The 6 Best Escape Rooms In Brooklyn, NYC

Do you enjoy board games? Do you consider gathering with your friends, playing cards, and eating popcorn until late hours as a perfect evening?

If your answers to both of my questions are yes and if you also like new challenges, then room escape is ideal for you!

I’m sure you’ve already heard about this immersive game but if you haven’t, I will introduce you to your new hobby!

Room Escape is an interactive game, something like a video game except you has the lead role.

Young people looking at old wooden rosary while pursuing investigation in escape room with antique furniture

The concept is to gather your team and enter a locked room. There you will get your role and the mission you have to complete within a specific timeframe to escape the room.

To complete the task your team must work together, collaborate, research, and solve the puzzles. Through room escape, you will have the opportunity to use your skills, and knowledge and test your limits.

But what is more important you will build stronger relationships with your teammates. You will have to help each other achieve a common goal and you will have an unforgettable experience at the end of the day.

The best indicator of the quality and entertainment level of these games are reviews and the escape rooms in Brooklyn have high rates, which means you have to try them!

List of the best escape room places in Brooklyn

The escape room is an amazing experience because you can choose from various themes and different levels of difficulty.

The fearless ones can choose horror themes, those who like to test their intelligence can choose a room with challenging puzzles, and someone who enjoys teamwork can choose some that require interaction and mutual communication.

Each room has something special and unique, so pay attention to the list below and choose the game you want to try first.

  1. Komnata Quest Brooklyn
  2. Brooklyn Escape Room
  3. Peddlers and Parchments Escape Room
  4. Beat The Bomb
  5. MyssTic Rooms
  6. Shipwrecked

1. Komnata Quest Brooklyn

104 West St, Brooklyn, NY 11222

Komnata Quest Brooklyn 1


It is a global franchise brand with over 100 locations in the US, Europe, and Russia.

Experienced screenwriters are responsible for inventing themes and scenarios for unforgettable experiences in different genres.

Since you can find this brand in many locations, there are differences in the game’s choice.

When we talk about New York City currently there are available 3 games:

1) Doctor Frankenstein

Your professor, a scientist, was forced to leave his experiment unfinished since he has to escape because of the people’s threats.

Only who can help him are you, a group of his loyal students!

Your task will be to find out where your professor is and to finish his experiment. But you have to be fast because a horde of angry people can enter the laboratory every moment.

You will be amazed by the details of the room and the development of the story.

This will be a perfect game for you if you like puzzles since there are plenty of them. If you want to figure out one password you will have to solve a few rounds of puzzles just to get to the main puzzle with a key.

This game can be played by up to 8 people, even though it sounds crowdy each one will have its duties and will be involved the whole time.

2) Hex Of The Chinese Jewelry Box

While digging in China a renowned archaeologist found a strange artifact. He brought it with him and after a week he was founded dead in his home.

Your mission will be to research the professor’s studies and discover the secret of the artifact to save your town from a potential disaster.

The designers of the game did an excellent job, of making the atmosphere so realistic. You will lose the track of time and dedicate fully to your mission.

3) The City of Ashes

When your road trip went wrong you will appear in the city of ghosts.

You will feel a burnt odor, anxiety, and shudder. Around you will be thick fog and all you can hear will be scratching wheels, metal rattling, and siren screams.

Since this game is horror-themed it is not recommended for pregnant women and children.

If you are a horror fan this environment will instantly remind you of Silent Hill.

The game is more focused on experience and interaction with the environment than on the puzzle.

2. Brooklyn Escape Room

594 Pacific St, Brooklyn, NY 11217

Brooklyn Escape Room


Brooklyn Escape Room is located in the Park Slope area, one of the neighborhoods in Brooklyn.

It was founded in 2015, and since then it became the favorite entertainment of spooky adventure lovers.

During the years, available games have been changed so currently, you can experience The Hunted mission.

The Hunted

You will be trapped in a haunted house on the hill with your spirit guide.

Your task will be to figure out her wish in 60 minutes and escape from spending eternity as her playmate.

The house design is ominous so you will feel obsessed with the creepy atmosphere. The space is decorated with dusty, antique furniture so everything is adjusted to the exact story theme.

The point of this game is interaction with a set, you will deal with a lot of searching and connecting objects. Compared to similar room escape games you won’t have to solve a lot of puzzles, which makes this game newbie-friendly.

3. Peddlers and Parchments Escape Room

1905 Ave. M, Brooklyn, NY 11230

Peddlers and Parchments Escape Room


This is an authentic escape room because here you will be able to learn more about Jewish history and tradition while solving your mission.

Of course, to play the game you don’t have to be Jewish, but you will have to be focused on some details related to the story’s background.

They use the concept of storytelling medium in the most efficient way possible. Through the interaction and solving the puzzles players are connecting deeply with themes and stories.

You can feel the amount of love behind this idea and the passion for spreading Jewish values and tradition.

1) Bridge of Embers Room

Your mission will be to save the precious manuscripts of Rabbi Pinchas Koritz from permanent destruction during the Holocaust.

As the story moves forward you will go back to the past and be introduced to his ancestors and their stories. So all this combined in one big story makes a quest complicated so make sure that you are concentrated and present.

During the journey, you will also have the opportunity to learn more about Rashi, the greatest Bible commentator.

The game consists of a lot of searching, observing, connecting, and solving puzzles.

2) Dance of the Bear

The story is about the immigrant experience of the Polonsky family.

You will be placed in an office on famous Ellis Island.

Throughout the room will be scattered documents, photographs, and inscriptions. If they are connected well they can provide you with plenty of valuable information.

Your task will be to find the clues and evidence about the journey of the Polonsky family and to reconstruct their family tree.

4. Beat The Bomb

255 Water St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Beat The Bomb


Beat the Bomb was founded in 2017 by former tax attorney Alex, passioned player of team games.

It is not a classic escape room, it contains a mix of arcade games, laser tag, immersive theatre, and paint bombs to make your experience unique.

It is the perfect place for dates, team building, birthday celebrations or just hanging out with friends in a more active way.

If you don’t want to get blasted you will have to dodge lasers, solve puzzles and disarm a paint bomb.

After winning your team can celebrate with the snacks and drinks they serve.

It offers Classic mode and Battle mode.

The first one requires your team to fight against the Bomb Clock and it is recommended for smaller groups.

While in the Battle mode you will be split into teams and compete who will be the first to beat The Bomb. Winners can blast the losers!

The mission is simple – You have to defuse a giant paint bomb.

Before achieving your goal you have to complete numerous tasks and puzzles to earn more time on the Bomb’s Clock. You will get giant white onesies and safety glasses before entering the game.

There are 5 stages of Beat the Bomb and each has its own set and requires different skills and teamwork cooperation.

Overall this is a fantastic experience, you will build stronger relationships with your teammates, have fun and probably feel the color blast on your body.

5.  MyssTic Rooms

794 Union St, Brooklyn, NY 11215

MyssTic Rooms


Myss Tic’s Rooms have high-tech, realistic, and carefully designed sets. Their environment will make you feel lost in their scenarios and fully dedicated to your mission.

Whichever game you choose, you will gain a unique and fun experience.

1) Ghost Light

Olivia Thomas was a famous member of the Ziegfeld Follies.

She was poisoned in Paris under mysterious circumstances. After her death, she haunts Broadway’s New Amsterdam Theatre.

Your task will be to keep the light on the stage turned on so Olivia and her Follies can perform during the night and leave others in peace during the day.

The theater setting is very elegant, each piece is beautifully designed and perfectly placed.

In order to solve the mission, you will have to search, connect, observe and do puzzles.

2) Montauk Project

The Montauk Air Orce Station was shut down in 1970.

But since then, there are reports of people disappearing in the forest. There are rumors that something is still alive in there.

You will have to infiltrate the area and figure out the source of mysterious incidents so you can bring back the evidence.

Throughout the game, there are multiple sets, each is unique and different, but also a part of one whole. You will have to be focused and engaged with your teammates if you want to triumph over the mission.

This game is perfect for adventurers and sci-fi lovers.

6. Shipwrecked

621 Court St, Brooklyn, NY 11231



One of the most entertaining places in New York City. When you come to Shipwrecked you can choose the activity you want to play with your friends and family.

Their mini-golf course is well-known throughout the city. You can also play arcade games, try to get out from mini escape rooms, or just have a drink and snacks on the terrace.

If you choose escape rooms, you will have a choice of 3 games. Your adventure will last 1 hour so you should try to escape from as many rooms as you can.

1) Temple Escape

If you are an Indiana Jones fan, don’t miss the opportunity to identify with him and see how hard is to be him even for an hour.

Your task will be to explore the temple ruins to find a treasure. As a real treasure hunter, you will need to locate all the artifacts and solve puzzles so you can retrieve the golden skull.

If you manage to do it quickly, you will be free!

2) The Hunted

Your curiosity dragged you into the old hunted house, the home of a deceased widow.

But today is a special day for her… today is the anniversary of her never happened wedding day.

The night before her wedding, her suitor mysteriously disappeared and there are rumors that she has never left the house since then. Even today people say they can hear her calling his name from her coffin.

As a punishment for disturbing her peace, if you don’t escape soon she will make you her new suitor…

3) Mission: Reactor

This game will move you into space. You will just wake up in an escape pod from the International Space Station.

You have to lean on yourself to figure out the way to go home since there is no one with you.

You will have to reenergize the three reactors and reignite the reactor core to make the return trip to your home planet possible.

The bad news is that backup battery cells have a limited amount of power. So be careful and ensure your return as soon as possible!

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are many possibilities available. And most importantly, even if you don’t manage to escape from the room I am sure you will have fun.

You don’t have to wait for a special occasion to visit escape room.

You can also go there when you feel tired from everyday life and want to experience something new for a moment. Just go to one of these places and live a new virtual life for a few hours.

Allow yourself to identify with your character, experience your new adventure and you will feel like a real superhero.

Do you already know which game you will play first? Or maybe your favorite one is not on our list?

Write us in the comments about your experience, we would love to hear more!

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