Fandi Mata: Menu, Reservation, Ambiance, Amenities, & Hours

Fandi Mata in Bayard, Brooklyn, is an international restaurant and marketplace famous for its eclectic dining experience to guests featuring signature drinks and soul food. Fandi Mata offers genuine hospitality and crafted beverages.

Fandi Mata


You will be enchanted by its evocative journey that blends global influences with craftmanship. The experience is amazing, from the artisanal cocktails to the Mediterranean-influenced cuisine in its familial setting.

Since its opening in 2020, Fandi Mata has served goodness in every dish. It has built a reputation as an excellent go-to for delicious dishes and drinks, transporting you from the hustle and bustle of the city to a refreshing and satisfying world.

Fandi Mata: Menu

The restaurant’s décor is one thing, but that alone can’t retain you, and that’s where their yummy food comes in.

Fandi Mata knows how to caress your cravings and heart desires by preparing meals that move you to a different world and make you smile after each bite.

Fandi Mata Menu


As far as good vibes and natural aesthetic are concerned, no place does it better than Fandi Mata.

The brunch menu has a lot to offer, and my favorites are French toast, brunch pizza, and shakshuka. They are incredible. The sauce in the shakshuka is ever on-point and is well-flavored.

Fandi Mata Menu 1 3


The brunch menu comprises specials, a mezze platter, small plates, pizzas and bread, cocktails, and desserts. The main attraction of their desserts is the brick oven-fired basque cheesecake. It’s a great one. Still, you can try their Nutella calzone or chocolate mousse cake.

Key highlights on the brunch specials are benedict, steak and eggs, shakshuka, French toast, double cheeseburger, and their house-made granola.

Moreover, you can try their chopped salad, croquetas, or roasted fingerling potatoes under the small plates.

Fandi Mata Menu 2


Their mezcaleria is only available on the mezzanine. Nevertheless, it comes with classic cocktails, such as uno mas, Sabrosa, Selena, stardust, sole, and just a touch. The cocktails are tasty and refreshing. You can’t miss pairing their dishes with one of the flavors.

Dinner can’t get any better than the one offered here. There are plenty of options to choose from, including desserts, pizza and bread, sides, a mezze platter, and small plates. The main includes paccheri, double cheeseburger, and grilled branzino.

Fandi Mata Menu 3 2


All your cravings will be fully satisfied here, and their portions get served in large amounts. The small plates include gambas al ajillo, shrimp skewers, chicken skewers, croquetas, tuna tartare, steak tartare, and fattoushi salad.

Fandi Mata Menu 4 1


Their expert chefs ensure everything gets cooked perfectly, and you will feel the freshness, flavor, and quality in any dish you order.

If you are not keen, you can quickly get addicted to the dishes. I recommend pairing your dinner option with a drink for the best dining experience.

A delicious meal at Fandi Mat is incomplete without something tasty from their drink selections. Their extensive drink menu has many options: cocktails, draught beer, can beer, white wine, orange wine, rose, red wine, and champagne.

Their drink flavors accommodate everyone, and even if you don’t know which to pair with your meal, the staff will help you decide.

Furthermore, they have a happy hour special from 5:30 PM to 6:30 PM every Wednesday to Saturday, where you get discounts on beers, wines, and Paloma Picante.

Fandi Mata: Reservations

Fandi Mata is a famous and loved restaurant. Therefore, it is likely to find it packed, and waiting never pleases the soul. The solution is to reserve a table and visit the restaurant as per your reservation.

They take reservations for solo and even a group of more than 8. Besides, their reservation is easy. You select the number of people and date, then wait to see if there is an available table from their website or on the rest.

However, the limited capacity leads to limitations in the reservation time. For instance, a reservation for 2 to 4 people goes for 1 ½ hour. That for 5 to 8 people lasts 2 hours, and for 9+ people go for 2 ½ hours.

You better not be late for the reservation. If any party is behind schedule for 15 minutes, the restaurant won’t seat any of the other members until you are all complete. That’s how they work, so ensure every person in your party respects time to avoid late seating and delays.

Fandi Mata is also a great place to host your next special or private events, such as birthdays, weddings, gatherings, and parties.

Fandi Mata 1 2


To reserve a private event, you need to inquire through an event request form, and the event director will contact you for more instructions.

Fandi Mata: Ambiance

Fandi Mata feels like a Mediterranean Oasis from when you step in. The former warehouse has a beautiful interior, and the place has a jungle-like gorgeous space with greenery everywhere and tall trees and light fixtures.

Fandi Mata 2



The furniture is brightly colored and cozy, while the tiled staircase will lead you to the second floor. The restaurant is enormous, and your eyes will delight the sight.

Fandi Mata 3


Their ceilings are high, and you can’t help but adore the place. Plus, large plants sweep the walls, and their tables have beautiful designs.

Fandi Mata: Amenities

Fandi Mata is open to all. It is wheelchair accessible to ensure everyone has a chance to dine and gather with friends in its intimate and trendy atmosphere and ambiance. The restaurant has beautiful covered and heated outdoor seating and is spacious to accommodate large groups and events.

Fandi Mata 4


In addition, it offers catering and waiter service. Their servers are friendly and helpful with the menu. Plus, they will quickly get you seated and work on your order. They have great customer value, and you will feel appreciated being at the restaurant.

Private dining is offered in their private rooms on reservations. Their happy hour specials come with great discounts, and you will delight in their extensive menu, which accommodates vegan options. There is free wi-fi, and the restaurant is dog-friendly.

Fandi Mata takes reservations for tables and private events, and they offer takeout and delivery. For the delivery, they have three options, including Doordash, Ubereats, and Grubhub. Plus, they have digital gift cards, which you can buy for someone and pay in cash or via credit cards.

If you are driving, there is street parking available and bike parking. You won’t regret visiting Fandi Mata. Everything about the restaurant is amazing.


– Does Fandi Mata take reservations?

Yes, it does. Reservations are available per table. Plus, private events can be reserved either via phone or via rest.

– How is the parking at Fandi Mata?

Street parking is available near the restaurant.

– Is the restaurant ideal for kids and families?

The restaurant has loud music as it is a trendy place. Thus, you may lack comfort as a family or your kid’s peaceful moment.

– Do they offer vegetarian or vegan?

Yes, there are a few vegan and vegetarian options available.

Which payment method is accepted at Fandi Mata?

Fandi Mata currently accepts credit cards.

– Is there outdoor seating?

Yes, Fandi Mata has heated and covered outdoor seating.


  • Mon & Tue: 5:00 PM – 1:00 AM
  • Wed & Thu: 5:00 PM – 1:00 AM
  • Fri: 5:00 PM – 2:00 AM
  • Sat: 11:00 AM – 4:00 PM
  • 5:00 PM – 2:00 AM
  • Sun: 11:00 AM – 4:30 PM

Locations and Directions

Address: 74 Bayard St Brooklyn, NY 11222

Phone: 718-388-8877


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