6 Best Brooklyn Neighborhoods for Families

In the last decade, Brooklyn’s population increased by almost 10%, which is the biggest rise of any borough in New York City.

Local moving companies like Roadway Moving also confirm that the demand for moving to Brooklyn is increasing each year.

According to experience from their movers, families mostly choose Brooklyn because of good schools, plenty of playgrounds, and outdoor activities for youngsters as well as adults.

What they also like about Brooklyn is its cozy, lowkey, yet eventful atmosphere.

View of Manhattan Bridge between buildings from Brooklyn

View of Manhattan Bridge between buildings from Brooklyn, New York City

We rounded up some of the best areas for families with a crucial checklist in mind.

That checklist includes schools, kindergartens, green spaces, parks, daycares, playgrounds, transportation, and all the charming, family-friendly restaurants on the good name.

Before all the packing and organizing comes the big decision of choosing a place where your kids will grow up.

Since moving is the third most stressful event in a person’s life, this list will help you with your big decision.

1. Windsor Terrace – small-town feel

Windsor Terrace is a cozy neighborhood in the central part of Brooklyn, consisting of a nine-block-wide area. With very little traffic and plenty of green space, it provides its residents with a real suburban feel.

While walking down the streets, you get to see the brick row and wood-frame houses standing still from the former neighborhood development.

By the 2000s and 2010s, Windsor Terrace became a hotspot for families looking for affordable homes. Today the prices have gone up the same way the neighborhood’s popularity did.

Homes are selling for an average of $1 million, and the median rent is $2,100.

On the other hand, it is a perfect place to raise your kids since it is a calm environment full of everything a kid needs.

P.S. 154 Windsor Terrace School is located in this area, one of the best public schools in the borough. The Brooklyn Public Library’s branch is located at East 5th Street. Your kids could easily commune by public transportation since Windsor Terrace is served by NYC Subway.

The humble charm of this neighborhood has some exceptional restaurants to offer. When you don’t feel like cooking or have little time, you and your family can grab a bite at one of the local pockets of exciting cuisines.

Le Paddock balances upscale French cuisine for the grown-ups and some incredible simple pizzas for the youngsters. Krupa Grocery also provides a kid-friendly menu.

There are a lot of daycare and kid studio places here. Barking Cat studio on 219 Greenwood Ave is perfect for your kids to level up their arts and crafts techniques.

The studio gives an option for a creative birthday party as well. Space Station Project has a range of organized afterschool daycare, camps, and birthday parties. Here your kid can learn about games and design and have fun while doing it!

Brooklyn Public Library at Grand Army Plaza Brooklyn

Brooklyn Public Library at Grand Army Plaza Brooklyn

2. DUMBO – an eventful hotspot

Used to be known as Gairville, today DUMBO (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass) has one big aspect making it a perfect area for families- its location.

Close to Manhattan and just by Brooklyn Bridge Park, DUMBO is in the center of happenings. This area has the highest concentration of tech companies and jobs in New York City.

Hence, people employed in tech chose to settle down in DUMBO with their families.

A major addition to the area is a somewhat new library, Adams Street Library, providing many books for scholars and college students.

The housing here is on the pricier side. The median sales price for an sq ft is $1,600, and the average rent is $4,900.

DUMBO Gan and N.Y. Preschool are some of the biggest preschools in the area. Imagine, and Bright Horizons are the daycares you can trust.

There is an extensive range of activities for families around here. You can spend a day on the water by going on a ferry ride to Williamsburg, Manhattan, or Governors Island.

The Brooklyn Children’s Museum has an outpost here. A lot is given in organizing events for youngsters, such as Lunar New Year Celebrations at Brooklyn Museum, graffiti classes, and many more.

Main Street has a pirate ship playground, Creatively Wild Arts Studio, Barolette Martial Arts for karate, and Brooklyn Bridge Park Education Center.

You can take your kids on Jane’s Carousel, which is 101 years old and still working, being a charming addition to this contemporary neighborhood.

Juliana’s Pizzeria provides a kid’s menu, and you can come over to a seasonal roller-skating rink and kayaking at Pier 4!

Janes Carousel in Brooklyn Bridge Park. Brooklyn New York.

Jane’s Carousel in Brooklyn Bridge Park. Brooklyn, New York.

3. Brooklyn Heights – something in between

”America’s first suburb” is now much more than an area with a suburb feel. It is home to prestigious Brooklyn private schools – St. Ann’s, co-ed Packer Collegiate Institute, and St Francis College.

Since 2008, residents and newcomers can enjoy Brooklyn Bridge Park, which is pure bliss for children. There is more to it since Brooklyn Heights is full of parks and playgrounds, including Cadman Park and Tuxedo Park.

Even though it is on the pricier side, with the median price for a three-bedroom coming at $3.8 million, Brooklyn can still be proud of its friendly and approachable residents.

This for sure is a place where everyone cleans up after their dogs! The community is strong and calm, and everyone enjoys the fun this area offers. There is a hotspot in the center and pockets of lowkey and relaxed bars, restaurants, and stores for the authentic local feel.

You will for sure enjoy the aesthetics this area has. Classical brownstone rowed buildings with three stories, the main floor above the street level, and Victorian Gothic and Greek Revival styles decorate the neighborhood.

Imagine living in one of those; it sounds nice, right?

You will find many stores selling fresh produce and restaurants serving healthy vegan food since this area’s residents take good care of their well-being!

Scenic view of a classic Brooklyn brownstone block with a long facade and ornate stoop balustrades

4. Bay Ridge – waterfront mixture of new and old

In the southwest corner of Brooklyn lies Bay Ridge – a perfect mixture of old and new! It is a diverse and calm neighborhood that families enjoy. Why wouldn’t they?

From busy thoroughfares like Fifth avenue to the peaceful and beautiful water views, it is an irresistible mixture of everything a contemporary family needs.

Various restaurants, mom-and-pop shops, bars, and kids’ stores. Those are all located throughout the area for a visit on a weekend stroll.

Two public libraries are operating in the neighborhood, one of them being Bay Ridge Library, located at 7223 Ridge Boulevard at 73rd Street.

For kids, Owl’s Head Park is a perfect spot, always packed with children of all ages. Here they can skate in the skatepark, play in the playground and visit one of many seasonal events.

Aerial photo Bay Ridge Brooklyn NY

Aerial photo Bay Ridge Brooklyn NY

5. Carroll Gardens – the borough’s magical hideout

Carroll Gardens is located in the northwestern part of Brooklyn. It can be magical as its name sounds, especially once the leaves turn yellow and the cozy autumn mood sets in.

Wide streets surrounded by rows of tall trees make this area attractive to young families and professionals. It also does have higher prices than Brooklyn’s average.

The average renting price for Carroll Gardens is $2,600.

Carroll Gardens has a much higher ratio of college-educated residents than the rest of the city. There are various schools in this area.

A dual language French program school, the first one in New York City. The Brooklyn New School, P.S. 32, and P.S. 372 The Children’s School are also located here.

You won’t need to worry about your kids’ entertainment and activities.

There are many dance studios, playgrounds, and sports activities from which they can choose. A cherry on top is Carroll Park, an eventful green space for your kids and pets to run freely.

View of the Japanese Garden at Brooklyn Botanical Garden

View of the Japanese Garden at Brooklyn Botanical Garden

6. Park Slope – base for young families

On the western slope of Prospect Park lies Park Slope, the number one location in Brooklyn for families with kids.

Its leafy streets and rowed historic houses give it a charming tone. The crime rate In this area is lower than NYC’s average, which is the most important thing to know. Many good quality schools are here, including local’s favorite P.S. 321.

For days spent in nature, Prospect Park offers 586 acres of green space and playgrounds for youngsters from all over the borough. When on a stroll around the busier streets, you and your family can visit one of the many cultural institutions this neighborhood has in its pocket.

The Central Library and the Brooklyn Museum one day, and Brooklyn Botanical Garden the next. The list is infinite. Since it is eventful and lush, Park Slope goes with a higher price tag. The average rent for a one-bedroom apartment is $3,250.

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