30 Best Parks In Brooklyn Of 2023 – A Complete Guide

Parks are the best place to go to when you want to take a break from the city’s busy lifestyle or, in some cases, get to reconnect with nature.

Brooklyn being one of the boroughs of New York City, has its fair share of parks to welcome the locals and tourists from across the world.

In this article, I will give you not five, not ten, but a whooping thirty parks that I believe are the best and that you should visit in Brooklyn.

It does not matter if you are a resident of Brooklyn or a visitor. I am sure that this article will give you a lot of insight.

Best Parks In Brooklyn

1. Prospect  Park

Prospect Park is a 585-acre land that is hidden in Flatbush avenue of Brooklyn. It is among the most popular parks in Brooklyn.

If you want an ample beautiful green space to hang out with your friends, then look no further than Prospect Park. It is less congested than some parks of the same size, such as Manhattan Central Park.

It is effortless to get to Prospect park because there are many entrance points. In addition, it has been surrounded by Prospect Lefferts Gardens, Park Slope, Windsor Terrace, Flatbush, and Prospect Heights.

There are six main subway stations that you can use to get to Prospect Park. The subways are Grand Army Plaza (2 & 3 lines), Eastern Parkway-Brooklyn Museum (2 & 3 lines).

Prospect Park (B, Q, & S *Franklin Avenue Shuttle trains), Parkside Avenue (Q line), 15th Street-Prospect Park (F & G lines), and Fort Hamilton Parkway (F & G lines.)

There are a couple of things you have to take note of when you visit this park. First, some lanes have been designated for pedestrians and runners. Second, skaters and cyclists also have their designated lanes at the center of the park.

There are many Hills at Prospect Park.

The Prospect Park Zoo is another fantastic destination that you should visit. Situated at the eastern side of the park, the Zoo is home to almost 200 animals. It is good to go through the guide of all the things you have to know before you go to the Zoo.

The Zoo is accessible seven days a week, and the entry charges are  $9.95 for adults, $6.95 for children, and 0$ for children under the age of 2.

The Art-Beaux Prospect Park Boathouse is another fantastic place to visit when you go to Prospect Park. The households are learning programs about nature for the community.

The most enjoyable things to do at the boathouse are having a picnic while enjoying its view, reading a book, or even painting.

2. Domino Park

I know Domino is mainly associated with Domino’s pizza, but today we shall not be talking about the pizza franchise, but we shall be talking about the park instead.

Domino Park is located at the edge of Williamsburg in Brooklyn. It resulted from the former Domino Sugar Factory site; therefore, it was named in its honor.

The park gives people access to the waterfront situated along the Williamsburg Bridge over the East River to Manhattan.

The park is highly designed, and every square meter has its particular use. It is comprised of many outdoor rooms along with the site, which runs parallel to the riverfront.v The amenities on the site include pop jet water play, outdoor eating, playground for kids, beach volleyball, garden bed, lawn area, dog run, and waterfront promenade.

The array of pop jets creates a magnificent sight in the park as the water erupts from the pavement and soaks back in, and the cycle repeats itself.

There are maps on both ends of the park that provide information to visitors. The details include what the park has to offer.

If you want to view the most beautiful sunsets in New York, then you better visit Dominos Park in the evenings.

More about Domino Park

3. Brooklyn Bridge Park

Brooklyn Bridge Park is a prime waterfront park that sits on an 85-acre piece of land. The park has several rolling hills, lush gardens, riverfront promenades, and an extraordinary city view.

Brooklyn uses this previously deteriorated industrial space to build a place where new yorkers can discover the waterfront.

Unless you are using your car, it will be pretty easy for you to get to the park because the parking area near the park is minimal. However, you will probably have to look for parking elsewhere, which may be a little far.

You can get to the park by bus via B25 Fulton Ferry Landing, B63 Loop road on Pier 6, B61 Atlantic Ave. & Hicks St and B67 Jay St. & York St. You can also use the Citywide Ferry or the Governors Island Ferry.

The most convenient for me is to cycle to the park because it is easier to get around using a bicycle.

I like that there are lockers available for visitors to store their items safely. However, you cannot leave the items there overnight.

The park will give you breathtaking views of the city as well as the waterfront.

4. Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Brooklyn Botanic Garden can be best described as a beautiful oasis in Brooklyn. If you are looking for something different when it comes to parks, this is it.

Located in the heart of Brooklyn and situated on a 52-acre land, Brooklyn Botanic Garden has secured the right to be called one of Brooklyn’s best parks.

It provides one of the best outdoor scenery.

If you love nature and like gardens and plants, this is the best place to visit Brooklyn. You use up as much time as you would like to look at the many species of plants. There are over 18000 plant species in this garden.

There is plenty of shade under which you can rest and enjoy the ambiance.

If you are lucky, you will find the cherry blossoms at their peak of bloom. They Bring such fantastic beauty to the garden that you cannot get enough of seeing.

During the Cherry Blossom Festival, the park gets many visitors, each wanting to experience the beauty of nature.

The Bonsai selection of trees is also interesting to view.

On Friday before noon, entry into the park is free so you can take advantage of that.

More about Brooklyn Botanic Garden

5. Manhattan Beach Park

Manhattan Beach Park is located near Coney Island. It occupies a small space, and it is less crowded than any other beach in Brooklyn; that is why it is usually quiet.

The great thing about Manhattan Beach Park park is that there is ample parking near the beach, so you will not struggle to look for parking elsewhere.

It is the best place to have a family barbeque on a sunny weekend with your family.

The place is so quiet that you can even read a book as you bask in the sun. You can also participate in various games such as volleyball, tennis: baseball, and even basketball.

6. Fort Greene Park

Fort Greene Park is a historical treasure in Brooklyn. It was built approximately 150 years ago, and since then, it has been a haven for the residents of Brooklyn.

Located in the Fort Greene neighborhood in Washington park street, Fort Greene Park has attracted many visitors over the years.

It gets its name from war hero Nathaniel Greene.

Different kinds of trees bring the beauty of nature to the park. However, it is also a little Hilly, so one should be careful when riding a bike.

The monument and visitor area are full of exciting information from the revolutionary war. You will surely learn a lot, so do not miss these sections.

There are also many restaurants near the park where you and your family can grab something to eat.

The rea is dog friendly so that you can bring your furbaby for a nice leisure walk.

There are many fun things that you can engage in, such as attending events that are typically held there, playing sports, and learning a bit of history.

7. Cadman Plaza Park

Cadman Plaza Park is a beautiful park located on the border of the downtown Brooklyn neighborhoods and the Brooklyn heights.

When you approach the Brooklyn Bridge, you can pass by this park and relax your legs a little before proceeding.

The park is three minutes away from three Clark Street and four minutes away from Court Street when you are on foot.

For a long time, people have used the park to hold political forums. This is because there is a large central lawn where people can relax as they listen in.

There are many benches so you will not struggle to look for one.

There are trees along the pathways that provide good shade for pedestrians and dog walkers.

There is the monumental Brooklyn War Memorial at the center of the park. The place is dedicated to the 300,000 people from Brooklyn who participated in the war.

8. Louis Valentino, Jr. Park and Pier

Louis Valentino jr. park-and-pier is located in the Red Hook neighborhood of Brooklyn. The park will give you the most fantastic view of the Statue of Liberty’s towering countenance.

The park is named after Brooklyn native Louis Valentino Jr., Valentino former member of the New York City Fire Department. The state gave him this honor because he devoted his life to protecting New York inhabitants.

The area provides such a beautiful view of the Manhattan harbor, the Manhattan skyline, and the statue. The waterfront also overlooks the buttermilk channel, which was once one of America’s busiest waterways.

The area is covered nicely with a grass field as well as a pier. It also has a little sandy beach where children enjoy playing.

The park also has lovely street art; for example, substantial toy blocks welcome visitors to Red Hook. There is also an enormous, beautiful painting by Chis Soria.

The park is a beautiful place to have a picnic, do a little fishing, enjoy a boat ride and even have a morning jog.

9.  Empire Fulton Ferry State Park

Empire Fulton Ferry State Park is situated between Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges, tow of the famous bridges in NYC. It is a nine-acre waterfront park along the East River that is adjacent to Brooklyn Bridge Park.

If you yearn for a nice view of the skyline of lower Manhattan, then Empire Fulton Ferry State Park is the place to go.

The park is a seven-minute walk from High street and eight minutes walk from York street.

The park is also a well-liked spot by photographers because it has a breathtaking view of the bridges and lower manhattan.

Let me give you a tip, to get perfect shots of the area without running the risk of anyone getting in the way, visit the park in the morning when there are few people. Then, anytime before noon should be okay.

Each summer, the park turns into an outdoor art gallery as people showcase their beautiful artwork.

At the park you can take a nice leisure walk while enjoying the perfect views, you can bask under the sun during summer, you can sit and have a picnic as you watch the ships passing.

Not to forget, Empire Fulton Ferry State Park is part of the New York City Harbour Park. Therefore it is one of fifteen heritage areas in New York designated to preserve its cultural and natural resources.

10. McCarren Park

McCarren Park is one of the most popular parks in Brooklyn. People love it so much that back in 2013, people were writing articles about its reopening. This is after it had been closed for some time.

It is situated on Lorimer Street in the Greenpoint neighborhood. You will walk about seven minutes from Nassau Avenue or nine minutes from Bedford Avenue to get there.

The park is known for being a haven for outdoor sports activities. There are facilities and open spaces for playing basketball, volleyball, softball, football, running, and so many others.

Its most famous area is the swimming pool reopened in 2012 after being closed for over 50 years.

If you like outdoor cooking, you will like the outdoor barbecues available in the park.

The park is relatively large, and many trees provide shade during the summer. There is also green grass that you can sit on and have a picnic with your family as you watch other people playing games.

Aside from sports, the park also hosts special events occasionally, for example, Skill Acquisition classes, the Renegade Craft Fair, and even movies under the stars.

McCarren is a must-visit if you live in the area and you have not yet done so.

11. Squibb Park

Squibb Park is a small public park that is located between Brooklyn Bridge Park and Brooklyn Heights.

It is in the Brooklyn Heights neighborhood, and to get there, you will have to walk for two minutes from the high street and five minutes from Clark street.

Above the park is a highway with a bridge walk which provides excellent views of the city skyline.

I believe that this was a great use of spa[ce as it could easily have turned into a concrete slab. Now it has sports courts where people can play and have a good time.

The park has a basketball court and a tennis court where kids enjoy playing most of the time.

Since there usually are not so many people visiting the park, you will get an excellent space to teach your children how to ride bikes, skate, draw, and even ride a scooter.

There is a communal restroom in the park. Moreover, across the street, there is a dog park and a playground for kids.

So if you have kids and don’t want to take them to the big and probably overcrowded parks, this is the place to go.

12. WNYC Transmitter Park

WNYC Transmitter is a hidden park in Brooklyn that sits on a 6.61-acre piece of land. It is located in the Greenpoint neighborhood, and to get there; you will take a six-minute walk from Greenpoint avenue.

The park gets its name from the former WNYC public radio broadcasting station, which was located there.

Since it is a little hidden, the park does not attract a lot of visitors. However, fewer visitors mean peace, precisely how you can describe this park to be.

The park’s surrounding area is lovely, and guests get an opportunity to rest in the urban greenspace.

You can take part in recreational activities when visiting this park. At the center of the park, there is a large open lawn where children can play.

There is a sitting area near the park’s waterfront where people can sit and talk as they enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Unlike other places, you will still get beautiful skyline views when you visit the park any time of the year.

I noticed that this would be a great spot to visit on a date night because the views are lovely.

13. Bushwick Inlet Park

Bushwick Inlet Park is located in between the East River and the inlet west. It stretches from the ninth street in Williamsburg in the north to the fifteenth Street in Greenpoint. The park has parcels, and at the moment, only one has been activated for public use.

The park’s area was previously a factory and a sewage facility before it became a park.

It offers a lovely green space where people can engage in a couple of outdoor activities. It has fields that are used for football, soccer, and lacrosse.

The park provides excellent views of the city and the river. Many people just like to sit by the river and watch other activities going on.

If you are a dog owner, you will love this park because it also has a dog park that has grown to be very popular.

The park is well kept, and therefore it is one of the cleanest in Brooklyn. I usually hate going to restrooms when I go to the park because some are poorly maintained, but the one in Bushwick Inlet Park was very clean.

The only thing that I do not like about this park is the horrible turfs with big holes.

14. Walt Whitman Park

Walt Whitman Park

Walt Whitman Park is located in Downtown Brooklyn. It is a picturesque park named after Walt Whitman, a great writer and poet who had his roots in Brooklyn.

To get to the park, you will have to take a two-minute walk from the high street or a five-minute walk from Clark street.

Walt Whitman Park is a beautiful place that is quiet enough for you to hear your thoughts. There is a well-kept green space that you can sit on and read a book. There are also several trees to add to the beauty and to provide chase during the summer.

When you visit Walt Whitman Park, you will see several dog owners walking their dogs, especially in the early morning and afternoon.

There is also a reservoir that kids love to play in, especially during the summer. Your kids might make a friend or two in this area.

Artists usually frequent this place to see the Whitman quotes that have been spread across the park. Many say that they have found inspiration when visiting this place.

Unlike other parks in Brooklyn, Walt Whitman Park does not have many outdoor sports facilities, and neither does it have a lot of benches for people to sit on.

15. Marsha P Johnson Park (East River State Park)

Marsha P Johnson Park, formerly called the East River State Park, is an 11-acre state park located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

The park is named after a woman of color who was also transgender. Marsha was a strong advocate of the civil rights of the LGBTQ community. In 1969 she was a well-known figure who participated in the Stonewall uprising.

From the park, you will be able to catch amazing views of the Brooklyn Bridge and that of manhattan.

In the park, you can sit beside the river and catch a spectacular view of the sunset. This is the time to take your partner to visit the park because it will be so romantic.

Most tourists visit this place just to catch the killer views of the sunset.

Visiting the Park on Saturday is when you will have the best experience, there will be food stands and trucks everywhere for you to enjoy different kinds of cuisine. It may, however, be a little crowded compared to other days.

Unlike other parks, however, this park is not geared toward sporting activities. Bicycles are also not permitted in the park.

I found it interesting that even though the park is dog-friendly, dogs are limited to two dogs per visitor.

There is also a soccer field and picnic table, which was nice to see.

16. Brooklyn Heights Promenade

Brooklyn Heights Promenade, which is also called the Esplanade, is located in the Brooklyn Heights neighborhood of New York. It is a 1,826-foot-long platform with a pedestrian walkway cantilevered over the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway.

You will take a five-minute walk from Clark Street and a seven-minute walk from High Street to get there.

The park gives its visitors great views of the Brooklyn Bridge, Manhattan, and the Statue of Liberty.

You might get the challenge of finding a parking spot, but the trouble is all worth it.

The promenade gives people a lovely space to marvel at the beauty of the city.

Like most parks in Brooklyn, there are trees to shade as people sit and watch the ferries pass.

The highway, which is just beneath the promenade, sometimes causes a lot of noise, but most of the time, this is not a big issue.

There are also lovely spots in the area where you can have a picnic with your friends and family. You can also grab something to eat nearby if you did not have the time to prepare food for a picnic.

I would remind you not to forget to take beautiful pictures, especially during the sunset.

17. Marine Park

Marine Park is located in the Marine Park neighborhood of Brooklyn. I know most people think this is a small park because it is not popular, but that is not the case. Although it is one of the largest, it is one of the lesser-known parks in Brooklyn.

The park occupies 530 acres of space, and it has been preserved in nature. The area is dominated by grassland and salt marsh.

People in the community usually go to the Salt Marsh Nature Center in the park to participate in fun and educational activities. You will see different species of birds, plants, and other wildlife.

In the park, there are places where you can run or ride a bicycle. There are also playgrounds where children can play once they are done with their educational tour.

There are also lovely spots in the area where you and your friends can have a picnic. The children will also have a great time playing at the sprinklers as their parents sunbathe in the lawn area.

Just in case you did not carry your food, the Senior Center offers breakfast and lunch to the visitors at a fee.

If you want a place where you can truly appreciate nature, this is it. It is so peaceful sometimes you might just forget you are in Brooklyn.

18. Shirley Chisholm State Park

Shirley Chisholm State Park is a relatively large park that occupies a 407-acre. It is located atop of what was known as Pennsylvania Avenue and Fountain Avenue Landfills.

The state built the park in honor of Shirley Chisholm, a Brooklyn resident who became the first woman of color who became a congresswoman in 1969.

If you want time away from the city, this is the place to go. The park has walking trails that lead to a pier.

The park is best described as a piece of the countryside placed in the big city. You will find many locals here just enjoying the atmosphere.

The park is an excellent place to take a leisure walk or cycle on your bike.

There are also good water views, and you can take as many beautiful photos as you would like here.

The park also provides picnic tables that you can use.

This perk is not one that I would recommend to tourists because there is not much to see. It is more like a leisure spot for the locals.

While you are here, do not miss the mural to honor Shirley Chisholm.

19. Commodore Barry Park

Commodore Barry Park

Commodore Barry Park is an urban park operated by the  New York City Department of Parks and Recreation. It is found in the Fort Greene neighborhood and occupies a 10.39-acre space.

Although it is one of the oldest parks in Brooklyn, it has been well maintained and has many amenities for the community.

The park provides plenty of space for multiple sports at once. The sporting facilities include baseball, basketball, football, a swimming pool, and a playground.

At the park, there are benches where you can relax and have a meal. In addition, some trees provide a lot of shade, especially during the summer.

You will also find many vendors who provide a variety of meals. That is why I usually do not carry food when visiting this park.

With all the hustle and bustle of activities in this park, you would think it would compromise on cleanliness, but that is not the case. On the contrary, the park is well maintained in terms of cleanliness.

The house music played at the park is fun to listen to as you enjoy your meal or do other activities.

The park is also used to hold community events and concerts.

20. Owl’s Head Park

Owl’s Head Park is situated on Shore Road in Bay Ridge. It is a riverfront park that provides terrific views of the city and Verrazano Bay.

The park provides a beautiful landscape with cascading hills.

For winter lovers, here is the perfect spot to visit during winter. This is the place to take your kids for sledding and skiing. The land is big enough, and the hills are sloppy enough for you to enjoy sledding.

During the sunny seasons of the year, you can sit and relax on the grass, which is plenty, and have a picnic with your family and friends.

If you want to participate in fun activities at the park, there are basketball courts and fields to play soccer. In addition, there is a spray pool, a skate park, and for the dog owners, there is a dog run for their furbabies.

The park is immaculate and is often less crowded than most Brooklyn parks.

The hilltop is where you will get the best views of the ocean as the nice feel of the breeze touches your skin.

Photographers love this place because there are many beautiful spots to take pictures.

The best thing about this place is that there is free camping and you can borrow tents and sleeping bags at no cost.

21. Calvert Vaux Park

Calvert Vaux Park is a beautiful park located in Gravesend, Brooklyn. The 85.53-acre public park is named after Calvert Vaux, who was a famous architect from Brooklyn.

The park has a field where people can go to play soccer. In addition, there are excellent walkways where you can take a leisure walk, run, or even cycle.

The area is known to be very peaceful and quiet. Therefore, you can go there to read a book or to collect your thoughts.

If you like flying drones, this is the place to visit. You will find a few other people flying drones because it is one of the few parks in New York where you can fly your drone.

You will also get to appreciate nature as you see many birds chirping on top of the trees. However, you must be careful not to get pooped on when you are under a tree.

Calvert Vaux Park is a great place to watch the sunset on the other side of the Verrazano Bridge.

The one thing that I am not fond of about this park is that there are no bathrooms.

22. Highland Park

Located in Brooklyn Highland Park, which is on the border of Queens, it is a fantastic place for tourists worldwide to visit when they are in New York City.

The park is built on a high plateau, thus giving visitors a spectacular view of the eastern side of New York City, the Rockaways, and the ocean.

The park has many entertaining areas such as the ball courts, the ball fields, and the playgrounds.

There are barbeque grills and picnic tables in the park, therefore you can have a nice outdoor moment eating good food with your friends and family.

There are plenty of trees to provide shade and to add to the beauty of the area. The scenery will take you away from the city filled with concrete.

There are many wildlife and plants in the park. The plats have been taken care of in such a way that they bring life to the area.

At the park, you can also walk, jog, run, bike and skate. There are also amenities such as tennis, basketball, baseball, handball courts, and even a community garden.

The Reservoir is one of the popular places to go when you are visiting the park. It is beautiful, and you can take a lot of great pictures there.

The sprinklers are also another popular place, especially for kids during the summer.

Since its recent renovation, the park has become even better, so you better check this place out if you have not.

23. Sunset Park

Sunset Park is located in the Sunset Park neighborhood of Brooklyn. You would need to take a 45-minute walk from 45th street or a seven-minute walk from 36th street to get there.

Since there is a lot of diversity in the neighborhood in terms of culture, you will find them represented at the park.

The park is also situated near restaurants and delis where you can grab something to eat if you did not carry food from home.

From the park, you will have a great view of the  NY Harbor and the NJ Seaports.

Sunset Park has ample space to take a walk as well as a playground for kids.

24. Parade Ground

Parade Ground is a 40-acre green space that is located at the Windsor neighborhood terrace of Brooklyn.

To get to the park, you would have to take a four-minute walk from the  Fort Hamilton Parkway or a ten-minute walk from Church Avenue.

If you are into athletics, this is the perfect spot for you.

A park is a perfect place for field sports because it has ample space. During the warmer seasons of the year, such as summer and spring, athletes can play football, baseball, soccer, and other outdoor games.

Kids usually have a great time at this park because there are many swings and slides. At the right time of the year, which is mostly summer, they get to play at the sprinkles too.

The park is filled with life because it has a lot of green grass where dog owners can walk their dogs and trees that shade during the summer. What is there not to like about that.

There is so much color during the springtime as the leaves’ leaves are green, and flowers are blossoming. It is quite a breathtaking sight.

25. Fruit Street Sitting Area

Fruit Street Sitting Area is located in Brooklyn Heights. To get there, you would have to take a five-minute walk from Clark street and a seven-minute walk from High street.

Fruit Street Sitting Area is a relatively small park that is part of the Brooklyn Heights Park System.

It connects Columbia Heights to the Brooklyn Heights Promenade. The name came from its proximity to Orange, Cranberry, and Pineapple Streets, which neighborhood resident Lady Middagh named.

From the name Fruit Street Sitting Area, you can already tell that there are plenty of benches at this park. The sitting space allows the locals and the visitors to sit and enjoy the scenery along the river near the Brooklyn bridge.

Unlike most parks in Brooklyn, it is not crowded and does not have playgrounds and other outdoor amenities.

Although it does not have outdoor amenities, the park will provide you with perfect views of the Brooklyn Bridge, the Manhattan skyline as well as the sunset.

26. The Green-Wood Cemetery

Green-Wood Cemetery is located between Greenwood Heights, Park Slope, Windsor Terrace, Borough Park, Kensington, and Sunset Park. It is a five-minute walk from 25th street.

The Green-Wood Cemetery is a beautiful, quiet and sacred space. It is the best place to take a leisure stroll.

The place has so many winding paths, and it is pretty big, so you might not get a chance to look at everything, especially if you are on foot.

The architecture is stunning, and the landscaping is super impressive.

There are several ponds next to which you can sit and take in the beauty of the environment. You will also get to admire the colorful fish in the pond.

Many beautiful trees of different species provide a great shade, add to the beauty, and make the place seem cool.

It is also a historic ground where many famous people, inventors, politicians, are buried. You will be given a detailed map which you will use to find the graves.

The grounds are very well kept, and you can take a tour guide if you wish. The guide will show you around and give you a bit of history about the place.

27. Adam Yauch Park

Adam Yauch Park is situated in the Brooklyn Heights neighborhood. It was named in honor of the Beastie Boys’ founding member Adam Yauch, offering basketball courts & a dog park.

The park is a ten-minute walk from Borough Hall. It is a small park which is quiet and peaceful.

The park is very kid-friendly. It has a playground area and also plays equipment for kids. Even though small children frequent it, it is not a crowded area.

It has excellent basketball courts, which you will find free most of the time, probably because the adults feel like the park is exclusively for small kids, so they would rather play elsewhere.

Since the park is geared towards pleasing the minor children, they cannot miss sprinklers that children love to play in, especially during the summer.

There are also monkey bars which are great for kids too.

It is also a dog-friendly park, and your dog will get to play with the little kids if you let them.

28. Shore Road Park and Parkway

Shore Road Park and Parkway are located in the Fort Hamilton neighborhood of Brooklyn.

A park is a beautiful place where you and your family or friends can sit down and enjoy a nice picnic.

Like a few spots in Brooklyn, this park has not been left behind when it comes to giving its visitors spectacular views of the sunset. It creates such an excellent environment for you and your partner to have a romantic walk.

Since the park is located along the Shore Road and Belt Parkway on the west side of Brooklyn, It will give you a great view of the Verrazano-Narrows.

It is a hangout spot for bike riders; therefore, if you are on foot, do not be surprised when you see quite several cyclists blocking your way.

It will be a great experience to see the enormous cruise ships and cargo ships sail by as you walk or cycle.

Aside from the beautiful views, you will have, the park has a playground and basketball court where you can enjoy playing various games.

Visit Shore Road Park and Parkway and get a feel of the sea in the city.

29. Monsignor McGolrick Park

Monsignor McGolrick Park is located in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

It gives the area residents a much more peaceful and quiet space to relax away from the neighborhood’s noise. It is also less busy than the neighboring McCarren Park.

The park has numerous tall trees, which provide an excellent spot for picnics, especially during the summer.

You will love to know that there is a space to walk your dog for the dog owners.

The unique thing about the park is that there is a farmers market day on Sundays, so you will get to buy from Brooklyn rooftop farmers.

There are plenty of benches that you can sit on as you eat and watch other activities going on in the park.

It is good to carry some seeds and nuts for the pigeons and squirrels on your visit.

There are lovely statues in the park, and many people like to take pictures beside them.

The park has been renovated, and it has become even better than ever with clean washrooms and a fantastic playground.

30. Sternberg Park

Sternberg Park, which is located in the East of Williamsburg, is named after Frances Hamburger Sternberg.

The park gives you a taste of the good old-school Williamsburg.

The park provides an excellent space for outdoor activities which is why it is very much liked by athletes, dog owners, and families.

The field is so spacious, and every evening there is always a game of baseball or soccer going on. In addition, there is a workout area, basketball, handball court, and a vast field where they play soccer, baseball, football, and kickball.

The park is pretty maintained, and it is somewhat clean even with so many visitors and many activities going on.

The only thing that I’m not too fond of is the massive number of homeless people living around the area. It would be good to take them to a shelter.


I hope that you have enjoyed this post on the best parks in Brooklyn. I would recommend you write down the top three that you have not visited and have a good time at those places as you get to explore.

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