13 Farmers Markets In Brooklyn You May Want To Check Out

One good thing about farmers’ markets is that you get fresh produce straight from the farms, such as fruit and vegetables, dairy products, and baked goods, without added additives.

This city has pretty much everything, but not everyone knows there are also multiple locations of farmer’s markets.

The green markets in NYC have expanded within the five boroughs because many people seek to get something healthy for themselves. Brooklyn is one crucial destination for farmer’s markets in NYC, and several markets are open all year round, each with unique items.

Here is a list of the best farmer’s markets in Brooklyn. Remember to check the schedule before visiting these spots because many are open over the weekends only.

Farmers markets Brooklyn

1. Grand Army Plaza Greenmarket

Location; Prospect Park West, Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215

Grand Army Plaza Greenmarket 1


It is the second-largest green market in NYC after Union square. It is located next to the Brooklyn Botanic garden and the Brooklyn Museum.

This green market is open throughout the year and usually has many items. However, it is the go-to option if all you want is baked goods. Whether it’s bread, cakes, churros, or pies, this should be your market of choice.

It is also home to a wide array of dried fruits and vegetables and dairy products from the tri-state area.

If you intend to shop in this green market, the best is to walk through the market and see whatever items are in the stands before committing to buying. There are so many things that may capture your attention.

Grand Army plaza features live music, often played by local musicians, educational sessions, and cooking demonstrations.

The best part is this market is open all year round on Saturdays from 8 am to 4 pm.

2. Bay Ridge Greenmarket

Location; 3rd Avenue & 95th Street Walgreen’s Parking lot, Brooklyn, NY 11209

Bay ridge Greenmarket


This one isn’t as big as the other markets in Brooklyn, but it’s worth a visit. This market is a favorite for locals and residents who go shopping here for fresh produce while chit-chatting with friends and neighbors.

The fresh produce in this green market is locally sourced and often packed with items that you might need for your next recipe. The item selection is broad as you can also get baked food and fresh fish.

The tight space in this market is just enough for residents and neighbors to share and exchange ideas on the next food they intend to prepare.

The size of this farmer’s market shouldn’t stop you from visiting it. However, you might find something that isn’t in other green markets.

3. Down to earth Park Slope farmer’s market 

Location; 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215

Down to earth Park Slope farmers market


Do you intend on preparing fresh fish for dinner? How about getting the fish from Down to earth green market.

There are several items in this farmer’s market besides fresh fish that you can also get. This spot is open throughout the year every Saturday, and there is a wide variety of farm-fresh and locally sourced items you may need.

Take your time and walk through different vendor stalls for unique products and produce.

American Pride Seafood Stall is one you don’t want to pass by when at this green market. There is a wide selection of fresh seafood if you love fish recipes. You should also try Doctor pickles for sweet and savory delicious pickles.

4. Carroll Garden’s Greenmarket

Location; Carroll St & Smith St, Brooklyn, NY 11231

Carroll Gardens Greenmarket


This farmer’s market looks more like a hangout in the neighborhood and not where you go shopping for your favorite greens and dairy products.

Instead, this low-key shopping green market is perfect for meticulous shoppers who want to prepare excellent weekend dishes.

You will often see stall vendors interacting with customers and exchanging ideas on what’s best for a particular dish or how to use a specific item.

Fruits and vegetables, flowers, and dairy products are some of the dominant products in many stalls at this farmer’s market.

It is where you go for fresh-farm produce, seasonal fruits, locally grown produce, high-quality baked goods, and honey. Almost everything is available here, making it a worthy place to visit, especially when in need of food ingredients.

Organizers and community members also ensure they conserve their environment by employing environmental sustainability measures.

For example, they collect food leftovers and use them for constructing compost heaps and use textiles for recycling.

5.  Forte Greene park market

Location; Washington Park & DeKalb Ave, 11201

Forte Greene park market


Bundled just at the edge of Forte Green Park, next to the fantastic brownstones, is the Forte Green Park green market.

The population is slightly more diverse than in other farmer’s markets within Brooklyn. Professionals, young people, children, and adults are some of the groups of people you will often meet here.

This market is slightly smaller than the Grand Army Plaza, but it’s packed with several items that will entice you.

In addition, this market features local musicians that entertain shoppers while they go through there with their businesses.

As you get through the crowd, ensure you grab a cup of apple cider and cake doughnuts at the Wilklow orchards during winter. You will surely enjoy the combo since they are perfectly prepared.

Vegetables and fruits grown in Orange County are some staples you will find here. Baked goods and fresh seafood are also available in the market.

Cooking demonstrations and seasonal events are some activities you will always find in this market.

6. Brooklyn Borough Hall Saturday Greenmarket 

Location; Court St & Montague St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Brooklyn Borough Hall Saturday Greenmarket


This green market is known in the neighborhood mainly because of the vendors committed to their work even under rough weather.

A few blocks next to the Borough Hallway substation, its location makes it a convenient place to visit anytime you are alighting from the train.

The Brooklyn Borough Green Market has been there for over 25 years serving the neighborhood with the best fresh vegetables and fruits. Most of the products in this market are locally sourced.

This one is the only farmer’s market in Brooklyn open on multiple days of the week and not on the weekends only.

So, if you don’t appreciate large crowds when going for your shopping, consider coming here on Saturdays as it is always free of the masses.

Breeze through the market and fill your bag with flowers and plants, freshly picked fruits and vegetables, grass, and dairy products.

7. 7th Avenue sunset park greenmarket 

Location; 7th Ave &, 44th St, Brooklyn, NY 11232

7th Avenue sunset park greenmarket


This farmer’s market may be small, but it makes a go-to option if you need fresh ingredients for your next lunch or dinner recipe.

The better part of the products you find here is locally sourced, which means you will always get them in their freshest form.

If you love live cooking demonstrations accompanied by live music, you should consider visiting this market as soon as possible.

Like many other farmer’s markets in Brooklyn, this one is primarily open over the weekends. It is why you will always find it packed with many people.

Pastries, fresh fruits, vegetables, meat, and eggs are some products in this green market.

8. McCarren Park Greenmarket 

Location; Union Ave &, N 12th St, Brooklyn, NY 11206

McCarren Park Greenmarket


This neighborhood market is small but has all the stuff you may need for your cooking. It features organic produce, meat, dairy products, baked goods, and fruits and vegetables, all in fresh form.

The market is often crowded with many people lining up to buy different products from the stands within the market.

However, baked good sold in the market often draws a diverse crowd because they are fresh and delicious and the wheat used is grown and milled locally.

Seasonal fruits and vegetables, juices, eggs, chicken, and rabbits are crowd-pleasers in this farmer’s market. Don’t let its size stop you from getting the best products from this market.

You might find something that isn’t available in many farmer’s markets from this spot.

A wide selection of craft beers is one unique factor that sets this market apart from the others in Brooklyn.

So if you want a cheap boozy drink, then step into this market and select your favorites.

9. Bartel-Pritchard Square Greenmarket 

Location; Prospect Park West & 15th St, 11215

Bartel Pritchard Square Greenmarket


If you are one of the people who suffer from grocery diminishment midway through the week in your kitchen, you are in luck.

This farmer’s market is open mid-week to help you sort out your grocery diminishment and help ease through the week by making your favorite recipes.

The good news is this market isn’t always too crowded, which means you can pick up your groceries quickly and head home to prepare your food. The vendors in the market are a handful but are well stocked with different supplies.

The prices of the products are also reasonable, making it a go-to option if you are working under a budget. If you love seafood dishes, head to this market for fresh seafood products.

10. Brooklyn grange Rooftop farm 

Location; 850 Third Avenue. Roof, Brooklyn, NY 11232

Brooklyn grange Rooftop farm


If you came to New York to see a fully operating farm, this one is your best bet. The farm on the rooftop is 5.6 acres with several varieties of vegetables and fruits, and the good news is you don’t have to pay anything to visit this farm.

The greenhouse on this rooftop farm is massive, which is also one of the reasons you will find several seasonal fruits and veggies.

They have three different locations within the city. The prices of the products on this farm make it a go-to option considering there are discounts and most products are sold in bulk, which means you get to walk out with a bag full of produce at reasonable prices.

11. Bensonhurst Greenmarket 

 Location; 18th Ave & 81st St, Brooklyn, NY 11214

Bensonhurst Greenmarket


Open on Sundays, this green market brings together multiethnic groups living in Brooklyn. The space in the market is small but gives room for vendors, customers, and neighbors to chit-chat while getting the products they want from the market.

The stands in the market are four, each with different products such as vegetables, fruits, Mexican herbs, and best of all, high-quality honey. The selection in the market is relatively small, but the quality is outstanding.

Neighbors and vendors often come to this park to relax, get together, and buy the locally available stuff.

12. Boro park greenmarket 

Location; 14th Ave &, 50th St, Brooklyn, NY 11219

Boro park greenmarket


This market has been open since 2002 and has been serving the diverse community in Brooklyn with the freshest produce.

Also, it makes a go-to-market should your groceries diminish during the week because the market is open on Thursdays.

Locals return to this spot weekly to get their preferred produce. The specialty Latin American fruits that are freshly picked from the local farms {Toigo orchard and Suka-di farm} in the Orange County black dirt region are some of the products that make this market spot a favorite for many people.

13. RB Bushwick Farmer’s market 

Location; 122 Starr St, Brooklyn, NY 11237

RB Bushwick Farmers market


This market has been serving the multicultural heritage community in Brooklyn for some time. The market is open only on weekends and has the best high-quality fruits and vegetables.

This farm market is open throughout the year on Saturdays. So if you are looking for the best place to get your groceries for the week or your special recipe, Bushwick Farms’s market will serve you best.

Are you looking for a farmer’s market?

Brooklyn is one of the most populated boroughs in NYC. It is one place you will find a diverse range of food and farmer’s markets.

The good news is the markets are bulked with supplies which means it’s hard to miss the all-important stuff you need.

So, if you plan on moving to this borough and you don’t know where to buy your groceries, check this list for the best farmer’s markets.

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