Kokomo Brooklyn: Menu, Hours, Reservation, and Everything Else You Need To Know

Kokomo is a Caribbean restaurant nestled in the heart of the classy Brooklyn’s neighborhood of Williamsburg, along Kent Avenue.

Owned by the prominent couple Ria and Kevol Graham, the restaurant offers an enthralling dining experience to Caribbean cuisine lovers.

The restaurant’s offerings of Caribbean dishes are made from familiar, natural island ingredients and served in a modern way. Its menu features quality meats, comfort starches, and impressive cocktails.

Kokomo Brooklyn


If you are looking for a spot within Brooklyn to hang out with friends and family or host a special event, Kokomo is the place. The place prides itself in inclusiveness and diversity in a way that demonstrates love to people of all walks of life.

The restaurant has staff from almost 30 countries for extensive dining experience. Regardless of the cuisine you like, there is everything for nearly everyone in this place.

Kokomo, Brooklyn Menu

As I said earlier, the Kokomo menu features Caribbean cuisine. Its menu is exciting as they have a wide variety of options. Their dishes are made from natural ingredients with unique flavors, and most of them are shareable.

The Kokomo menu comprises brunch, dinner, Koko hour, cocktails, and beverages. Please find out about them below.

Kokomo, Brooklyn Brunch

Kokomo Brooklyn Brunch


Kokomo is the best place for brunch; you don’t want to ignore it. Their brunch features a wide selection of dishes at an affordable price. The restaurant’s brunch is available from Friday to Sunday, with Friday being bottomless.

You pay $60 for one entree and unlimited mimosas for the bottomless brunch for 90 minutes. If you come in the company of one or two friends, you add an 18% gratuity. If you’re a mimosa lover, drive down to Kokomo and enjoy the spree.

You’ll be hit by delightful starters when you come here as you go through their menu to identify what meal you want to have for the day.

Their starters include my favorite, the Wah Gwaan flatbread, wild mushroom, truffle flatbread, roasted stuffed sweet plantain, and many other options.

After a short time of enjoying your starters, you’ll get the best meal of the day. The Koko’s chicken and waffles top the list.

You can also ask for their Caribbean spiced lamb, which features grilled lamb chops with seasonal vegetables, poached eggs, home fries, and a Worchester sauce reduction. This dish will keep you coming back for more!

Kokomo, Brooklyn Dinner


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With the fantastic brunch selection above, you can already tell their dinner options are out of this world. Their dinner features a four-course meal plan.

In the starters menu, you have options that include gojuchang wings, oxtail flatbread, wild mushroom and truffle flatbread, jackfruit tacos, coconut curry mussels, and roasted stuffed sweet plantains.

On the larger plate, you have options such as slow-braised oxtail, vegan or island pasta, Koko chicken and waffle, calypso burger, coconut lime salmon filet, and lentil meatballs in coconut curry sauce, red pepper jerk chicken, red snapper, and rosemary curry shrimp.

The most exciting portions you can’t miss are their sides that come with options: house salad, sweet potato fries, seasoned fries, sweet plantains, rice peas, and mac cheese.

To call it a day, you will chase the flavorful dishes with sweet desserts; rum raisin bread pudding, cheesecake, and ice cream.

Kokomo Happy Hour

For the happy hour crew, you’re not left out! The Koko hour runs on Tuesday through Thursday and includes small plates of coconut curry mussels, tacos, seafood fritters, and flatbread pizzas.

If you feel like treating yourself out, but your bank account is complaining, wait for the Koko hour!

flatbread pizzas


Kokomo Drinks

Kokomo Drinks


Kokomo is dedicated to making you as refreshed as you can. They offer cocktails, wines, and flights.

They have a wide selection of each drink. You’ll be amazed by their wide cocktail selection that you can’t try in a single sitting.

Each time you visit Kokomo, you’ll have to try different cocktails, and luckily, you won’t be disappointed.

If you aren’t a cocktail or wine person, you’ll find all sorts of beverages on your menu; water, soft drinks, mocktails, juice, and coffee are available, depending on your preference.

Kokomo Reservations

Kokomo Reservations


Even though Kokomo accepts walk-ins, you are encouraged to make reservations before visiting to avoid long wait times.

They take reservations 30 days in advance, and you are expected to take your seat at least 15 minutes before the agreed time.

If your plan changes and you decide to cancel your reservation, you should do so 24 hours in advance through resy.com.

Any reservation canceled in less than 24 hours attracts a $10 cancellation fee per guest.

Expect an 18% gratuity addition on parties of 2 or more.

Kokomo Private Events

Kokomo Private Events


Kokomo offers a variety of dining packages and beautiful spaces for perfect events. Their world-class chefs and organizers will make your event memorable.

If you’re looking to hold an event: wedding, birthday party, or business meeting, you should reach out to the restaurant by filling in their event inquiry form, and they’ll get back as soon as possible.



Friday – Sunday 11:00 AM – 3:30PM

Friday (bottomless ends at 2:30 pm)


Tuesday- Thursday 4:00 pm- 10:30 pm

Friday – Saturday 5:00 pm – 11:30 pm

Sunday 5:00 pm – 10:30 pm

Monday: Closed

Happy Hour

Tuesday – Thursday 4 pm -7 pm


Official website 

Email address: info@kokomonyc.com



Phone: (347) 799-1312


Does Kokomo Brooklyn allow pets?

Yes. If your hairy friend is well behaved, they are allowed at the restaurant’s patio.

Does Kokomo have a happy hour?

Yes. Currently, the restaurant has happy hours from Tuesday to Thursday from 4 pm- 7 pm.

Do they require reservations?

Even though Kokomo welcomes walk-ins, they encourage making reservations to avoid long wait times.

How do I cancel my reservation?

All Kokomos reservations are made on Resy. Visit the website to cancel your reservation 24 hours before sitting.

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