Your Comprehensive Guide To The 22 Best Brunch Spots In Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Are you looking for the best brunch in Williamsburg, Brooklyn?

We can help you find the nearest brunch restaurants to you. The below automatically finds all the brunch restaurants next to you.

With loads of young millennials, Williamsburg has transformed over time. The nightlife in this neighborhood is one of a kind that has made it a popular place worldwide.

After a night of dancing and drinking, you will need a hearty dish to recover and bounce back.

Breakfast is an important meal of the day, and the good news is that there are several brunch spots in Williamsburg with hearty and delicious dishes.

In addition, you will find different excellent restaurants with distinct food settings in this neighborhood.

With all these possibilities and expectations, you will ask yourself, ‘where do I go?’ Well, here is the guide and the answer to your question.

From the list below, you will be able to figure out where to find specific brunch restaurants.

Best brunch in Williamsburg

1. Cafe Mogador 

Cafe Mogador


Mentioned as one of the Best Places for Breakfast and Brunch in Brooklyn, Cafe Mogador is open every day of the week, and you can never miss food from this spot.

However, it would be best to lower your expectations when you come to this cafe because their traditional Morrocan brunch is one of the best. Unfortunately, it means you might sometime bump into long queues.

This cafe’s selection of coffee liquors is worth a trial, especially for people who love a boozy brunch.

You can dine inside or outside the restaurant, and both have heated and unheated options.

Their Greek salad is also worth your time. There are so many recipes you can enjoy while at this cafe.

The only limitation is that they don’t accept reservations, especially during the weekend.

2. Sunday in Brooklyn

Sunday in Brooklyn


This restaurant is situated next to Williamsburg bridge, and the food is what makes the customers continuously storm into the restaurant.

They offer both brunch and dinner, but many people usually favor brunch.

This place is often crowded but go for an egg sandwich and pancakes once you get seated.

The ambiance of this restaurant and bar is pleasing and features an exposed ceiling beam, tiled floor, and wooden bar.

The space is slightly small, making it a go-to option during winter.

Their menu is packed with other delicious foods and cocktails, but the show-stopping pancakes are what the locals enjoy most.

3. Marlow and sons 

Marlow and sons


It is a wine and a bar-cafe that has been around this neighborhood for quite a long time.

It is situated just a few blocks away from the Williamsburg bridge and has a vast list of dishes on its menu.

This restaurant will remind you of how this neighborhood was back then.

The lunch and breakfast meals are simple but perfectly executed. The brand new American cuisine forms the better part of the dishes.

They don’t have a rigid menu, and everything changes frequently.

However, the dishes are fresh, simple, and consistent, and that is why you will get locals and tourists sticking by the restaurant to enjoy their meals.

4. Sweet chick 

Sweet chick


Have you ever combined chicken and waffles? If you think this is impossible, you need to visit a lovely chick restaurant and figure it out.

This restaurant offers breakfast to locals and tourists every day of the week, and the best part is that you can either dine inside or outside.

There are multiple locations of this restaurant, all with high-quality foods.

I don’t know if you have ever tasted the biscuits from this restaurant. Irresistible. They are some of the best in the neighborhood and worth your money and time.

Shrimp and grits are also available on their ever-changing menu, but it’s the chicken and waffles that many people order.

5. Rabbithole restaurant 

Rabbithole restaurant


This restaurant situated just a few blocks from Williamsburg bridge is a perfect alternative if you are hungry.

This restaurant is not fancy, but their daily brunch is next level.

The appearance of this cafe may seem to marry its name, but the dining room and outside patio are relatively spacious.

In this cafe, you will find brunch classics well executed with slight changes in flavor because of the ingredients used.

Also, they have an espresso bar that has delicious coffee beverages.

Ricotta pancakes and egg omelets are my best options when at this restaurant.

You should make a stop at this cafe when hungry.

6. Julliette



The beauty of this restaurant ranks among the best in New York, and it is often crowded with people because of the serene atmosphere.

This French restaurant with vast indoor dining might be one of the cafes you visited and had your brunch.

Toasts, salads, burgers, and other savory dishes are what you will find on their expansive menu.

Other recipes in this restaurant include the banana stuffed French toasted and shakshuka.

They accept reservations which means you can book early enough to skip the queues.

You should request to eat in the plant room, especially during summer.

7. Allswell 



This restaurant has been consistent for a long time and delivers some of Williamsburg’s best-tasting brunch meals.

The cocktail bar and variety of European beers make this restaurant and bar even better.

They don’t have a rigid menu, so you will sometimes not find whatever food you are craving.

However, it is worth your time.

The brunch menu of this restaurant features a variety of different continental breakfasts combined with Mexican brunch favorites like fried beans and burritos.

8. Kokomo



This Caribbean restaurant has a vast menu with delicious brunch meals for breakfast.

The bottomless brunch is what makes this restaurant stand out. Unfortunately, this brunch meal is only served over the weekend.

Bottomless brunch is often served with an appetizer and mimosas. They accept reservations, and you can either dine inside or outside the restaurant.

The outside patio is spacious, and they do have live music and DJs over the weekends.

Fish sandwiches, plantain pancakes, oxtail flatbread, and Peppa jerk kitchen are some of the dishes you should order when at this restaurant.

Kokomo is not only one of the Best Outdoor Restaurants In Brooklyn, but also one of the Best Takeout Restaurants in Brooklyn.

More about Kokomo Brooklyn

9. Diner 



This restaurant is legendary and one of the pioneers in this neighborhood. The spot is tiny but with some of the best-tasting burgers, which made them famous.

The consistency of this restaurant with their dishes is what ranks them as one of the best in Williamsburg.

However, the classic breakfast meals from continental and global cultures are outstanding.

Unfortunately, brunch is only offered on the weekends. The menu list changes daily, but there are some items you will never miss.

The diner is located under a bridge in a diner’s car, and even though the space is small, you need to check it out.

10. 12 chairs 

12 chairs


It is another perfect spot for brunch and other meals, and the best part is that the food comes at an affordable price.

The original location of this restaurant is in SoHo, but the one in Williamsburg is the best of the two.

It has the perfect outdoor seating, is more spacious, and with natural light.

Their menu is vast, with several Mediterranean-inspired dishes, which means you can never miss something to eat regardless of the number of people dining.

Egg Siniya, french toast, and cucumber salad are some of the dishes you should order.

If you encounter a long wait in other restaurants, for instance, Sunday in Brooklyn, walk across the street and dine in this restaurant. You will love it.

11. Llama inn

Llama inn


If you are bored with the same kinds of breakfast meals across Williamsburg restaurants, you need to try this Peruvian cafe.

This restaurant is fantastic, especially since its menu is broad with a twist from the traditional Peruvian dishes.

This spot is ideal if you plan on hosting celebrations or date nights. The best part is that the food prices have gone down and are affordable to many people.

They have also introduced an outdoor patio to try and accommodate huge numbers.

Do you know what brunch meal to order when at this cafe? Go for the traditional Peruvian tamal stuffed with aji Amarillo and olives.

They also serve brunch cocktails that you need to give a try.

12. Okonomi/ Yuji Ramen 

Okonomi Yuji Ramen


This restaurant might appear tiny, but it’s one you shouldn’t overlook. Here, you will get a different brunch meal from the typical ones you see at other restaurants.

“Ichinju Sansai’ a traditional Japanese meal, and Yuji Ramen, a noodle-based dish, are the signature dish at this restaurant.

Lunch and breakfast are heavenly in this spot. Ichinju Sansai is often served with miso soup and a rice bowl.

The restaurant is tiny with only 12 seats and usually feels special when inside since you will be one of the few customers enjoying well-executed meals.

13. Carthage must be destroyed 

Carthage must be destroyed


This business, run by an Australian, has some of the breakfast meals in the neighborhood.

Unfortunately, the restaurant is all-pink, and they don’t accept photographs while dining.

They have an expansive and impressive brunch menu. The only limitation is getting to this restaurant because the address will leave you standing in front of a parking lot.

Scrambled eggs, chili, and rice are some of my favorites when at this hidden spot.

They accept reservations and have both indoor and outdoor dining.

14. Cafe Colette 

Cafe Colette


This restaurant is new in the neighborhood, and they primarily focus on making Latin flavors using local ingredients.

If you love burgers, then cafe Colette has covered you as they make some of the best in Williamsburg.

This restaurant is open daily, and they serve all three meals every day.

However, brunch is only served over the weekend, and this meal is what many locals and tourists love.

The quiche lorraine with potatoes, gruyere, and onions is what you should get for breakfast.

15. Lighthouse 



  • 145 Borinquen Pl, Brooklyn, NY 11211
  • Visit website
  • 347-789-7742

The best part about the food served in this restaurant is that the better part is healthy.

The dishes prepared here are from different parts of the world with just the perfect flavors.

The food is irresistible and new, and the good news is it is not usually overcrowded.

Instead, the owners use local fresh ingredients to make their dishes.

The brunch meals are mostly Mediterranean-inspired. Raw oysters and ceviche will impress you here.

16. Le crocodile 

Le crocodile


If you are around Wythe Avenue, you should probably take the opportunity to visit this restaurant.

It gives you the vibes of a cafe in Paris. But, the best of all is the food served here, which is epic and prepared with high-end ingredients.

The brunch meal is excellent with many options, but they also serve lunch to the locals and tourists.

French toast, eggs royale, and quiche are the stand-out dishes in this restaurant.

Also, they have a wide selection of coffee and cocktail drinks for brunch.

The best is to go with classic cocktails; they will never disappoint.

17. Reunion cafe 

Reunion cafe


This cafe has many people confused as it resembles a coffee shop, but that is not the case.

This Israeli cafe is one of the best for breakfast meals and lunch.

The cafe’s interior features artifacts randomly placed in different places within the restaurant.

They specialize in savory and spicy dishes, and the best part is that they serve brunch daily.

Their menu is vast, with recipes such as pancakes, schnitzel, bagel, and eggs.

Their Jerusalem breakfast is the breakfast meal you should choose.

18. Pies ‘n’ thighs 

Pies n thighs


This restaurant came to be after two Diner chefs merged and transformed a tiny beer joint into one of Williamsburg’s best comfort food spots. The good news is that the food prices are reasonable.

If you are craving donuts, smoked pork, or fried chicken, visit this spot and end all your cravings.

Selected as one of the Best Fried Chicken Spots in Brooklyn, brunch at this restaurant is something else, and nothing beats the fried chicken and waffles here.

The chicken biscuit is also well-executed, and so are the salads on the menu. Note that they only accept cash.

19. Meadowsweet 



Breakfast meals shouldn’t be anything shot than delicious and perfectly done.

This restaurant focuses on American cuisine and delivers it just perfectly. The produce used to make their dishes comes from the owner’s farm upstate.

Their menu is expansive, with multicultural recipes for breakfast and lunch.

Many people love brunch in this restaurant, mainly because of how well it is executed.

Black mission, ricotta with pancetta is a good alternative when you need breakfast.

20. St Anselm

St Anselm


If steak is all you want, St Anselm restaurant has some of the best.

The restaurant is tiny and also serves the best wine and cocktail drinks.

This place gets crowded, especially during the weekends, so you need to get here early enough because you cannot make reservations.

However, mashed potatoes and steak is worth every minute you spend waiting for this meal.

The cooking is done all in the open. Steak and eggs with charred potatoes are irresistible in this restaurant.

21. Strangeways restaurant 

Strangeways restaurant


  • 302 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211
  • Visit website
  • 718-331-2000

This restaurant is located next to a train, making it easier for guests and tourists coming from different city places.

The outdoor patio is next level and one of the best in Williamsburg.

The space in this restaurant is vast and the perfect spot for brunch, especially during warmer months.

The outside patio has white tables, which gives it a picnic appearance. It is easy to host any occasion in this spot.

This place gets pretty busy during weekends, and the best will be to make reservations if you intend to dine in this spot.

Semolina pancakes and egg sandwiches make the perfect brunch.

22. Aurora 



Aurora restaurant is another perfect option if you want delicious breakfast meals.

It sits in an old building with green vines covering the building. The owners import most of their ingredients from Italy.

This results in high-end dishes that are flavorful.

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