Best Black-Owned Restaurants, Bars And Coffee Shops In Brooklyn

It is easy to find a variety of delicious restaurants when you live in Brooklyn, NYC. It’s a great place to live, and even more to visit! I want to present you with the 11 best Black-Owned Brooklyn restaurants that offer great food.

The Black-owned Brooklyn restaurants serve a wide variety of Latin American, Caribbean, African, and Latin food.

Many of these restaurants are open to outdoor dining too. These are some of my favorite places to have brunch, dinner, and drinks.

If you take a stroll around Brooklyn, you will easily see why it is famous for its iconic architecture. Also, there are many immigrant enclaves that have left their distinctive (and tasty) mark on this borough. It’s the largest county of ethnicity in the USA.

Brooklyn continues to draw families and newcomers from all parts of the country with its exceptional schools, vibrant job market, and a strong sense of community. Here’s where to go when you’re hungry in Brooklyn.

List of the black owned restaurants and bars in this article:

  1. Peaches HotHouse
  2. Black Nile
  3. Savvy Bistro and Bar
  4. Taste of Heaven
  5. Kokomo
  6. SoCo
  7. Cheryl’s Global Soul
  8. Essence Bar & Restaurants
  9. MangoSeed
  10. Brown Butter Craft Bar & Kitchen
  11. Greedi Kitchen

1. Peaches HotHouse

Address: 415 Tompkins Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11216

Phone: +1718-483-9111



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Peaches is a restaurant that takes cues from classic American dishes and the preparations found in the American South, the former home to Marietta Cade also called Peaches, who was born and raised there.

The menu offers an astonishing variety of starters and salads to get you in the mood for a cornmeal-crusted catfish, turkey meatloaf, or the famous lemon pepper chicken on their menu.

One can order brunch at any time of the day or just grab a burger. Peaches black Angus burger is a must, but I also liked the impossible burger: one made out entirely from plant-based ingredients – 100% vegetarian!

2. Black Nile

Address: 592 Nostrand Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11216

Phone: +1 347-879-8911


Black Nile Seafood & Soul Food is a restaurant that keeps up with the title. Salmon, shrimps, crabs, and chicken invite you on a journey of flavors from the Black Nile’s menu.

There is a kids menu too if you want to enjoy a meal together with your darlings.

The Black Nile Seafood & Soul Food Restaurant is located at the border between Bed-Stuy & Crown Heights Brooklyn. Their delicious and unique recipes are a testament to Brooklyn’s rich culinary heritage. This bk spot is run by a husband and wife couple.

It serves delicious dishes inspired by Brooklyn homes, using sauces and seasonings made from scratch that aren’t available anywhere else… at least not yet.

All things are inspired by Jamaican jerky bold flavors found in every western avenue, the acidic spicy dishes of the Latinos down the street, sweet and sour, or plain southern barbecue recipes.

Black Nile’s dishes show you the taste of Brooklyn. These products have a lot of flavors.

The restaurant supports Children of Promise NYC, a nonprofit that helps children of prisoners.

3. Savvy Bistro and Bar

Address: 710 Nostrand Ave Brooklyn, NY 11216

Phone: +13475337880



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Savvy Bistro & Bar (@savvybistro) 分享的帖子

Savvy Bistro, with its delicious and inexpensive recipes as well as a cozy bar atmosphere, is an elegantly casual restaurant offering comfort food for all ages in Brooklyn’s Crown Heights.

It’s a place inspired by New Orleans’s soul and the Caribbean breeze. It’s a fearless fusion of two world-famous cuisines.

A complimentary cocktail program and sophisticated ambiance create a relaxed yet comfortable atmosphere that seamlessly transitions into a late-night vibe.

It is the baby of a West Indian family, and it cherishes the unique blend of spices that their mothers used to cook with.

Their combinations can spark any appetite and keep you coming back for more. Savvy’s dishes promise delicious flavors with subtle, piquant notes, and are accompanied by flavorful sauces.

4. Taste of Heaven

Address: 251 Jackson Street Brooklyn, NY 11211

Phone: +17185763146



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Chef Tony invites you to have some of that finger-lickin’ fried chicken! Tony’s restaurant really stands up for its name, all flavors are heavenly.

Taste of Heaven waits for you in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Williamsburg. Taste of Heaven can deliver to your home. They serve soul food cuisine. You can enjoy classic Southern cuisines such as collards greens and ribs at this soul food cafe.

Two sides are included with every dinner, as well as cornbread. Are you hungry? Then come on down to Brooklyn for some soul food.

Taste Of Heaven meals is cooked with love. This is what you will notice in the first bite of the food that they serve.

Soul Food is their specialty. It was a pleasure to savor the delicious food they offer at an affordable price.

5. Kokomo NYC

Address: 65 Kent Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11249

Phone: +1347-799-1312



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KOKOMO’s Caribbean-inspired cuisine is influenced in part by its rich, exotic Caribbean culture. You will find a delightful mix of quality meats and comfort starches on the menu, as well as intoxicating cocktails.

My favorite experience was the Bottomless Brunch. It can be enjoyed on Fridays starting at 11 am and ending at 2 pm. The $55 price includes one main dish, bottomless mimosas, and 90-minutes of entertainment.

KOKOMO was created by Ria and Kevol, a prominent couple, to offer a rich, multi-sensory experience through art, architecture, and Caribbean-inspired food.

The refreshing cocktail menu and the house-made Elixirs are a mix of unexpected flavors and vivid colors, as well as artful presentation and garnish technique.

Rael, a renowned mixologist, and consultant in beverage consulting created KOKOMO’s drink menu. This takes bar-goers on a journey to the beautiful beaches and clear, azure water of the Islands.

This Caribbean restaurant is owned by blacks committed to diversity, inclusion, and fairness. The staff comes from over 30 countries, and each shows their love for all peoples and cultures daily.

More about Kokomo Brooklyn

6. SoCo

Address: 509 Myrtle Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11205

Phone: +1718-783-1936



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SoCo is found amidst Myrtle Avenue in Brooklyn. It is a full-service Southern Fusion restaurant and bar. It hosts a 20-foot bar, casual dining options, and an elevated DJ station.

The interior takes inspiration from the industrial past of the area and plays on the architectural cues. Warm walnut walls, charming exposed brick, and hard steel make this place feel homey.

SoCo offers Southern Fusion, a combination of Cajun/creek, BBQ, and Soul food mixed with anything else.

Chef Kingsley John has created the menu with the goal to preserve the southern flavors, while also breaking down any preconceptions.

Bryan Smith, the talented Mixologist at SoCo takes the cocktail program to another level. The cocktail menu features modern twists on classic cocktails. SoCo has a wide selection of beers that come from American microbreweries.

7. Cheryl’s Global Soul

Address: 236 Underhill Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11238

Phone: +1347-529-2855


What I love here is the teeny tiny menu on which you write your name and you check your selection, so no way an order can be missed.

My favorite dishes are the Between Breads – a rich and flavorful bruschetta type of meal that comes in a variety of combinations.

Cheryl knows a lot about cuisine from all over the world, including classic French and contemporary pan Asian, Moroccan, and Pacific Rim. She also has extensive knowledge of American cooking.

Cheryl is an international culinary star! Cheryl’s passion for cooking, entertaining, and baking comes directly from her grandmother’s home and her determination to replicate the delicious dishes that she loved.

Cheryl has been cooking since childhood, initially for her family and later for herself.

8. Essence Bar & Restaurant

Address: 1662 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11213

Phone: +1718-467-3300



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At the corner of Atlantic Avenue & Troy Avenue in Brooklyn, one can enter the serene world of Essence Bar & Restaurant. Essence Bar & Restaurant is the perfect place for both grown-ups and those who want to feel sexy.

You can enjoy live entertainment and comedians at the bar. This is all while you savor southern soul food craftily prepared with amazing recipes.

Essence offers the perfect environment for both date nights and a night out with friends.

Whatever your food and fun preferences are, at Essence Bar & Restaurant you can be assured you will have an unforgettable evening. It is a place to catch up, it is a place to have fun.

9. MangoSeed

Address: 757 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11226

Phone: +1347-529-1080


MangoSeed presents the imaginative, Neo-Caribbean-inspired cuisine of Paul Burrowes. MangoSeed mixes inspiration from Caribbean traditions, technique refinement, and Brooklyn ingenuity.

In 2009 it opened its first dining-in location in Flatbush and Prospect Lefferts Gardens. MangoSeed offers warmth, music, and a vibrant environment. It is the top destination for newbies in Brooklyn and the locals alike.

For me personally, it is just a favorite place to get pizzas and cocktails. I admire the fresh and inventive combinations of toppings.

Their cocktails always cheer me up and are a great opener for an unforgettable day or night out with friends.

10. Brown Butter Craft Bar & Kitchen

Address: 413 Tompkins Ave Brooklyn, NY 11216

Phone: +1347-683-2116



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Matcha Sunrises at Brown Butter Craft Bar & Kitchen can begin your mornings in Bed-Stuy. This Japanese green tea with orange juice is just one of the specialty beverages on the menu.

Myriam Nic wanted a more unique coffee shop than the usual run-of-the-mill one. So after Brooklyn Baby Cakes’ success, Myriam decided that a cafe should be healthy.

11. Greedi Kitchen

Address: 180 Ralph Ave Bklyn, NY 11233 and 1031 Bergen Street Bklyn, NY 11216

Phone: +1347-533-8045


Greedi is a wonderland of plant-based comfort food, Walnut burgers, veggie rice served inside a baked pineapple,

The main goal of Greedi Kitchen is simply making sure every customer from the community has accessible delicious and nutritious vegan dishes and comfort food. The brand Greedi was started way back in 2018.

Greedi Vegan was the first location at 1031 Bergen Street. This one is currently operating as Greedi To Go. The second part of the Greedi story was Greedi Kitchen, located in Bedford Stuyvesant.

The owner is a black woman, a Brooklyn native with a long career in fashion. Latisha Daring was at a crossroads when she needed a major change in her life.

She figured out that her years of experience in customer service are a jackpot if combined with her passion for food. Her creativity was the answer to the lack of diversity and boring flavor profiles that were available in Brooklyn at the time.

She says “It is important that through our history and culture we have a healthy relationship with food and an increased awareness about how we eat and how it contributes to our overall wellbeing”.

In the Greedi menu, you can find vegan, gluten-free, lactose-free, soy-free, nut-free dishes that still comfort your soul.

My personal favorite was the Greedi Soul Bowl, but you can’t really miss it even if you close your eyes and put your finger anywhere on the menu!


I plan to continue supporting these restaurants by booking and visiting, ordering take-out, using the catering menu for special occasions, and ordering food delivery. You can do too if you intend on visiting any Black-owned restaurant in Brooklyn.

Brooklyn is known for being hipster-friendly, with quirky spots like the Brooklyn Cafe and hip brunch spots. Kings County however has so many more things going on. It is full of history, no matter where you go.

Do you have a favorite Black-Owned Restaurant in Brooklyn? Is any of the dishes in the post just your next meal on the wishlist?

Please comment if you’re aware of Black-owned cafes, brunch venues, bakeries, bars, restaurants, or coffee shops that I haven’t listed. You can share this post with your friends if it was useful.

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