoys excellent reviews, with people finding the place a perfect place to get Asian food in Brooklyn.

Another good thing is the idea of ordering online. The buffet place provides an opportunity to make orders online before you get there, and you will find your buffet order ready. So, you don’t have to whine in cravings for Asian delicacies.

Visit Saketumi, and you will have your heart’s desires to satisfaction. Customer service should get applauded, too, since they treat their guests with etiquette and respect. You will feel honored to eat at the Saketumi Asian Bistro every day.

4. Flaming grill & modern buffet

  • 3839 Nostrand Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11235
  • Phone: (718) 648-6888
  • Visit Website

Flaming grill modern buffet


If you enjoy American, Japanese, and Chinese cuisine, this will be the perfect place to be.

They open from Sunday to Thursday from 11 am to 10 pm. On Fridays and Saturdays, they operate from 10 am to 10:30 pm.

Their buffet covers lunch and dinner, and prices depend on the age of their guests.

You may get a standardized price if you have children below 6 and 8 years accompanying you.

Their foods range from delicious seafood, chicken, beef, pork vegetables, soup, and dessert.

These categories come in different flavors to suit American, Japanese, and Chinese cuisine.

The hospitality here will attract you repeatedly with high-class professionalism.

I liked the food presentation, and the restaurant has a striking view and elegance.

If you find yourself in Brooklyn, make this your favorite buffet place, and you won’t regret it.

5. Namaste

  • 195 5th Ave Brooklyn, NY 11217
  • Phone: (718) 857-1951
  • Visit Website



Namaste! Are you looking for the best place to have your Indian dishes in style?

Worry no more because, at Namaste, you will get sorted. My Indian friend wondered where to get the most authentic Indian food in Brooklyn.

When I took her to Namaste, she confirmed that the food tasted just like the food back at her home in India.

The traditional Punjabi cuisine here will awaken your taste bands with how tempting it gets.

The famed lunch buffet and dinner will keep you coming back for more. Have you heard of India in Brooklyn? This place is where it all starts.

The food eatery offers over eight special lunch menus and thrives on over 50 food items you may enjoy in your buffet.

The food gets spiced with the authentic traditional Indian spices you may find worldwide.

They open Monday-Sunday from 11:00 am to 11:00 pm. You may also order online through their website and get it ready before you get there. You may also get it delivered to you or order takeout.

Whatever you wish, Namaste ensures you get your Indian delicacies served hot.

So, if you need the best served Indian buffet in Brooklyn, find Namaste, and all your tummy needs will get put to rest.

6. Let’s Meat

  • 5th Avenue Koreatown, Brooklyn, NY
  • Phone: (212) 889-0089
  • Visit Website

Lets Meat


Do you want to taste the best BBQ in Brooklyn? The Korean barbeque bliss here has no match. Let’s Meat specializes in providing the best meat delicacies around the globe.

Let’s Meat uses the renowned Korean grill called the “cap-style” grill. Therefore, be sure to enjoy less greasy and lean Meat to your liking.

You will also get different beef, chicken, pork, and seafood. Getting a buffet here for dinner or lunch will be memorable.

With a minimum of 2 BBQ AYCE, you get your table served with the best meat delicacies ever known.

The table BBQ policy applies even at Let’s Meat, but it’s nothing you can’t adhere to if you need the best BBQ buffet in NY.

The menu includes foods like strip steak, beef small intestines, Berkshire pork belly, and spicy pork short ribs, among other delicacies.

Let’s Meat will be your ultimate stop-over buffet in Brooklyn for the best-made BBQ delicacies.

7. East Harbor Seafood Palace

  • 714 65th St, Brooklyn, NY
  • Phone: +1718 765-0098
  • Visit Website

East Harbor Seafood Palace 1


Seafood has become the world’s favorite dish in recent times. Of course, I like other foods, but I have developed a new addition to seafood.

If you happen to be in Brooklyn and feel that you need a bite of delicious seafood, East Harbor will be glad to have you.

This place provides the best chicken feet, shrimp dumplings, cilantro-wrapped rice, and pork siu mai.

For a long time, I longed Chinese food, and when I tried the delicacies at East Harbor Seafood Palace, I must visit them whenever I got to Brooklyn.

The palace has beautiful scenery, and once inside, you feel the palace mood indeed. The interior décor matches no other in Brooklyn, and it might prove a perfect place for a date.

The restaurant has enough space, and you will feel the breeze of fresh air as you enjoy your seafood.

This eatery has the best customer care, and your orders get the attention they deserve to give you a spectacular service.

So don’t stress about where you will get the sweetest seafood in Brooklyn because East Harbor Seafood Palace gives it all.

8. 66S Fusion

  • 130 Flushing Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11205
  • Phone: (718) 222-0050
  • Visit Website

66S Fusion


Are you looking for the best buffet place in Brooklyn to have lunch or dinner after a fantastic day with your friends?

Among the many restaurants I have visited in Brooklyn, I have found 66S Fusion the best eatery place where you might get a good group buffet.

The restaurant has the best group space, and you will feel the oneness even during a meal.

It makes a great retreat or reunion lunch/dinner spot. They serve a full menu to either eat in or take out.

They also have an all-you-can-eat category that comes at a fixed price. This food serves as a sumptuous buffet option and makes the best dinner in Brooklyn.

You may call them and make any reservations before you come in. if you need an affordable buffet in Brooklyn, I recommend this place any day.

9. K1 Buffet

  • 5614 flatlands Ave 11234
  • Phone: (718) 968-8808
  • Visit Website

K1 Buffet


Here, you will have the best lunch, dinner, or carry-out buffet at great prices.

The chefs have the best experience to make the best foods you get to have in Brooklyn.

The lunch buffet includes chicken chow Mein, shrimp chow Mein, pork, or beef served with broccoli.

You also have the best appetizers like a pork egg roll, fried chicken wings, steamed dumplings, and California rolls.

They also specialize in beef and chicken dishes with fantastic chef specialties.

If you wish to eat in a spectacular environment with outstanding chefs and staff, you must visit K1 Buffet for a memorable food experience.

10. 99 Favor Taste

  • 732 61st St. Brooklyn, NY
  • Phone: (718) 439-0578
  • Visit Website

99 Favor Taste


I must tell you that this place has the most beautiful décor for a restaurant.

If you want to find a perfect buffet place, you might even host a reception in Brooklyn; think of 99 Favor Taste.

99 Favor Taste is one of the best NYC Buffet spots.

As a tourist to Brooklyn, don’t miss out on the beautiful scenery, décor, and food served by the most talented chefs in Brooklyn. The staff has a hospital reception, and you will love eating here again and again.

This place also cooks the best birthday and wedding reception buffets to color your day.

The menu here presents the most colorful and tasty foods I have tried.

If you need it spicy or plain with some chef specialty, you will find it all here at 99 Favor Taste.

The place boasts of making the best American and Chinese cuisine that will leave your taste buds asking for more.

Final thought

I have found Brooklyn one of the best historical and tourist destinations in New York. If you happen to see it as fascinating as I do, I bet you will have a memorable adventure.

While at it, feel free to eat your best dishes from these ten best restaurants offering a buffet in Brooklyn.

Did you enjoy finding out about great buffet places in Brooklyn? If so, let’s know in the comment section.

Also, if you feel we have left out a spectacular buffet place or need to share your experience at these restaurants, let us also know in the comment section.

Also, remember to request what you love on your plate and take note of the places that served you the best.

If you need a friend to find out where to get the best buffet in Brooklyn, share this article with them too.

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