10 Best Birria Tacos Spots In New York City (Update 2023)

The tangy, crunchy, and brothy Birria Tacos is the trademark of Mexican Cuisines and is equally popular in New York City too.

Might be new to someone but it was served for decades in Mexico on special occasions.

Originated in the 1950s, Birria is from the Mexican state of Jalisco.

Mexicans are fond of this melt-in-mouth cuisine and particularly enjoy it on holidays.

In the era of the 1950s, a taquero named Don Guadalupe Zarate moved to Tijuana and opened a street food stall for making Birria tacos.

He started making Birria traditionally with goat meat but it was an expensive option in terms of profit.

Then he decided to make Birria with beef to earn greater yield. Afterward, Birria tacos saw new horizons of popularity and profit for Zarate.

Mexican tacos

You may taste Birria tacos in NYC with lots of meat varieties, but most of the restaurants are making Birria with beef only.

Today, I am gonna list some of the most popular and my favourite spots of Birria Tacos in New York to give you an unforgettable Mexican deli experience. So, let’s start it.

1. Birria-Landia    

Birria Landia


Birria-Landia is a food truck that began in 2019 under the subway tracks of Jackson Heights Queens.

The restaurant is the hallmark of Mexican cuisines in New York City just like Liberty Tower in America.

Founded by two brothers Jose and Jesus Moreno, this traditional food truck offers Tijuana-style Birria tacos as a trademark of Birria-Landia besides delicious mulitas and tostadas.

Each recipe is braced with a tangy mild zesty stew filled with spooky spices and beef broth.

They have opened another branch in Williamsburg in 2020 after the success of the first one.


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The same long queues of customers appeared immediately due to the quintessential taste and quality of Birria tacos.

All menu items are available for $13 including Birria but this price is very low as compared to the taste and quality of Birria-Landia.

When you will take the first bite that includes a lime cusp, tender juicy meat, adobo, and dropping fat with a cup of consommé, everything will melt in your mouth.

I am sure you would remember the taste of Birria-Landia for years and always wish to go to NYC back for this succulent Mexican cuisine.

2. Nene’s Deli Taqueria

  • 14 Starr St, Eric Mini Market Brooklyn, NY 11237, United States
  • +1 347-413-6684

Nenes Deli Taqueria


Nene’s Deli Taqueria has become a symbol of delicious Mexican food like Birria tacos in NYC.

It formed like a small food shop in the north of Eric Mini Market in 2022.

Birria tacos are being pronounced as Quesbirria in Birria -Landia and they have the same stuffing and crunch as the original recipe, served with consomme.

Whatever you like most from the menu of Nene’s Deli, a layer of melted cheese perfectly fixed inside each taco would be there for your taste buds.

Dip the Birria tacos in hot stew and enjoy the taste of life while living in the most bustling city in America.


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The food store is owned by Andres Tonatiuh Galindo Maria, a professional chef who chooses Birria tacos for the snappy success of the store in the beginning, Galindo Maria use to cook tacos on a small griddle, but now the game of the show has changed as technology has replaced the old cooking methods.

Nene’s has a lavish menu presenting varieties of tacos such as burrito quesadilla and mulita tacos.

3. Chinelos Birria Tacos

Chinelos Birria Tacos


This is another incredible spot for Birria Tacos in NYC. Located near the gentry state park at Hunter’s Point in Long island city, the food truck is one of its kind decorated artistically and compose of a prodigious array of Mexican cuisine.

However, Birria is the star highlight amidst chicken teriyaki, empanadas, and hot dogs.

Chinelos Birria proffers scrumptious Birria tacos that dish out with three small dipped tortillas bulked with juicy meat.


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The zesty consommé is also available at Chinalos as a side dish, so must order to enjoy the satisfying taste of Birria.

Chinelos owned the true soul of all herbs that are used to make warm spicy consommé.

The awe-inspiring Birria tacos are gooey inside and crunchy outside with lots of meaty chunks and white cheese.

These tacos cost you $10 only at the Chinalos with ever best quality.

So do try the delicious Chinalos Birria in their style whenever around the town.

4. Tacos El Bronco

  • 4324 4th Ave, Sunset Park, Brooklyn, NY 11232, United States
  • +1 718-788-2229

Tacos El Bronco


Tacos El Bronco is also a food truck on my list for all the Birria lovers out there. Started in 2007 as a very small food vehicle near Sunset Park’s Jackie Gleason, Tacos El bronco offered a rich and enormous menu, making it a love of every Foodie.

Today, Bronco has sprawled like a fleet of food trucks across NYC and a full-fledged restaurant on the 4th avenue hillside in Brooklyn. You would be astounded to have their small but very delicious tacos for just $1.50 to $1.75.

However, if you consider the flavour and quality of Bronco then this cash-only store charges a very inferior price for Birria tacos.

You can also enjoy double tortillas at this price with multiple choices of meat, white cheese, onion pickle, and a hint of cilantro.

I would also highly recommend their campechanos that come with salty beef, delicious sausages, and crispy meat skin.

The al Pastor and chiles Rellenos are also a must-order to relish the essentials of Mexican food.

5. Casa Birria

  • 184 East 86th St, Yorkville Upper East Side New York, NY 10028, United States
  • +1 646-868-2090

Casa Birria


The cash-only Birria Food truck in white and Red outfits is serving a huge range of tacos, mulitas, and quesadillas with savoury consommé.

Casa Birria is located near Central Park on the corner of 86th street upper hillside and is open from 12 pm to 9 pm.

You will see long queues there and have to wait a bit for tasting the delicious Birria tacos.

Whether it’s cheesy quesadilla or crunchy taco with sour cream, Casa Birria charges only $10 for three tacos that are well served with consommé. Once you finish the tacos, take sips of leftover consomme right from the cup.

You will enjoy heaps of shredded Birria, onion chunks, and fresh cilantro to coat your gut from this small cup.

Due to the proximity of the Central Park, Casa Birria also offers a picnic spot with their takeaway option.

You can carry the pungent tacos in and consommé and then explore a relaxed corner to enjoy a picnic day at the park.

Casa Birria presents a wide array of Mexican food that would be loved by all meat lovers.

Hence, up till now, they do not offer anything vegetarian as a substitute.

The price of each variety of Birria tacos is surprisingly thrifty, allowing you to throw a party or arrange a picnic with friends near Central Park.

6. Birria LES

Birria LES


The Birria Les is the First ever eatery of Halal meat for Birria tacos on Rivington street in Manhattan, New York.

Access the Birria Les at Ravington Street across the lower east side of the neighbourhood near Roosevelt Park and Pitt Street.

Founded by Iqbal Ahmed, Emon Ullah, and Raymund Garcia Birria Les revived the genuine version of Birria with goat meat.

Although using goat meat was a very expensive choice the overwhelmed response of customers made their decision the right one and enhances the profit manifold.

Birria Les traditionally offers Birria tacos and mulitas with wads of meat chunks, onions, Cilantro, and a consomme with rich spices and flavours.

If you crave more cheesy options, try their Quesabirria which has the same price as tacos.

However, all the choices of Birria tacos render the real significance and perspicuity of Mexican food and its love by every New Yorker.  

Birria Les carries the credit for introducing Birria tacos on Manhattan’s Lower East Side.

The locals thoroughly appreciate the efforts that they put to form this Mexican cuisine into the love of foodies in Manhattan.

7. Emily

Emily tacos


Located in the Clinton Hill neighbourhood of Brooklyn, Emily is known for its pizza charms.

However, you can choose Birria tacos from their menu very sanguinely. Emily is making Birria in a truly improvised version with traditional taste and perfection.

The consommé made in Emily involves juicy and smoky briskets that usually cook in a pot for hours to make the best rendition of filthy stew.

The corn tortillas are perfectly charred from edges that yield a satisfying crunch in each bite of tortillas served with cheese and meat chunks.

A cup of consommé with thick meat chunks, raw onions, and fresh cilantro does not come with tacos.

But you can order it as a side dish to relish your taste buds with this Mexican bliss.

In one order of Birria Tacos, you will get two massive size tacos loaded with appetizing meat chunks, cheese, and pickles of your choice.

8. La Lupe Cantina

La Lupe Cantina


Since we have been talking about small food delis or trucks that are exuberantly making Birria tacos, you might miss a proper dining experience while eating Birria.

But don’t worry; La Lupe Cantina is here to give you a cutting-edge venture of Mexican cuisines at their classical restaurant with eminent customer service, and a comprehensive menu.

La Lupe is owned by Karla Muniz who has been running a Mexican restaurant with her mother in Ecuador.

She is a professional chef for traditional Mexican cuisine and establish this laidback eatery on her own.

The ambiance of the restaurant has very optimistic vibrancy drawing a large number of Birria lovers.

You would be dazzled by the artistic work on the walls, lively music, and chattering of people around, making it a perfect spot to enjoy and relax with friends.

La Lupe is a very busy restaurant; still, needless to say, it has deep compassion for Mexican cuisine.

Karla herself said once that La Lupe is not only a restaurant but a dwelling to collect cherished memories and make music or write a book.

The restaurant has a backyard area for outdoor dining in an open-air space with lush panoramas of the surroundings.

9. El Gallo Taqueria

El Gallo Taqueria


Gallo Taqueria is a very stylish and immaculate establishment of Birria tacos born in the heart of Gravesend Brooklyn in 1997.

A pair of corn Birria tacos come with a good amount of shredded beef, chillies, onions, pickles, and rich Mexican sauce.

The taste of Birria is mild to spicier but full of flavours, giving a stellar look to each taco.

The consomme is again not available here not even as a side dish.

Therefore you just forget the soupy dipping texture for a while and take Birria as it is.

By ditching your mind you can have a mess-free and stain-free affair of crunchy Birria tacos in New York.

Following the overwhelming response from customers, Gallo  Taqueria has opened two more branches in New York, one in Nolita and the second in the upper west side.

Both outlets are working with the same zeal and taste of Birria that outshine Mexican food.

10. Delicia Galindo food Truck

Delicia Galindo food Truck


Ultimately, we have reached the last spot of Birria tacos in New York on our list and again it’s a food truck.

This Birria truck has been moving into the different boroughs of New York City.

Initially, they established their first outlet from Corona, and then move their route to Chelsea but came back to Corona again.

Galindo offers a street dining experience to all of its customers including the local community and travelers.

Following the legacy of Mexican food trucks, Galindo presents a large array of Birria tacos with ravishing fillings of beef chunks, sauce, and salads.

Moreover, they serve Birria with consomme stew as per the traditional version which is the best part.

Galindo maintained the inheritance of Tijuana-style Birria tacos and flourish with the intact rituals and taste of Mexican food.

Delicia Galindo food Truck 1


They also offer quesadillas in the shape of Birria as a rich and flavourful menu item.

They made it with juicy yet small chunks of beef, tucked in extravagant corn tortillas with delectable fillings.

They use fresh ingredients like beef meat, sour cream, white cheese, guac sauce, some traditional herbs, and hints of dry chillies for the stuffing of tacos.

So do grab your Birria tacos if you get around the Corona neighbourhood of Queens and cherish a mouth-watering taste of Mexican food in NYC.

The Summary:

It is really hard to list all the succulent bistros of Birria tacos in one place as above.

Regardless, I would highly recommend you to visit at least these ten delicious and outstanding eateries of Birria tacos in New York.

Whether you have ever tasted Mexican Food or not Birria tacos will surely make you a fan of Mexican cuisines.

You can enjoy the scrumptious tacos at a very economical price with exceptional taste and services at all these spots.

Let me summarise this list for a bird’s eyes view to all of you below.

Please do notify me through your comments about your experience while visiting these spots and share whose Birria tacos you like the most.

  1. Birria_Landia
  2. Nene’s Deli Taqueria
  3. Chinelos Birria Tacos
  4. Tacos El Bronco
  5. Casa Birria
  6. Birria Les
  7. Emily
  8. La Lupe Cantina
  9. El Gallo Taqueria
  10. Delicia Galindo food Truck

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