Luna Park Coney Island; Tickets, Hours, Bring Kids With You

Coney Island is not only one of the top places to visit in Brooklyn, but also one of the most popular and HAPPENING places to visit in New York.

The Island is a peninsula in the southernmost part of Brooklyn in NYC and has the largest amusement park area in the United States.

At its height, Coney Island had three major competing amusement parks, Luna Park, Dreamland Park, and Steeplechase Park.

And although all three pioneer parks were closed, Luna Park was reopened and is flourishing.

Luna Park


The Park is currently one of Coney Island’s and the greater New York’s most famous icons with its historic Cyclone and Thunderbolt roller coasters.

So if you’d like to splurge on a little thrill-seek, this place is a must-visit.

Luna Park 1


Luna Park Coney Island History

If you visit Luna Park in Coney Island today, you won’t be able to tell that the original establishment was razed down by fire (twice) over 70 years ago.

This Park has one of the rockiest histories in New York. But thanks to its new ownership and management, it now runs like a well-oiled machine, offering the most fun activities for adrenaline junkies (and scaredy cats) and families sojourning the city with kids.

The original Luna Park was established in 1903 in Coney Island, New York.

The Park was on a property bounded by Surf Avenue to the South (across from what is now Luna Park). It was one of the city’s oldest theme parks and was popularly known as the “Heart of Coney Island.”

However, the fascinating Park burned down in 1944, destroying most of it (over $800000 in damage). After this incident, the Park never reopened due to legal trifles over insurance money, which also led to its complete closure in 1946.

Luna Park 2


More than six decades later, in 2010, a new theme park was opened.

It is presently the famous Luna Park of Coney Island, a premier amusement destination in Brooklyn, New York.

The Park is located on the Coney Island Boardwalk at 1000 Surf Avenue between W.10. and W.15. Street, on the site of the former Astroland.

Coney Island Park Rides, Midway Games, And Food

Luna Park 3


Both the new and old, Luna Park has always been associated with fun and excitement by the city’s locals and tourists alike.

This amusement park features one of the industry’s oldest and world-renowned roller coasters, the Cyclone, a 1,640-foot-long, 85-foot high (at its tallest point) wooden roller coaster known for bringing back bouts of nostalgia to back-in-the-day roller coaster junkies.

the Cyclone


There’s also the Thunderbolt, a high-level thrill roller coaster that’s incredible in every way (if you fancy an adrenaline rush).



And then Wonder Wheel, which is also pretty old and world-famous. The ride is perfect for thrill-seekers and scaredy cats of all ages.

It also provides an unforgettable romantic experience, complete with views of the breathtaking Coney Island Beach.

Luna Park 4


The Park also features a giant two-lane Ferris wheel and more than 15 kid-friendly attractions, including the carousel, dizzy dragons, fire engines, jumping motorcycles, and a speedway.


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Luna Park is also known for its eye-popping fireworks display, which goes off at 9:30 pm every Friday from late June through July (weather permitting).

Luna Park 5


Plus, the Park attracts in-house clowns that kids (and kids at heart) can interact with.

Coney Island is also the best place to enjoy carnival food like hot dogs (the best you’ll get in NYC), fairy floss, and smoothies.

You can also have a taste of Nathan’s Famous’ famous chicken sandwiches, cheesy burgers, and premium shakes right on the Boardwalk.

Salt Sizzle


Food stalls are plentiful throughout the Park and on the Boardwalk offering different types of food and drink that can easily satisfy your cravings.

Luna Park Coney Island Halloween

Spooky Season


Luna Park has a lot to offer to locals and tourists during the fall season.

The Park hosts the Halloween Harvest-a special weekly event from mid-September, which draws many visitors.


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Whether visiting the Park alone or with kids and family, the Park during the Halloween Harvest becomes the next best thing to celebrate October in New York.

The Halloween Harvest is held on weekends.

During this time, the Park is usually decked up all over for special events like haunted houses, scary zones, spooky karaoke, pumpkin patches, Halloween-themed live performances, and craft activities. All of this lasts through October.


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This event is always full of fun and fantasies, making your visit to Coney Island more special and memorable than ever. But additional fees apply.

Coney Island Luna Park Tickets And Prices

Luna Park 6


Luna Park Coney Island is a free entry park.

However, anyone wishing to attend the rides and see other attractions must purchase an Extraordinary Wristband for admission, and it is not cheap.

The wristband is available in two categories:

  • 48″ and above wristband: Grants any guest of 48″ and above in height with 4hrs. unlimited access on most rides at the cost of $62.
  • Under 48″ wristband: Grants any guest under 48″ and above in height with 4hrs. unlimited access on most rides at the cost of $38.
  • Children less than 36″ in height have free admission.

Coney Island Luna Park also offers pay-per-ride access at varying prices. The prices are as follows:

  • Cyclone Roller coaster                $10
  • Thunderbolt                                  $3
  • B&B Carousel                                $10
  • Raceway: Driver                           $12
  • Passenger                                       $4

There is also a spectators-only wristband for $20 on the weekends and $10 on weekdays. The ticket can only get you on the park grounds but not on the rides.

If you’d like to spend an entire day at the Park, consider the day pass for $48.

The Halloween Harvest ticket comes at an extra charge of $10.

Extraordinary waistbands can be purchased online or at the ticketing office at the Park’s entrance. Pay-per-ride tickets can only be purchased at the park grounds.

Luna Park Hours

Luna Park 7


The Coney Island Luna Park operating hours vary by season.

And since it is located by the beach, the Park closes every November through to March. It also opens fewer days a week during spring and autumn than in summer.

In general, the Luna Park operates as follows:

  • April: Opens weekends and some Fridays from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm 
  • May: Opens weekends, some Fridays and some Mondays from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm 
  • June, July, and August:Opens all days of the week at varying hours
  • September: Opens Saturdays, Sundays, and some Mondays at varying hours
  • October: Opens Sundays from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm

Check the Park’s official website for exact opening and closing hours before buying a ticket or visiting the Park.

How To Get To The Coney Island Luna Park

Luna Park 8


You can reach Luna Park at Coney Island by public or private transportation.

If you are going by private transport, use the directions in the Location and Contact Information section below.

By bus, take the B36 bus to Surf Avenue and W.8th St. or the B86 bus to Neptune Avenue and W.8th Street, then walk South to Surf Avenue.

You can also take the X28 or X38 express bus from Manhattan. The bus will take you directly to the Park.

By subway, take the Q or F subway to W.8th St or the D or N to Stillwell Avenue station.

Luna Park Location And Contact Information

1000 Surf Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11224

Phone: 718-373-5862

Visit website



Who owns Luna Park Coney Island?

Zamperla S.p.A owns Luna Park and most of the Coney Island area.

Is there security at the Coney Island Luna Park?


The Park has a dedicated security team of trained and dedicated personnel.

Does Luna Park have a luggage storage area?


But the Boardwalk offers lockers to rent. These are big enough to hold a backpack and are rented out for a specified time.

Is there a Luna Park Coney Island parking?


There is free and paid parking around the Coney Island Park area.

You can access paid parking lots at the MCU Park on W.17th Street, W.15th Street on Surf Avenue, and on Neptune Avenue between W.12th Street and Stillwell Avenue.

Are pets allowed at the Luna Park in Coney Island?

No. Only service animals are allowed at the Park.

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