20 Best Thai Food Restaurants In NYC (Mainly Brooklyn) You Don’t Want To Miss

If you are in Brooklyn, and want to look for the Thai restaurants. You are in the right places, plus I am going to recommend you the best Thai food restaurants in Brooklyn.

Thai cuisine is rich, flavorful, colorful, and full of texture. Regardless of whether they are from Thai, most foodies know something about it.

So, when you’re in Brooklyn, and you crave the Thai flavors, consider the following best Thai restaurants for the best meals.

Best Thai Restaurants in Brooklyn

1. Klom Klorm

Klom Klorm 1


If you like to go to a low-key, casual place, you should visit this restaurant. It’s set in a brick-clad casual neighborhood, and they offer some of the very best Thai meals.

So, whether you are looking for curries, satays, or rice dishes, you are bound to find them here.

They will primarily use premium ingredients to make their foods, but that’s not all. The preparation also adds to the perfection of the meals.

Klorm klorm means tasty, and the truth is that you will always have tasty foods in this restaurant.

You will like their Pad Thai, especially since you can enjoy it alongside the wines.

Phone: 718.489.9188

Address: 181 Wyckoff Ave Brooklyn, New York 11237

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2. Ugly baby

Ugly baby 1


This is one of the best Thai eateries. If you like the bright and colorful foods with the perfect flavors, you should visit this restaurant.

It will give you the best flavors for the weeknight dinners.

If you like them spicy, this is a place you go to because almost all the meals you find here will range from medium spicy to very spicy.

Take a walk to Carroll Gardens whenever you are in the neighborhood and try their signature dish called pad tua ngok rau kao.

Phone: +1 347-689-3075

Address: 407 Smith Street Brooklyn, NY 11231

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3. Rice Thai Kitchen

Rice Thai Kitchen 1


When you’re looking for delicious dining and takeout and delivery in Brooklyn, you have the rice cornerstone in the Brooklyn community.

It will serve you some of the best rice dishes you can try.

They are famous for their rich flavors’ tastes and colors of Thai cuisine meals. Ideally, if you like the modern twist to the meals, you will enjoy these classic dishes.

When you are going there, you should order their chef’s signature option: the Thai-style fried rice with shrimp, squid, eggs, crab meat, and more.

Phone: (718) 832-5169

Address: 311 7th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215

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4. Lamoon

This restaurant makes the food perfectly delicious with rich flavors and takes care of the clients.

Contrary to most other restaurants you have here, they will offer you Northern Thai cuisine to enjoy.

So, coming here means they will deliver the Lanna cuisine, which shows you the characteristics and attitude with the blend of their culture and lifestyles.

Have you tried their leng soup? I find it to be one of my best choices to eat. Usually, it’s a bowl of thin broth soup with many pork meaty bones. But, in fact, it also has diced chilies and scallions.

Phone: (917) 745-1168

Address: 8140 Broadway, Elmhurst, NY 11373

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5. Fish Cheeks

Fish Cheeks 1


They will offer authentic Thai dishes for you to enjoy. This is about the team that brought together the best Thai seafood to NYC.

Whether you’re looking for fish treats or seafood, you can never go wrong eating the different meals.

Fish cheeks is that one vibrant restaurant that you will find in the iconic bond street of Noho.

It serves contemporary Thai cuisines, yet the focus of the foods is on seafood. You will also like the cocktails that come with it.

Do you like crabs? You will like the large crab chunks, and most other people enjoy the pool of coconut curry because it blends in the spices and the sweetness. It will amaze you that it further has the fragrant Po tak soup to enjoy.

Whenever you are in NoHo, dive into this restaurant and like it.

Phone: (212) 677-2223

Address: 55 Bond St, New York, NY 10012

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6. Thai Holic

Here you also have a throwback to the old-world ideas. Naming it holy shows you that the kitchen was perceived as holy.

Of all meals, I like their Thai crab meat and fried rice.

This is a chill eatery where you have seasonal foods to enjoy, and you will like the milk teas and lunches if you want to.

They like to adjust the flavors to suit the different seasons of the year.

It will amaze you that it’s a pleasant ambient environment. It can offer a romantic spot for two people who like the dishes.

Phone: (718) 222-9992

Address: 372 Myrtle Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11205

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7. Ayada Thai

First off, this is one of the best family-owned restaurants that has made a name for itself.

It works well even for those classic date nights with your partner. Introduce them to Thai food or let them sample the ones at Ayada.

The good thing is that they even offer you the catered menu if you need it. If you want to spend the day enjoying light food with some exotic wines, then you will like it at Ayada. Additionally, you are going to like it at the Chelsea market.

A comfortable narrow Thai restaurant offers you fantastic curries and delicious meals here.

I like their som tum, mainly because they also come with the shell on blue crab. You will also enjoy their noodles, and of course, if you have a group, you can have fun together.

Don’t forget to accompany your food with the mango salad or salsa.

Phone: 718-424-0844

Address: 7708 Woodside Ave Elmhurst, NY 11373

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8. Thai villa

Thai villa 1


This is ideal for when you’re looking for traditional and authentic Thai-style meals. The good thing then is that at Thai villa then, you’re going to have flavorful dishes to enjoy.

It’s a villa because you will find the authentic dishes that they only serve in Thai. This restaurant offers the sophisticated and little-known meals they have prepared for ages to the Thai royalties.

Of all things, I like their stylish spaces with dark rooms and dark woods accents, and ornate features.

This is not going to be only about the meals but rather the experience of the Thai style too.

I loved their dumplings, chicken satay, and mango salad, and you will like the pad Thai with crispy duck and pork.

Phone: (212) 802-9999

Address: 5 E 19th St, New York, NY 10003

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9. Charm Kao

Charm Kao 1 1


When all you want is to quench your thirst for the Thai flavors, this restaurant will give you exactly that.

You will like it because they deliver and offer you take out too. Here you can be sure to enjoy the authentic Thai flavors too.

You will need to understand the Thai food charm if you are new to it and know more.

Everything about the meal is fantastic because it creates a harmonious balance with the different meal options.

It’s all about charming you with their rich flavors from the south, where you will eat a lot of the coconut flavors.

They also serve the bitter herbs of the north and all things peanut, among other flavors of the central Thai and the northeast side.

Of all things you’re going to enjoy, here is the fact that you come to the perfect neighborhood for the meals. I like their solid pad kee mao since it balances everything greatly.

Phone: (347) 599-1748

Address: 193 Schermerhorn St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

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10. Thai diner

Thai diner 1


Here you have the American style with Thai flavors. It features classic Thai dishes and drinks, making you enjoy the different flavors and meals. If you like the diner-style of eating, you should try this diner.

They all belong to the same owner, uncle boon, and of course, it has survived for ages.

So whether you’re looking for the most fantastic breakfast or dinner, they have the perfect choices for you here. But if you haven’t already, go out and try their lunch and breakfast.

It will make the perfect space when you want to have dinner with your friend. I should mention that you will need to wait just a little bit during the peak times.

I don’t know what you want to eat; could it be the cabbage rolls, fried chicken lard, split creamy khao soi with rainbow chard. Try all these perfect choices to enjoy.

Phone: (646) 559-4140

Address: 186 Mott St, New York, NY 10012

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11. Pig and Khao


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This features a blend of two regional flavors. You will find the best flavors from Thailand and also the Philippines.

With this, you’re sure to only bring the perfect rich and delicious flavors. In addition, it features the meals and drinks served in the most modern style.

You will realize that it’s going to have the perfect meals at all times for you to try and enjoy them as much as you would like to.

If you want to try some meal here, you should go on Tuesday to Saturday for the best options. They serve the dishes in nice-looking small plates, but one thing you are sure of is the rich flavors.

I love their pork and rice, but add some veggies if you want to make a whole meal.

Phone: (212) 920-4485

Address: 68 Clinton St, New York, NY 10002

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12. Noods n’ chill

Noods n chill 1


Here you have the best and most charming corner eatery where you’ll enjoy the different flavors.

It serves the perfect Thai noodle dishes that make you enjoy the different meals. It will also amaze you that they serve porridge too over the weekends.

You will like the space and the meals they offer too. They offer a wide range of meals for you to try, and you should be ready for the perfect spices they deliver.

You are coming for the best noodles here, so be ready for the best.

Phone: (718) 388-7695

Address: 170 S 3rd St, Brooklyn, NY 11211

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13. Wayla

Wayla 1


Immediately it opened, it was already guaranteed that it would successfully deliver some of the best flavors and tastes.

The name wayla translates to the meaning time, which suggests that you should take some time out of the norm and enjoy a drink.

They will serve you the best-tasting homestyle meals with ease, and the essence is to bring the flavors of Bangkok back to New York.

I enjoy their backyard of all things, and if you like the crispy chuck of branzino, you will like this restaurant. You can be sure to serve the sweet noodles that they serve from the head of the lobster. Here you can be sure to have the perfect meal in no time.

If you like you can bring your friends along to enjoy the time in New York. It’s ideal for you to enjoy even the significant events of life.

Phone: 212-206-2500

Address: 100 Forsyth Street, BSMT New York, NY 10002

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14. Thai farm kitchen

Thai farm kitchen 1


Here you will have the contemporary dining experience, with most meals they serve being the authentic Thai style of meal. They often use the highest quality ingredients to make these meals.

You will like them for their bold flavors and the fact that you use the farm-to-table method, then you’re going to love these recipes.

However, if you are looking for a place to walk in, you have it in this restaurant.

Most people praise their tom yum soup. It will amaze you that they deliver spicy, sour, and sweet soup.

When you come to this restaurant, you should remember you’re going to love their food since they have many unique options to deliver.

Just make sure you try their pad Thai as I’m sure you will love it.

Phone: (347) 533-9368

Address: 416 Church Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11218

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15. Pure Thai Cookhouse

Pure Thai cookhouse 1


When looking for genuine Thai flavors, take a walk down to a pure Thai cookhouse. This is available at Hell’s kitchen, and you will like their homemade noodles that feature the family recipes.

When you’re going to Pure, you are going in for the unique style of noodles. And it features one long room with wood-paneled walls with little metal stoned stools. So, if you are looking for casual meals, come in to pure.

We should, however, mention that here you are going to have to wait for about 30 minutes to get the meals right.

You will enjoy the addition of the crabs and the pork meat to make it perfect for enjoying. Every penny you spend here is all worth it.

Phone: 212-581-0999

Address: 766 9th Ave, Btwn 51 & 52 St

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16. Nourish Thai

Nourish Thai 1 1


This is one of the best Thai restaurants that serve the best curries, noodles, and lunch specials.

In most cases, you will have vegan and vegetarian meals here too. It’s ideal for the people in Brooklyn as it’s an around the corner restaurant.

This restaurant works toward serving in-house Thai-style meals. The aim is to bring grandma’s recipes to the table for you.

They like to use traditional Thai ingredients, making it one of the best options.

It delivers a casual atmosphere, but that doesn’t compromise on the type of food.

They also have several vegetarian meals you can eat with them. The food is over the top good; you should try it yourself.

Phone: (718) 789-3981

Address: 637A Vanderbilt Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11238

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17. Amy Thai bistro

Amy Thai bistro 1


When you’re looking for a small yet unique space where you can enjoy the perfect flavors of Thai, then visit this perfect bistro at all times.

It will amaze you that you will enjoy the traditional selection of the meals.

Be sure to enjoy the simple, fresh, and perfect ingredients. It will always also spark the intense flavors of Thai.

You could quickly bring your family and friends to enjoy the perfect meals amidst fun and conversation.

It doesn’t matter whether you want to dine in or go for takeout; you will enjoy the flavors of this bistro. It will make it enjoyable regardless.

I liked their pad gra pow, and since I’m a meat-eater, I ate it with chicken.

Phone: 718.462.1555

Address: 545 Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11225

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18. Sage

Sage 1


Notice that they set this one in Brooklyn to serve the best Thai dishes and drinks. So, if you’re looking for the most delicious Thai food, you will have it in this restaurant.

It’s perfect to go to this restaurant since it has more than enough space and you will like that they have a comfortable setting.

When you’re looking for craft beers, this will serve you best. I like their brunch meals with unique brunch cocktails too. If you further enjoy the vegetarian meals, you’ll like this one.

Phone: (718) 218-6644

Address: 299-301 Graham Ave Brooklyn, NY 11211

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19. Soothr Thai noodle bar

Soothr Thai noodle bar 1


This is your space if you like noodles, and of course, they never disappoint with their perfect meals. The best part is they offer meals with the aim of delivering a comfort meal and the perfect warmth in the cold.

They are famous for delivering family-style noodles, especially those who like to eat at home.

When you visit this fantastic restaurant, consider eating the herb-based soup that they serve with rice or noodles. You can also serve stewed beef in most of the meals.

You will have noodles, cocktails, and soups when you come to this restaurant.

Phone: (212) 844-9789

Address: 204 E 13th St, New York, NY 10003

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20. Mee Thai cuisine

Mee Thai cuisine 1


This is your all-time favorite restaurant that will offer basic Thai meals. Mind you; they offer the meals in an informal setting.

You will find lightly made meals that usually have a strong aroma and flavors for this restaurant.

This is amazingly your small restaurant that offers some of the best options you can choose from.

When you yearn for artistic food then this is what you should eat to enjoy. You can never go wrong with their fried rice. Try it and see that you will love it.

Phone: (718) 230-8280

Address: 180 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217

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It doesn’t matter what you want to eat the good thing is that you will somehow always find it in the different restaurants.

They serve different flavors and you will further like the ambient environment.

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