Williamsburg, Brooklyn (The Travel Guide) + Things To Do In Williamsburg

Brooklyn is full of attractive neighborhoods and towns. And all of these neighborhoods and towns have characteristics that make them stand out and unique. Based on these characteristics the areas have, people choose their favorite places to visit and reside at.



Among these Brooklyn Neighborhoods, in this article, we will see one of the most historical and cultural areas known as Williamsburg.

Don’t get me wrong when I say “historical and cultural” because while maintaining all the history, Williamsburg is also a neighborhood full of young and trendy people.

In Williamsburg, you will find a diversified community from different backgrounds and lifestyles. And somehow, they make it work. As they say, their motto is  “do your own thing and have fun along the way.”

Williamsburg Bridge

Williamsburg Bridge

This exciting neighborhood has a lot to be explored and learned about, and that is exactly what we are going to do.

So let us explore Williamsburg, Brooklyn!

Some other neighborhoods you may want to check out. It is better to overview the complete neighborhoods of Brooklyn with the map before you continue.

History of Williamsburg

Williamsburg was part of a piece of land that was purchased in the year 1638 from the native Americans by a dutch west Indian company. During that time, the town used to be known as Bushwick.

Domino Park

Domino Park

Then in the 19th century, a part of this place was overtaken by a developer that goes by the name of Jonatan Williams, who named the area after himself calling it Williamsburg.

Williamsburg became a shopping hub because of the east river, which facilitated the area’s development. Due to its extensive growth, Williamsburg became separated from Bushwick.

And in 1855, the city of Williamsburg was included in the town of Brooklyn, becoming part of the city’s Eastern District. In 1898, the town became part of New York City.

Is Williamsburg in Brooklyn?

YES! Since the mid of 19th century, Williamsburg has been in Brooklyn, New York. A lot of immigrants from Europe settled in this town. From 1900 to 1920, the city grew so much to become one of the most densely populated cities in New york.

williamsburg newyorkbynight

Williamsburg newyorkbynight

Later in the 19th century, Williamsburg town attracted a lot of Hispanic communities because of the abundance of factory jobs. With lots of new immigrants coming to the city every year, Williamsburg is always a city that will constantly grow.

In recent times. Williamsburg has been under a real estate boom, making it one of the most popular towns.

Where is Williamsburg?

The town of Williamsburg is found in New York and is one of the neighborhoods of Brooklyn. On the north side, it is bordered by Greenpoint. Bedford-Stuyvesant bounds the town from the south side.

Bushwick and East Williamsburg from the east and the east river from the west enclose the city.

How safe is Williamsburg, Brooklyn?

The one thing we ask ourselves from moving to anyplace is if the place we plan on moving to is safe.

Williamsburg has been voted among the safest area to live in Brooklyn, New York.

Though it is not the safest neighborhood in the entire state or city, violent crime rarely happens here.  The one thing you should watch out for living in Williamsburg is Burglary. But as the area continues to gentrify, you can expect the crime rate to drop.

Should I move to Williamsburg, Brooklyn? 

If you plan on moving to Brooklyn, New York, then Williamsburg should be one of the places you consider.

Williamsburg is known for its fair rent price compared to any other area in New York; not the cheapest. The affordable lifestyle is the other thing to consider; compared to other regions of New York, Williamsburg has somewhat fair pricing on everything.

The other appealing thing about Williamsburg is how close it is to Manhattan. It is only 32mins to Mid Town Manhattan; if you use the JMZ even closer and easier to get anywhere.

While talking about Williamsburg, Brooklyn, we can’t leave out the restaurants, bars, and diner scenes of the city.  No area in New York has more selections when it comes to restaurants and bars than Williamsburg.

The diversity of the people in the region has led to the introduction of many cultures which came along with their cuisine from all over the world. Williamsburg has 316 registered restaurants, 196 bars, and 152 other entertainment centers.

Williamsburg is full of people with hipster culture and diverse lifestyles. Many creative and young minds move to this place.

Depending on what we want and why we are moving, the place we consider might differ. But for any reason, if you are planning on moving to New York, considering Williamsburg is the right decision to make. 

Where to Eat in Williamsburg, Brooklyn?

Williamsburg, Brooklyn, is one of the areas in New York where the food culture is vast. In Williamsburg, you can find almost any cuisines from all over.

Below we will see a few restaurants that can give us a little view of Williamsburg’s food scene.

1. Fette Sau

354 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn,

NY 11211, United States

Phone: 718-963-3404

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Fette Sau


If you are ever in New York and looking for a good barbeque and meat, Fette Sau is the place for you!

This place is known for its texas style barbeque and brisket. They also serve pork, sausage, and different forms of sandwiches made with different cuts of beef or pork meat.

The restaurant by itself is not somewhat on the fancy end, but on an excellent stomach fill and a good glass of whiskey or beer, Fette Sau is the perfect place.

Fette Sau also has an extended table setting which also enhances the mood and sociability of the place, and it’s as if you dine at one table as a family.

2. Dim Sum Bar

167 Grand St Brooklyn, NY 11249, United States

Phone: 718-388-8988

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Dim Sum Bar


Just as its name clearly states, it is a Dim Sum place, one of the best in Willsumberg and Brooklyn. If you are craving an Asian palate for a light stomach, Dim Sum Bar is the place to go.

They are known for their duck, tofu, and chicken dishes, but in general, every word you order at Dim Sum Bar is an experience by itself.

One of the other must-try dishes at Dim Sum bar is their Dumplings; with the variety of fillings, you are in for an exhilarating ride.

This place has a perfect setup, and the ambiance is pristine.

3. Emmy Squared Pizza

364 Grand Street,

Brooklyn, NY 11211 United States

Phone: 718-360-4535

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Emmy Squared Pizza


As we can see from its name, it’s a squared pizza place. Emmy Squared Pizza serves a pan-based, crispy edge pizza. Their popular menu is pepperoni pizza, and they also have a signature Pizza which is, of course, the Detriot-styled pizza.

One of the places where you can try the authentic Brooklyn style pizza. As one of the Best Pizza Restaurants in Williamsburg, the location here in Williamsburg is their first spot that opened in 2016. This place was well received, and now Emmy squared pizza has eight branches on over the country.

4. Gertie

357 Grand St, Brooklyn,

NY 11211, United States

Phone: 718-636-0902


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Gertie is a Jewish diner place and bar. Gertie is known for its baked menus, sandwiches, and seafood palates.

This place is also a great brunch spot, with its fantastic brunch menus such as french toast, german potato fries, and a variety of sandwiches.

The location of this place is ideal, right on the corner of Grand street. It makes it easier just to drop by and grab a delicious meal.

Gertie used to be a place open for three meals every day, but after the pandemic, this place started a soup kitchen in the mornings.

5. Lilia

567 Union Ave, Brooklyn,

NY 11211, United States

Phone: 718-576-3095

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Lilia 1


​​Lilia is one of the Best Italian Restaurants in Williamsburg mostly with fusion and modern dishes. The variety of dishes ranges from fish to chicken and lamb.

As one of the most Romantic Restaurants in Brooklyn, Lilia is also known for its fresh seafood ingredients and dishes. one of their best seafood dishes is the Black Bass, the grilled clams, and scallops.

The restaurant is a very bright and vibrant spot during the daytime, making it an excellent place for breakfasts and brunches.  And it turns into a moody and intimate place for the evening, which makes it the perfect date spot.

Finding a table during happy hours is very hard at Lilia, so making a reservation is recommended. Getting there as early as possible is the other way.

6. Sunday in Brooklyn

348 Wythe Ave,

Brooklyn, NY 11249 United States

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Sunday in Brooklyn


Sunday in Brooklyn is Williamsburg’s favorite place of all time.  Sunday in Brooklyn is where you would find anything you want on a Sunday.

A brunch menu? They have it. Drinks? Of course.

Their menus are based on all of America’s favorite dishes, sandwiches, pancakes, fried chicken, burgers, you name it, and they have it.

 7. Fandi Mata

74 Bayard Street, Brooklyn, NY 11222, United States

Phone: 718-388-8877


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Fandi Mata 4


Fandi Mata is mainly known for their Mediterranean-based cuisine. Based on what ingredient is in the season, they serve different house special menus with fresh ingredients from the local market.

Fandi Mata is one of the “Brooklyn fee”l places in Williamsburg; very hip and is a place for young people. The place has an amiable and modern interior design, which is why many calls it a hot Instagram place.

One of the other reasons young people love this place is how late it stays open. Fandi Mata is available until 1 is, making it an excellent spot for late-night dining and drinking.

Read more about Fandi Mata: Menu

8. RabbitHole Restuarant

352 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11249, USA

Phone: 718-782-0910

Email: lqe333@gmail.com

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RabbitHole Restuarant


RabbitHole restaurant is one of a kind restaurant in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, accomodating both a cozy setting and a formal refined dining space.

The front part of the restaurant is a cozy restaurant and bar area. At the same time, the back of this place, including the garden, is set up for formal lunch and dinner programs.

Just like the setup, the menus also differ in both areas. The front space is open for the weekday brunches, and the fine-dining space is available for weekend lunches and dinners.

Some of the popular brunch menus at RabbitHole Restaurant are the french style omelet served with potatoes and salad and the egg sandwich with spicy fig jam.  The Pan Seared Salmon is the most popular dinner menu.

These are just a few restaurants from Williamsburg, Brooklyn. If you are planning on exploring the food scene or just visiting, Williamsburg’s restaurants and diners are a great place to start with a variety of cuisine selections and options.

Where to stay in Williamsburg, Brooklyn?

Williamsburg, Brooklyn, has many exciting places to explore and fun things to embark on that one day will not be enough.  So maybe spending a night or two might be necessary.

There are many hotels, air bnbs and other places that you can plan your stay at. Below we will see some of the well-known hotels in Williamsburg and Brooklyn that are close to the city and are budget-friendly.

1. Wythe Hotel

80 Wythe Avenue,

Brooklyn NY, 11249, United States

Phone: 718-460-8000

Email: hello@wythehotel.com

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Wythe Hotel


Wythe Hotel is one of the oldest Hotels in the Williamsburg area. This hotel is easily the locals’ favorite hotel.

And it is nonother than because of their famous rooftop bar, also known as Lemons, which has a great view of the city, especially during the evenings.

The other quality of this place is how all of their servers are well paid, as their additional tips are all included in the original price.

2. Hotel Indigo – Williamsburg

500 Metropolitan Ave

Brooklyn, NY 11211, United States



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Hotel Indigo Williamsburg


Hotel Indigo – Williamsburg is one of the hotels found in close proximity to the subway station and also the city.  This makes it one of the busiest hotels in town.

Hotel Indigo has two popular restaurants within the vicinity, which are usually frequented by guests in the hotel. This place also provides a 24hrs gym service and a heated outdoor pool.

The room selection varies from a penthouse to a regular single bedroom. And compared to many hotels in the area, it is one of the fairest-priced places to stay.

3. William Vale

111 North 12th Street

Brooklyn, NY 11249, United States

Phone:  718-631-8400

Email: mailto:info@thewilliamvale.com

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William Vale


William Vale is one of the most popular hotels in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, for its immaculate view of Brooklyn and New York City.

They have options from king deluxe bedrooms to twin-bedded rooms and regular-sized single bedrooms. William vale has a very modern and clean interior design for each room.

William Vale Hotel is also known for its rooftop bar, which opens after 10 pm at happy hours. This bar is also open to outsiders meaning you can visit the bar without having a room.

It is not the cheapest of places, but the money is worth the experience at William’s Vale.

4. Pod Hotel

247 Metropolitan Ave

Brooklyn, NY 11211, United States


Email: mailto:social@thepodhotel.com

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Pod Hotel


Pod Hotel is very modern and yet the most rudimentary and practical. It is not the fanciest room, but everything you might need is in the room.

Pod hotel also has a trendy rooftop bar and a beer garden, which is known for its local beer collections, hence why it is very popular with the locals.

5. Williamsburg Hotel

96 Wythe Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11249, United States


Email: hello@thewilliamsburghotel.com

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Williamsburg Hotel


Williamsburg Hotel is one of the posh places to stay in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. They have a gym, a salon and spa, and a rooftop pool area. Williamsburg Hotel also has one of the best Mediterranean cuisine restaurants within its vicinity, which is open to anyone.

This hotel is mainly famous among locals because many new people are intimidated by the place’s pricing. There is a minimum spending limit which is 100USD.

But you can use this money for anything, including the restaurant, the pool as well as the bar.

Things to do in Williamsburg, Brooklyn?

Williamsburg, Brooklyn, is a place full of fun activities to do. There are many indoor and outdoor activities you can embark on while staying in Williamsburg.

Let us see a few of them below.

  • Stroll around McCarren Park

The McCarran park is the biggest in Williamsburg, bordering Green Point. This is a perfect place for outdoor sports activities such as soccer, baseball, kickball, etc.

McCarren Park

McCarran is also an excellent place for a picnic and people-watching. The park also has two dog-run areas, which is an ideal place to take your pet if you have one.

  • Catch a show or a concert

Williamsburg is full of creative people who present their works all over the city. There are several art form choices you can choose from—poetry readings, band performances, gallery shows, theater performances, etc.

Whenever you visit Williamsburg, there are always several shows so that you can see the one to your liking.

  • Buy a plant

Though the price of plants is on the high end here in Williamsburg, the selections that they offer are tough to miss.

These plant shops around Williamsburg also offer various handmade plant pots with different fascinating designs, shapes, and colors.  You can always choose what fits your aesthetics.

  • Go thrift shopping

Williamsburg is one of the best places to go thrift shopping, and the city is filled with vintage and artistry materials with different price ranges.

You can find different artifacts, collections, and items of clothing. This is the best “hunt and finds” experience you will ever have.

  • Have a karaoke Night

If you love singing your hearts out with your friends, lounges in Williamsburg are a great place to go.

Lounges in Williamsburg offer private rooms with karaoke machines, and you can also sing at an open bar imitating your favorite dance moves.

These lounges also offer snacks and drinks.

  • Go shopping

Bed Ford Avenue is filled with street shops, restaurants, and bars. And this is one of the best places to go shopping here in Williamsburg. You will find a variety of shops, making it a great place to take a stroll. 

  • Ride a bike across the Williamsburg bridge

Williamsburg bridge was one of the longest suspension bridges built in New York City back in the 20th century. The Bridge has different lanes for people walking and riding a bike. Though caution is always a must, it is a great place to ride a bike with a great view.

Williamsburg, Brooklyn, is one of the most exciting neighborhoods in Brooklyn, New York, with a long history and culture. The city has many old buildings with a long-standing and exciting past.

Williamsburg bridge 1

Williamsburg bridge

If you like biking, going to parks, or even historic houses, this town should be on the top of your list. The food scene in Williamsburg is also one of the other reasons it should be on top of your must-visit list, especially if you like exploring with food!

In this article, we have explored the history of Williamsburg, where it is located, the food scene in Williamsburg, things to do in Williamsburg, where to stay in Williamsburg, and many more about Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

We hope after reading this article, your interest in Williamsburg has increased. Please let us know in the comments if you have found this article engaging and helpful.  And make sure to give it a like and share it on your social.

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