26 Best Restaurants In Brooklyn Of 2022 (Good Places To Eat)

Brooklyn may not be the biggest borough in N.Y., but it sure has such a large population. So it’s no wonder they still have so many restaurants.

Although most people believe that Manhattan is the place to go dining, there are today so many places you can dine in Brooklyn. It doesn’t matter what you want to eat; you will always find it here.

Notice though that Brooklyn has many neighborhoods that have some of the best restaurants. When you’re new in this neighborhood, you will need to know the restaurants to go to.

For this, we make your work easier by showing you the best areas to visit. So, we are bringing you a few options to choose from.

The best restaurants in Brooklyn

1. Rule of thirds

Best Japanese restaurant

Rule Of Thirds outdoor seats

Source: @thirdsbk

Here then, you have the creative meals of Japan. When you look at it, you will like that it has a high ceiling. Notice it will give you a cozy setting that is also the industrial setting space for those fancy party events you may have.

This one is in Greenpoint, and note that it’s as small as an airplane hangar. I like that the high ceilings are set with the high blonde woods as well.

When you go inside, the first thing you see is the glass in the middle that is chilled, and it has sake (traditional Japanese alcoholic drink). Take some and move to the tables.

I recently went there with my friends, and we enjoyed the izakaya style of the menu. To say the least, I just liked the balanced flavors and spices but also the service.  In other instances, people like the box-pressed sushi.

Also, some of my friends loved the ones that come with crunched radish. I don’t know about you, but I do love radish way too much.

When you have friends like mine, you will not mind shouting ‘Kanpai’ as the chefs like it. This is true as long as we get a great meal.

Well, I like healthy Japanese-style meals, especially for my significant events like dates.

Address: 171 banker St., Brooklyn, NY 11222

Phone: (347) 334-6684


More info about rule of thirds Brooklyn

2. Xilonen (It Closed Down Permanently)

Best vegan restaurant

When you are looking for a plant-based diet restaurant, then you have it here. They only focus on serving you some of the vegan and vegetarian meals.

They aim to attain a world that is perfectly healthy but still enjoys flavorful foods. And then the meals they are going to serve you here are primarily Mexican.

The essence of this restaurant is to show you that you can have some of the best meals even when they are vegan. Contrary to most beliefs, the meals can be delicious, fun but also readily available.

Check the menu to notice the meals are almost 80% vegan and the other 20% is vegetarian.

So you see, there’s a significant number of the growing population that are today vegans. This makes it easier to get their favorites in no time.

This restaurant though opened during the pandemic. And now it’s serving a large number of people with ease.

The aim is to make sure with the simple changes that the environment is safe.

905 Lorimer St Brooklyn, NY 11222

(929) 272-0370


3. Juliana’s

Best pizza restaurant


One of the most ordinary restaurants when it comes to pizza is Juliana’s. You will find it in dumbo, and for ages, Juliana’s has delivered some of the best pizzas the market has to offer.

We must say that it’s one of the best places you can go for a quick meal. You will mostly enjoy the different toppings of the pizza.

This restaurant and Grimaldi are both founded by the same person. But at the time he was opening this restaurant, he had already retired from Grimaldi. So he didn’t think he was going to open another restaurant at all.

So, then he moved to the restaurant next door and then began another restaurant. Now don’t be mistaken because the two restaurants are not entirely the same.

They feature their slight differences. Here is a good example when you choose the classic pizza, then it only has two toppings.

Remember Juliana has no reservations, which is why you need to plan so that you don’t go finding so many people for you to stand.

19 Old Fulton St BrooklynNY11201

Tel: 718.596.6700


4. Taqueria Al Pastor

Best tacos restaurant

If you are a fan of tacos, then make sure you order them from this restaurant. You will like it for the fact that they come to you piled with piles of crispy pork too.

They also usually have piles of pineapple cubes. Notice, though, that a heavy taco then is generally a good snack.

They usually cut the pieces in the shape of a seven-carat diamond. You will further like the fact that the beef remains garlicky and also richly flavored.

You see, this one is great as the shop also sells excellent guacamole. You will also find it easy to enjoy the homemade tortillas as well. They are perfectly chewy as well.

The restaurant then has the best tortillas to use alongside the guac.

Address: 128 Wyckoff Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11237

Phone: (718) 269-7538


5. Olmstead

Best farm to table restaurant

Notice that this one will get you the posh farm-to-table fare, and they focus on using the perfect casual neighborhood settings.

Here then, you have world-class food, which is, therefore, one of the spaces you go to if you like the more casual style of the restaurant.

So here you have the restaurant that is chef farmer type of restaurant.

Olmsted is at prospect heights, and it brings the best meals thanks to Chef-owner Greg. So, therefore, the meals you find here will surprise you that they use the ingredients from the backyard.

So, then you have the restaurant that comes to you in that they have 50 seat restaurants.

659 Vanderbilt Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11238



6. Roberta’s

World-class pizza restaurant

Well, I know pizza is a favorite in many households. If you’re going on a trip in Brooklyn, then you should make it your intention to just stop at one of the world-class pizzas. Notice that they have a list of so many different pizzas for you to try.

Go on to choose the best Margherita pizza or just choose another one. Of course, the secret is just to check the proper pizza Roberta’s.

When you go to this restaurant, you will always enjoy the pizza that they show you here.

Of course, you don’t just need to go too fast food for pizza. The ones you find in such restaurants like Roberta’s are different and great too.

Address: BUSHWICK 261 Moore St Brooklyn, NY 11206

Phone: (718) 417-1118


7. Peter Luger Steakhouse

Best steakhouse

When you’re looking for fine dining, then you should go to Williamsburg for ideas. In this steakhouse, then you can go for the different significant occasions of your life.

Therefore, if you are craving steak, you should go to Peter Luger that has made a name for himself for 1984. Here then, you’re a legendary, and you’ll like every bite into the steak you eat.

Now you should know that the restaurant is a luxury type so you will need to spend a little more.

I mean, you won’t just wake up and go; instead, you will have to make reservations. You may have to book the reservation for a long time.

Although it may be costly, you will realize that it was all worth it by the time you eat their meals.

If you’re not a peter luger cardholder, make sure you have cash as they only deal in cash. So, if you’re going to dine here, then carry along some few hundred dollars.

Address: Peter Luger, Inc. 178 Broadway Brooklyn, N.Y. 11211

Phone: 718-387-7400


8. Shelsky’s of Brooklyn

Best restaurant for seafood bagels and sandwich

Here is another space you can go to when looking for places to eat in Brooklyn. Those who go into this restaurant praise its lox (salmon that is prepped but made to almost raw only) and smoked fish.

Anyone who loves seafood and bagel will love this restaurant as they make the best of both. The coble hills seafood market makes it easy for this restaurant to be made.

So, with this restaurant, you’ll like that it makes it easy to attain the old traditional style of seafood meals.

If you love bagels, though, you will like the ones they make here, and this restaurant aims to make the perfect bagels again.

You will like the fact that it delivers the classic, bold, and unexpectedly flavorful. So, the bagels will be nicely dense, and you will enjoy their chewiness.

Generally, then they have a name for making some of the best creative bagels and sandwiches.

Address: 141 Court Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201


9. Le crocodile

Best French food restaurant

This restaurant is everything for anyone who likes to attain the best experience. This one is at the bottom of Wythe hotel in Williamsburg.

It will surprise you just how good the French food they are making here is.

This is another one of the restaurants you can choose to go to for your major events. Be ready to pay a little more, though.

I like the half chicken they make together with a bag of fries. It will amaze you just how good the food is, and you will therefore make a memory here.

This is just one, but they have a lot of food you can use for dinner, brunch, and even lunch. So, for you, the best thing to do is just to see it yourself and have fun with it.

Address: Wythe Hotel 80 Wythe Avenue Brooklyn New York

Phone: +1 718 460 8004


10. Xian famous food

Best Chinese restaurant

There are many Chinese restaurants, but this is one of the most common ones in Brooklyn.

Here you will find nothing less than authentic, delicious, and high-quality foods to the customers. Here then it will surprise you that they make sure they satisfy cravings.

And you will enjoy the unique cuisine with the best culture too. But be sure that you will find even the middle eastern flavors.

So whether you need spicy noodles, spicy lamb cumin lamb, or any other Chinese delicacy, you will find it here.

Address: 54 Willoughby St., Brooklyn, NY 11201


11. Edith’s Brooklyn

Best Jewish deli restaurant

This one has been in the business of producing some of the best sandwiches and bread foods too. This is a brick and motor bakery that you will only find in Williamsburg.

This is one of the best Jewish delis, and they made it to serve all the communities here. Of course, they will make the best hand-rolled bagel.

You will find it in Lorimer street, and these days it has a large type of restaurant, which makes it easy for you to eat in this restaurant.

I like to take their latkes but especially topped with bacon, egg, and cheese.

If you are in Williamsburg, you should stop at Edith’s for the best bready sandwiches.

Address: 495 Lorimer St, Brooklyn, NY 11211


12. Win Son Bakery

Best Taiwanese restaurant

For those of us who love the Asian bread styles, here is one of the best parts that you can go to. It’s a Taiwanese restaurant, so you expect things Taiwan style.

My best favorite is to eat the pork knuckle sandwich. But sometimes I just go to their shop for some fried chicken that is extremely tasty.

East Williamsburg is fantastic, and we get to sit at the window to see what’s out. So, even if you haven’t yet tried the Taiwanese foods, come and try them here.

This one is a laid-back neighborhood restaurant. So, you can use it when you’re going for brunch and dinner.

The best part is that it’s an inventive restaurant so you will have the best meal in no time.

Address: 164 Graham Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11206

Phone: (917) 909-1725


13. Nargis Café

Best Russian food restaurant

Well, this is more Russian food, and you will like it more because they will deliver some of the best meals. So now you should go to this restaurant to find middle eastern cuisine.

If you are a vegan, then you will also have your meals served as well. This one serves the best and yet the healthiest vegan meal.

With this café then you are going to be eating some of the best middle Asian foods. Have you tried the Manti? It is a dumpling so famous in different cultures.

This restaurant also gives you some of the best foodstuffs you can use. One thing is true that the restaurant will serve you some of the best meals both in and out.

Now you will notice that they have it at Brighton beach anyway. This restaurant is in the sheepshead bay neighborhood.

So, you can expect to find things like shish, kebab, easy pilaf, and many more choices of meals.


14. Paulie’s Gee

Paulie’s Gee is not only Best Pizza restaurants In Brooklyn, but also is One of the best greenpoint restaurants.

It is for those who like to live in places where you can have great pizzas, especially for the different groups. See, we already told you about some of the best pizzas in the market.

Mind you, Brooklyn is excellent when it comes to making the pizza. So today, we talk of this legendary pizza restaurant.

The restaurant is at Greenpoint, and the dim-lit restaurant is perfect to offer wood-fired oven pizzas. Unfortunately, if you’re into going to take-outs, then they won’t deliver.

They only serve it in the restaurant as they like for you to eat their pizzas being piping hot.

What better way to enjoy the pizza than you know? You may even meet Paulie. Now you shouldn’t go there expecting to make reservations.

But, since they offer the best pizzas, you can be sure the queue will belong. They also have a slice shop around the block if you just need a few slices.

Address: Paulie Gee’s, 60 Greenpoint Avenue, Brooklyn, New York 11222

Phone: +1 347 987 3747


More about Paulie Gee’s

15. Gino’s

Best Italian restaurant

Here is one of the most common pizzas and spaghetti houses.

I love Italian food, and I can tell you that you should go out with me to Gino if you love them too.

Here are another one of the best Italian restaurants that are also family-owned but also thriving. It now has about three storefronts that have about 100 seating spaces.

This is one of the best restaurants, after all. It has some of the workers have worked for about 30years.

The restaurant here then has the best food regardless of the time you went in as long as they are open.

Even those who don’t enjoy pasta will find some that they can at least eat here. It’s unique and quiet, yet it has bars where you can go for a drink too.

You should take your boys or girlfriends out to this restaurant.

Address: P.O. Box 3603 | Charleston, WV 25336


16. DI AN DI

Best Vietnamese food restaurant

This is one of the most typical Vietnamese restaurants to go to. They offer some of the best yet delicious, excellent, and then just fun food. It is strategically set to serve some of the most creative meals in Vietnam.

When you pass by this restaurant in the evening, you will always find some hipster group of young people seated and enjoying the pizzas they have.

How about daikon rice? Have you eaten it yet? This is one of the great choices of rice you can eat and enjoy.

They will make all kinds of best Vietnamese foods in this restaurant. But contrary to most others here, the reservation is encouraged. It will mean you will find it easy to sit anywhere you like.

If you would like to go for dinner here, the better, and you will even enjoy the bar services in the neighborhood.

Remember you can also go for a cocktail in Ramona. Again, this one is at Greenpoint, so you see, today we found quite several options.

Address: Di An Di, 68 Greenpoint Avenue, Brooklyn, New York 11222

Phone: +1 718 576 3914


17. Bunna café

Best Ethiopian food

I like to mention this Ethiopian vegetarian restaurant just because I enjoy Ethiopian meals. Well, you don’t have to struggle making Injera at home since you can find it here too.

So, this Bushwick restaurant will deliver to you many of the best restaurants to go to, especially when you’re vegan.

I like its low-lit room because it makes it a kind of romantic space. You will like the barbecue sauce, lentils and a lot more of the different foods.

Just know that here you will have the heat and spicey food. The Injera, though, will help to balance it just a little.

Address: 1084 Flushing Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11237

Phone: (347) 295-2227


18. Ayat

Best Palestine food

This is another one that will deliver some of the best Palestine meals. Here, therefore, you will find the best shawarmas. But the best thing is that they will eat it while still piping hot.

We have, however, had people who don’t even talk of kebabs; instead, they talk about the delicious Palestine food.

This restaurant will soon become one of your favorite spaces to go to. This is a middle eastern restaurant; thus, you can try the different middle eastern foods.

Address: 8504 3rd Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11209

Phone: (718) 831-2585


19. Emily

Another best pizza restaurant

Here again, we have another pizza restaurant for you to go to. Don’t worry; we will have to tell you the many types of pizza.

It will surprise you just how good the pizzas from the organization are. The restaurant is a winner even though it’s not such a big restaurant.

When you are around Clinton hill, you crave pizza; go into this restaurant for the perfect dream experience.

Next, you should try their colony pizza and the Emmy burgers, and you will be glad you did.

You only need to spend about $20 to pay for the beef patty burger, and although it may look too much, it will be enough for the different events.

If you like the spicy sticky wings, you should try these too; they are never wrong to eat. Here it’s all about family, remember.

Address: 919 Fulton St, Brooklyn, NY 11238

Phone: (347) 844-9588


20. La Vara

Best to share plates

Set right on the brownstone and the trees, you will notice that this restaurant blends out nicely. You will enjoy the cobble hill restaurant.

It does have a modest exterior, but you can be sure you will enjoy every bite of the meals they make.

This is a family restaurant that both husband and wife operate. They blend the Spanish and Jewish flavors to make the best cuisine.

Here you’re better off going for a date or catching up with your friends because it provides the perfect environment. It may surprise you that the restaurant is one of the bustling options of New York.

You will find that most of the foods they cook are made using the cumin spice and the orange blossom. Notice that they have bold and impoverished natural meals. So, then they have the best food and wine for you to enjoy.

So, notice that you will have it being contemporary and yet so delicious. If you want the perfect experience, you should make the reservation, and you will have them set the table on the side.

Address: 268 Clinton Street, Brooklyn, NY

Phone: (718) 422-0065


21. Chadwick’s

Best hidden restaurant

This is one of the best restaurants. It’s a hidden treasure for those who like to go for the hidden spaces. They just let their food advertise itself, not advertise the restaurant. They only depend on word of mouth, but still, they serve the best food.

They often do serve some of the top American cuisines at a reasonable price. So, of course, you will have the most incredible meals but at the fairest price. You will enjoy the meals here, especially since they offer the perfect meal for the perfect night.

People though like their meat entrée more than many other meals. But, more than anything, I like and enjoy their oak bar.  You will then enjoy the fireplace but with a warm and inviting atmosphere. This is a great place to be for different occasions.

You will be surprised that they have the best steaks, chops, pasta, and many other foodstuffs. So choose to go here even when you’re craving the different kinds of seafood. This is such a fantastic eclectic American restaurant that you will always have fun with.

Chadwick is in the bay ridge neighborhood, so you can go there when you need to.

Address: 8822 3rd Ave, Brooklyn, New York 11209

Phone: (718) 833-9855


22. Chez ma Tante

Best restaurant with the perfect neighborhood

Here you have another American restaurant and bar that serves even the Canadian-inspired offerings.

For most people, this is where you want to go when you’re going to take the tastier foods. As well, people like the simple restaurant-style that gives the perfect weather.

Notice that they will mostly set to you the European-inspired meals, yet it has elevated menus. This one will give you the perfect experience if you are going to eat the perfect meal dishes.

It doesn’t matter whether you want to eat some of the healthiest dinner or lunch; you can find it here, and that even includes brunch.

Notice then you will have the perfect meal in your neighborhood and if you like you can bring your special dates along remember.

Address: 90 CALLER ST, BROOKLYN, NY 11222

Phone: 718.389.3606


23. Red hook tavern

Best luxury restaurant

For a long time, I thought that I had exhausted the restaurants of Brooklyn. But then I came to red hook tavern, and I realized there’s more.

This is one of the best restaurants you can go to when looking for the best meal.

Notice that this restaurant is especially significant when it comes to eating the best burgers. You will be amazed at just how great the wine they give you is.

You will be surprised at just how good they set the table, and it will give you the perfect wines you can use.

They will always serve the walk-ins as well. This is the one that you will use to go to even the special dates of your dream.

Address: 329 Van Brunt St Brooklyn, NY 11231

Phone: (917) 966-6094


24. Peppa’s jerk chicken

Best chicken restaurant

This is another excellent choice you can use, and it will always give you fragrant goat curry. It will surprise you that they have the skewed oxtail you typically serve over the coconut rice.

This is the kind of chicken that even if you will eat it for about $50. Notice that they specialize in making it perfect anyway.

Address: 791 Prospect Pl, Brooklyn, NY 11216

Phone: (718) 450-3976


25. Chef katsu Brooklyn

Best restaurant for tasty, affordable

Here is another one of the husband-and-wife duo restaurants that will also give you one experience of a lifetime.

You will find it in dumbo, and it will give you the perfect meals, especially when you crave memorable meals.

Check out their menu to notice they have some of the best meals on the menu. Just know that with less than $20, you can still have an authentic meal in no time.

143 Greene Ave

Brooklyn, NY 11238

(716) 599-1441


26. Mekelburg’s Brooklyn

Best restaurant for a beer and different unique meals

Whenever you are craving sandwiches, then you should go on to check this out.

It will surprise you that the restaurant will offer you the Texas-style sandwich. Notice that here then you have it served with eggs and potatoes.

If you are in Williamsburg or Clinton hill, you will always have it serve you the most.

It’s excellent since it will offer you the knockout chow, affordable goodies that you can eat alongside your main meal. It will surprise you then that you have the beautiful tacos here.

Therefore, when you are coming here, you should know that you are coming for the best food alongside your craft beer.

Could you try their hot chicken, wagyu beef roast, meatloaf with ricotta, and red gravy? It will surprise you just how good this food is.

Address: 293 Grand Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11238

Phone: (718) 399-2337


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