9 Best Tailors In Brooklyn NY Of 2022 (Places For Clothing Alterations And Bespoke Suit)

Tailoring is what makes fashion in Brooklyn, New York City, be recognized worldwide.

It is considered the city of exquisite fashion unlike any other place in the world. Fashion contributes adequately to making men and women more confident.

We all want the best fitting clothes, and that’s why we go for tailor-made clothes. But, of course, you can also get repairs for that cloth that doesn’t fit perfectly.

Tailors take time to put craftsmanship into work to deliver perfectly customized garments but stitch each tiny edge of the material pieces to come up with what is considered trendy.

Brooklyn, one of the five boroughs of NYC, has its streets and skyscrapers in every street with a tailor shop. Here a some of Brooklyn’s best tailors;

Best tailors Brooklyn

1. Tiefenbrun

Location:188 Scott Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11237, United States

Contact:+1 718-650-6120



Yosel Tiefenbrun, the owner of Tiefenbrun, is one of the areas bespoke tailors in Brooklyn who will measure, design, cut, and tailor a garment from mere pieces to something worth having a look at. He operates the place and supervises his assistants and interns.

Tiefenbrun is located on a less busy street. A place where you wouldn’t imagine that there was a popular sought fashion designer.

He has become popular for his unique designs that are a rare combination hence a unique fashion figure.

He focuses on men’s clothes, which can be well understood by observing the surroundings filled with masculinity codes.

For example, you will see a rack of suits awaiting to be picked while others are still being sued, steamed, and pressed.

The tailor operates both physically and on Instagram to reach its customers. His meticulous craft is not merely fitness, but he offers personalized and detailed service to his customers.

Tiefenbrun clients are unique and diverse though mostly in their thirty to forty years of age. His suits are designed for high-end people, especially the CEOs, lawyers, and any other person that appreciates a fine sense of suit fashion.

His shop focuses on hand-made suits, not the off-track suits that are two-piece. A bespoke suit is more lively even when not on the body.

So if you want the best-crafted suit, Tiefenbrun is the place to be.

2. Fulani boutique

Location:496 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11225, United States

Contact:+1 718-789-0464

It is a tailor shop that makes clothes only made to fit a specific person. All you have to do is visit its outlet, engage its expert designers and tailors, and your garment is prepared according to your specifications.

Your shirts, pants, or suits, are in the best hands at Fulani. They can be adjusted, tailored into a well-fitting cloth, or overly made into a new vintage garment.

Women’s suits, trousers, shirts, overcoats, and any alterations are also areas of expertise.

For suits and overcoats, the tailors consult you to find out the specific need you have for that garment.

The tailor offers a wide range of fabrics for your garments, for example, cashmere, super 100s wool, cotton, super 120s to 200s wool, shaded and patterned pieces.

It is up to you to choose the fabric you need or the tailors guide you to pick.

People love Fulani because once the measurements are set, and the fabric is carefully chosen, you are provided with a 3D image of how the suits, pants, or suits will look.

Your measurements are picked keenly without leaving out any detail. For example, the number of buttons, single or double-breasted, slim, athletic fits, British, American, or European measurements.

The time taken to have your cloth ready is three weeks. After that, you can pick or check if it fits; if it doesn’t, you can ask for some alterations.

3. Moore custom goods

Location:275 Park Ave Brooklyn, NY 11205

Contact:(503) 806-4108

Moore custom goods


The tailor shop is owned by Andrea Moore Beaulieu, who has operated the outlet for over six years. The brand seeks to create casual and modern streetwear.

Being located in Brooklyn, she has had to keep up with trendy fashion since New York is the city of fashion.

The brand clothes have a neutral color; they are gender-neutral and have relaxed silhouettes.

Her experience of over sixteen years in the fashion industry has helped her develop sustainable strategies to run the shop without affecting the craftsmanship.

For example, she uses vegan fabrics. That means no clothes use wool fabrics which would mean killing a sheep somewhere to get the material.

Instead, vegan fabrics include organ cotton, linen, seaweeds, wood, beech tree fiber, and many more.

Furthermore, she uses local production, which means she isn’t collaborating with low-cost producing countries that produce cheaply at the expense of their staff.

Also, there is less pollution to the environment as a result of minimal transport activities.

The tailor shop offers visitation access so that you can watch firsthand how garments are prepared and have a one-on-one chat with Andrea on the design process.

The waiting lounge and the space are adequate and well furnished for you to have a homely experience.

Moore collaborates with major brands like Nike, Rolling Stone, Adidas, and Bleacher Report and popular musicians and entrepreneurs to intensify its creativity, modern design and deliver the best to its customers.

4. BZ tailor

Location: New York, NY 10014

Contact:+1 917-913-4477

BZ tailor 1

BZ tailor does what not many designers and tailors do today. That is walking up to your doorstep to pick measurements or garments, then sew and alter, then deliver them once done. Unfortunately, for most outlets, you have to be the one who walks up to them.

Its process involves making an appointment for its professionals to visit you at home or your workplace.

During the visit, discuss the best fitting garment measurements, fabric, and alterations to be made. Once done, they are delivered, or you can pick up your clothes.

BZ tailor alters clothes like blouses, dresses, skirts, suits, pants, jeans, shirts, jackets, and leathers at pocket-friendly prices. So it will only cost you between fifteen to twenty-five dollars.

The tailor also focuses on wedding dress alterations, tuxedos, custom suits, prom dresses, and custom fashion alterations.

It takes less than four days for the alterations to be done, but what is more unique is that it’s done for free a second time if the alterations don’t fit. Its payments are both cashless and hard cash.

Moreover, the tailor is open throughout the week except for Sundays. So its work schedule is flexible, unlike other outlets.

5. Bridge cleaners and tailors

Location:202 Livingston St, Brooklyn, NY 11201, United States

Contact:+1 718-625-1438

Bridge cleaners and tailors 1


It is located in Downtown Brooklyn, and it is hungry for royal fitness. Its clientele is not only the rich and famous but also regular customers.

The tailor prides itself on being the best dry cleaner and the best fashion designer in Brooklyn.

It is a family business owned by Victoria Aviles, a Colombian immigrant who worked her way up to becoming a recognized business owner.

It is co-run by her son, who recently joined. Due to the favorable and homely work environment, most staff have chosen to remain and build their skills there.

The advantage of having a cleaner alongside a tailor is that you get to have spotless garments. The outlet has also invested in pattern makers and seamstress though they cant tailor them.

Bridge cleaners ensure that any cloths and fabrics bought from them are clean as ever, and you don’t get to worry about faded colors or bad garment texture.

Also, their designer clothes sued by hands are one of the best fitting fashion wears in New York.

6. Brooklyn tailors

Location:358 Grand St., Brooklyn, NY 11211 40.712192 -73.95587


It was founded by Daniel Lewis, who has won an award for being the best new menswear designer in America.

Menswear fashion has evolved according to men’s lifestyle and the life they aspire to live.

Most designers, among them Brooklyn tailors, have invested more in quality rather than quantity.

It focuses on modern innovations with a lot of experimenting, more freedom involved and blending with the environment and personality.

It wants to see its clientele look perfect in its juxtaposition fashion. For example, a man wearing a formal suit and some running sneakers or a grey suit with a denim shirt.

That helps break the work environment rules but still looks fashionable and more relaxed.

7. Bespoke tailor Ercole

Location:7415 13th Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11228



Managed by Ercole, the shop offers one of the best tailoring services in Brooklyn. That is evident in the Italian tailor clothes that he has sewed for his customers. They exhibit real inclusion of creative craftsmanship.

The outlet prices for a two-piece suit are one of the best in the area. With a maximum of three dollars, you have yourself walking away with a perfectly fitting tailored suit.

Moreover, its location has also had an enormous impact on the prices of its clothes.

The sewing machines used are much more like those in Manhattan because they offer quality suits, shirts, jackets, and trousers.

The shop also stocks lots of fabrics which ensures continuity of supply for its customers.

The materials are English, and Italian Poro Piana inspired. That shows our diversity in culture.

Not only does it focus on modern American menswear but also those of other continents. For more information about the shop, you can visit its website.

8. Sanaa Lerner

Location: Brooklyn, NY 11229

Contact: (347) 472-2964

Sanaa Lerner 1


The outlet specializes in wedding gowns, and its 20 years of sustainability in the market has enabled it to remain relevant and serve its clientele with satisfaction amidst changing fashion trends.

If you plan to have a wedding, Sanaa Lerner will be the place you get to have your dress tailored, recreated, altered, resized, and restyled to fit you best on your wedding day.

For the grooms, you get to have your shirts and suits tailored as well. What is even more impressive is the fact that you can book an appointment with Sanaa Lerner, and they visit you, pick up and drop your garments whenever ready.

For a perfect experience, you can visit the outlet and have a look at the redesigning process for your dress. Its payments can be in cash or cashless with master cards or visas.


Many tailors in Brooklyn have been up to speed with the ever-changing fashion worldwide to keep their customers free from fleeing their shops.

As a result, tailors here are diverse in their customization of garments.

They have developed a culture of integration of designs and fabrics. For example the Italian suits and the English dresses.

Some even have the Caribbean and the African designs at their outlets.

Tailors with the unique technique help us choose the right fabrics, colors, and textures that perfectly blend our skin tone and sizes.

And among the above-listed tailors have spearheaded the placing of Brooklyn on the global map for their exquisite craftsmanship.

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