The Complete Guide To 5 Boroughs Of NYC (With New York Boroughs Map)

No city is more popular and most visited each year than New York. It is even dubbed the city that never sleeps for the many activities.

Visitors delight in the many skyscrapers and beauty of the city.

New York has 5 boroughs, The Bronx, Staten Island, Queens, Manhattan, and Brooklyn.

Each neighborhood within a borough has its local flavors, making each unique. Plus, each borough has its own identity and history.

In each borough, there is plenty to do, from viewing the landmarks to enjoying delicious dishes in its 5-star steakhouses and restaurants.

Each of the boroughs falls under one of New York’s five counties. The Bronx is under the Bronx County, Queens under the County of Queens, Staten Island under Richmond County, Brooklyn under the County of Kings, and Manhattan falls under the County of New York.

The five counties joined in 1898 to form one big city, New York City. A president runs each borough. However, their roles are limited as the overall management is centralized under the Mayor of New York.

5 boroughs of nyc

Boroughs of NYC


Manhattan is said to be the center of all the action happening in NYC. It is the most famous and wealthiest borough in 2017. Moreover, it is home to reputable institutions, such as New York University and Columbia University.

manhattan neighborhood map

Manhattan is the place to find iconic landmarks, restaurants, and skyscrapers, like the One World Trade Center.

The experience here is fast-paced, and the neighborhoods promise great rewards for anyone interested in exploring the area.

Manhattan skyscrapers view

Notable neighborhoods include Flatiron, Tribeca, Little Italy, Midtown, Central Park, Soho, Financial District, Chinatown, and Greenwich Village.

The neighborhoods are unique. Some describe a culture like Chinatown, while others are geographical, such as the Upper East Side.

Manhattan offers a lot. It is New York’s cultural center with renowned museums like MoMa and the American Museum of Natural History. Plus, financial institutions and companies like Bloomberg LP and Wall Street are found here.

The Manhattan Bridge

Something to note about Manhattan is that it is divided into three areas. The first is Downtown, found in its extreme south and home to neighborhoods like Chinatown and Soho.

The Midtown contains key business districts. The last is the Uptown, mainly a residential area, like the Upper East Side neighborhood.


Map Of Brooklyn Neighborhoods

Brooklyn borough is separated from Manhattan by the East River. The borough is the fastest-growing and is currently the most populated as it has much to offer for everyone, including a rich culinary experience. You can’t miss its artistic and sophisticated views. It is ideal for nightlife, food, and photos.

Brooklyn Bridge Park

Brooklyn can be said to be the home to artistic and creative families. Moreover, Brooklyn is the perfect place if you love exploring a city’s culture, the coffee shops, bars, and restaurants.

Some of the best restaurants and arts scenes are in Williamsburg. The neighborhood is an irresistible place to stay. However, if you prefer a unique and sophisticated stay, the Park Slope neighborhood is ideal for that.

Brooklyn has everyone’s taste, from eclectic eats, culture, live music, and sporting activities. Things to do in Brooklyn are endless.

Plus, it is divided into different districts. There are those in Downtown Brooklyn, which is a business district.

Southwestern Brooklyn

Others are in the Northwest and comprise the wealthiest neighborhoods, such as Fort Greene, Clinton Hill, and Brooklyn Heights.

Further North are neighborhoods initially comprising the working class, such as Williamsburg, and those in Southern and Central Brooklyn, such as Borough Park.

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Queens Neighborhoods Map 1

Queens borough is the most diverse of them all and is New York’s multi-cultural hub located East of Manhattan. Besides, it is the largest and home to various bars and restaurants and multiethnic communities.

Queens is the place to enjoy all the adventures and fun without breaking the bank, especially in the Astoria neighborhood. Astoria offers many affordable eateries. Plus, if spending time outside is your thing, Socrates Sculpture Park in Northern Astoria is perfect.

Queens Neighborhoods

The borough mainly comprises affluent and middle-class neighborhoods. At the same time, it has some poor neighborhoods. Ideally, it is a destination for modern-art enthusiasts, nature lovers, and sports. Besides, the famous John F Kennedy International Airport is found here.

One of its neighborhoods, Queensbridge, has a reputation for breeding hip-hop music. Notable artists like 50 Cent, Nas, Havoc, Nicki Minaj, and others come from the neighborhood. Still, the popular Kaufman Studio, known for producing television shows, is found in the Astoria neighborhood in Queens.

The Bronx

Bronx neighborhood map


In the 70s, the Bronx was known for crime and poverty, especially the Camp Apache District. However, things took a turn, and it is currently progressing to be safer and more vibrant. It is known as the birthplace of great hip-hop music in New York.

Each of its neighborhoods has plenty of culture and history. The Bronx has many iconic landmarks, such as the Bronx Botanical Garden and Bronx Zoo, making it a great tourist attraction. Besides, it is the northernmost borough and home to affordable hotel options.

The Bronx


It has many transport options like taxis, buses, and subways, which can all get you to the city. Some of its exemplary neighborhoods include Little Italy, the home to many Italian desserts and restaurants.

The Bronx has 3 main attractions, Yankee Stadium, Bronx Zoo, and Botanical Garden. The Yankee Stadium attracts many sports fans to cheer one of the best baseball teams, the New York Yankees.

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Staten Island

Staten Island neighborhood map


Among the boroughs, Staten Island is the one at the southernmost location. It is the least known to tourists, and it can only be visited via Manhattan through the Staten Island Ferry. Plus, it is the greenest, and it is famous for its vast parkland, colonial village, and beaches.

Staten Island


Staten Island is a great place to stay if you desire to spend most time visiting Elis Island, the Statue of Liberty. One of its neighborhoods, St George, is a charming place and will give you a stunning view of the waterfront park and lower Manhattan.

It is the least urban New York borough, but the experience and visits are great. Its notable neighborhoods include Richmond Valley, Annadale, Grant City, Midland Beach, Lighthouse Hill, Oakwood, Prince’s Bay, Concord, and St George.

Map of the five boroughs of New York City

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