15 Best Breakfast and Brunch Spots in Brooklyn

Brooklyn is one of the five boroughs of NYC. It is also vast, and over two million inhabitants call this area home.

Apart from being home to many people, Brooklyn plays host to quite a good number of attraction sites, with icons such as Coney Island and the picturesque Brooklyn Bridge being the most popular.

This means that it attracts people from different parts of the world.

A typical day in Brooklyn can be hectic and tiresome. This means that you constantly need to re-energize and what’s the best way to do that other than have a wholesome and hearty meal?

It would be best to have a pleasant ambient environment to relax and unwind, apart from the food.

In this borough, you can find all that, and this is a list of the best places to have breakfast and brunch.

  • 1. The Farm in Adderley.
  • 2. Bluestone lane DUMBO Café.
  • 3. Pies ‘n’ Thighs.
  • 4. Rabbit hole.
  • 5. Golda.
  • 6. French Louie.
  • 7. The Pegasus Brooklyn.
  • 8. Cheryl’s Global Soul Restaurant.
  • 9. Ix Restaurant.
  • 10. Five Leaves.
  • 11. Café LULUc.
  • 12. Peaches.
  • 13. Sweet Chick
  • 14. Café Mogador.
  • 15. Sweet Brooklyn Bar & Grill.

Best Places for Breakfast and Brunch in Brooklyn

1. The Farm in Adderley

Location: 1108 Cortelyou Road (between Stratford & Westminster) Brooklyn, NY 11218

Contact: 718-287-3101

Visit website.

The Farm in Adderley


This restaurant caters to large and private parties such as weddings, but that’s a story for another day. You can enjoy all-day meals in this awesome place, but the day’s highlight is breakfast and brunch.

If you are looking for an energy-filled package to kick start your day, their famous breakfast plate has been designed just for that.

It consists of cheese grits, mashed potatoes, sausage, scrambled eggs, and English muffins, a perfect combination that will tickle your taste buds in ways you can’t imagine.

More healthy options such as the English sandwich are available, and there is something for the vegans and vegetarians.

Brunch is served on weekends. You can devour your favourite pick from the ever-growing menu as your eyes feasts on the beautifully decorated indoor setting.

Their outdoor sitting space is another eye-catcher; it is heated to ensure you enjoy the same fantastic feeling even during the cold days.

If you are in a hurry or need something light, you can grab the freshly prepared farm burger. Service is 10/10, waiters are cheerful and bubbly, and the ingredients used are sourced from trusted suppliers.

2. Bluestone Lane Dumbo Café

Location: 55 Prospect St, Brooklyn, NY 11201, United States

Contact: +1 718-374-6858

Visit website

Bluestone Lane Dumbo Cafe


Bluestone is an Australian-inspired chain of coffee shops and cafes. Brooklyn is lucky to share in the greatness and hosts one such eatery that offers the locals a cozy and elegant atmosphere to enjoy.

This is a perfect escape from your routine breakfast and brunch and is famous for its delicious coffee.

You’ll get to enjoy dishes from the all-inclusive menu. You can decide to take a sip of their latte or cappuccino for breakfast.

The staff here is friendly, and they complement the vibes of this super-cute café, and the ambience is always great.

If you happen to be on this side of the Brooklyn Bridge, make sure you sample the Moroccan chicken sandwich for brunch.

This space is ideal for solo diners and groups, and they can enjoy a wide variety of Australian and American dishes.

3. Pies ‘n’ Thighs.

Location: 166 S. 4th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Contact: 347-529-6090.

Visit website.

Pies ‘n Thighs


Selected as one of the best Best Brunch Spots In Williamsburg, this cozy neighborhood restaurant is the perfect spot to go if you crave some authentic Southern cuisine. It is also your go-to place for the best buttermilk biscuits ever.

At this place, you will be well taken care of whether you are in for breakfast or some mid-morning brunch. Early morning persons can enjoy the signature egg breakfast to start their day.

The brunch menu is vast, and there are many things to pick from. It is laden with Favorites such as fried chicken + spicy buffalo sauce, cherry and banana cream pie, and others that can be served alongside mac and cheese, bacon, green salad, and many other tasty sides.

If you are the freaky type, the Bourbon Pecan pie will pick your interest. Service is premium and fast, and the bright yet laid back décor creates an intimate ambience for dates.

You can warm the cold days with a cup of tasty coffee,  tea, sodas, and lemonades are also available for the hot days.

This is a must-try spot for both breakfast and brunch. I cannot recommend it enough.

4. Rabbit Hole

Location: 352 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn, NY  11249

Contact: 718-782-0910

Visit website.

Rabbit Hole


Brunch is always a satisfying and fantastic experience in this rustic little spot. Nestled in a cozy Brooklyn neighborhood, it forms a great place to enjoy your breakfast and brunch.

The Rabbit Hole is famous and is known by the name ‘house of baked goods’ due to its tasty pastries. Breakfast begins from 8 am to noon, and their menu consists of a variety of pastries such as croissants, muffins, and cakes that come together with tasty coffee options and teas.

Pancakes are also available, and the toppings are just wow. You can walk in for brunch on weekends up to 5 pm. And you’ll get to enjoy a French-style soft omelette with potato and salad.

A healthier dish of avocado and tomato toast is also available and will fill you with energy to keep you going.

If the egg benedict didn’t fill you quite well, you could have a lighter addition to their crunchy house-made biscuits. The sandwiches are great too, plus they are full of flavor.

Vegetarians are also taken care of; baby kale and Quinoa stand out, although the list of selections is as long as the day is. Their lemonade and ginger ale can be an excellent way to wrap up your fantastic experience.

5. Golda Kitchen

Location: 504 Franklyn Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11238.

Contact: +1 718-484-7065

Visit website.

Golda Kitchen


If you are looking to amaze your palate with some delicious Middle Eastern cuisine, Golda is the place to go. This chic restaurant is famous for offering its customers the best breakfast and brunch experience.

While it is an intimate spot for coffee and pastries, this fantastic restaurant is also great for soups and other dishes.

For breakfast, you can dig into their signature egg and cheese. While this combo is heartwarming like every other meal, you’ll still get jealous of those devouring their Zaatar Flat Bread.

Breakfast for two options is magnificent, and this is great for those lazy mornings or early meetings.

You can have some spiced home fries while your plus one enjoys a dish of scrambled eggs that go with sides of your choice.

Diners can also walk in for tasty brunch dishes any day of the week. Brunch specials include their famous breakfast plate, chia seed oatmeal, or honey lemon pancakes, among other options.

Groups can also share in the greatness as this spot has been designed with them in mind. It is fantastic for daytime dates and catching up; this is enhanced by their sharing of Meze dishes like the Tirokafteri and smoked Babaganoush for the vegans. The portions are generous to make everyone full.

Golda also serves vivid drinks, their espresso bar is out of this world, and it supplies endless coffee, tea, and others.

There are also impressive wine and cocktail selections such as mimosas and Golda spritz to spice up your brunch-or bottomless brunch at this cozy restaurant.

6. French Louie

Location: 320 Atlantic Avenue (Between Smith & Hoyt) Brooklyn, NY 11201

Contact: 718 935 1200.

Visit website.

French Louie


At French Louie, you will feel relaxed and comfortable as you enjoy breakfast and brunch. This picturesque little restaurant offers impressive French-American dishes for all to enjoy.

For breakfast, they imitate the French tradition of light yet delicious treats. You will be served French bread products and pastries such as croissants alongside the best coffee and tea from the Brooklyn roasting company.

Their brunch is served on weekends, the menu is a bit limited, but the hearty dishes tell you why. Diners can start with Socca and eggs as they wait to devour the flavorful smoked trout scramble. Vegans can delight themselves in some mushroom scramble with croissants and sweet pea soup.

The drinks list is also lovely, and you can down a Chespirito or any other French cocktail blend in this lovely sun-drenched space.

If you are a wine person, then it is your place too. The gorgeous surroundings, beautiful décor, and the picture-perfect garden out the back make this a superb place to impress a date (wink).

Those who enjoy their breakfast at home can have it delivered to them or utilize the Louie cookbook that features all your favorites.

7. The Pegasus Brooklyn

Location: 8610 3rd Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11209

Contact: (718) 748-6977

Visit website.

The Pegasus Brooklyn


If breakfast at your house just doesn’t cut it, or you just desire something different for a change, head over to the Pegasus Brooklyn. This family-owned restaurant serves some of the best American delicacies for breakfast and brunch.

At this laid-back diner, there is something for everyone. Whether you are looking to taste some excellent coffee options, food, or cold drinks, you can have it all here. The food is fresh and delicious all year round and hits the spot.

There is a wide variety of dishes to select from. So you can have a kick-ass brunch where you’ll be served anything.

Their selections range from the customers’ favorite Tex Mex breakfast burrito to peaches and cream French toast, among many other options in between.

Tacos and burgers at this spot are nothing short of yummy too. The waiters are also lovely, just like the fabulous themes that go with the walls; this brings a homely feeling enabling you to relax.

The drinks tab is also marvellous; it is filled with coffee, tea, and hot chocolate. However, the freshly squeezed orange and grape juices steal the show and are available on order. Lemonades and shakes are in plenty, and they are the tastiest you’ll ever come across.

This lovely diner is just excellent, and a few paragraphs don’t do it justice.

8. Cheryl’s Global Soul Restaurant

Location: 236 Underhill Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11238

Contact: 347-529-2855

Visit website.

Cheryls Global Soul Restaurant


Somewhere near Prospect Park and the Brooklyn Museum is yet another superb all-day restaurant known for its mouthwatering soul foods.

Breakfast time is between 9 am and noon and one can begin with a pre-fix such as orange and cranberry juice.

This can be followed by Buttermilk Pancakes with Bananas and Chantilly Cream or Three eggs anyway, Bacon or Sausage, Home Fries, and Toast.

The best thing you can do is keep an open mind since the list of dishes is long. However, you are assured of the same great taste in everything you order.

If you are from the office, gym, or from a ride in the park, you can step in for brunch on weekends. You can enjoy your treats from the indoor setting of the patio area in case you want to cool off.

Service at this cozy little diner is exceptional, and the staff is just wow. Although my personal favorite is the Tonkatsu Bowl which I would 100% recommend, you can pick anything from the all-inclusive menu. Brunch specials include breakfast sandwiches, omelettes, pancakes, crispy fried chicken, etc.

Burgers are also an excellent pick, and they come with a wide selection of what you want in between the bread.

This spot is kid-friendly, and it’s a nice place where they can partake in silver dollar pancakes and French toast with mixed berries. Drinks are in plenty too.

9. Ix Restaurant

Location: 43 Lincoln Rd, Brooklyn, NY 11225

Contact: (347) 533-6920.

Visit website.

Ix Restaurant


This is where you should be heading whenever you crave some of the most unique dishes in Brooklyn. Everything in this brilliant space is impressive, and you will always find yourself coming back for more.

This spot boasts a lovely fun atmosphere and a classic sitting area amid some colorful artwork. The live music and bustling ambience make it an excellent place for casual and group dining with family and friends. It’s also a fine place to unwind and treat yourself.

The mornings at Ix are special for breakfast, where you can choose from baked pastries such as muffins and croissants.

These come with a warm cup of tea or coffee to give you that morning boost. Vegans and vegetarians also have some excellent selections available to them too.

And the soups? They are cut-throat competitive. The Tres Leche is a definite heart winner, but other must-try options include anything from carrot soup to Quichon, among others. They are so delicious you can’t decide which the best is.

Salads are served as sides at this little diner, and just like the soups, they are plentiful and out-of-control delicious.

The secret to having it all is to order different varieties and share in case of group dining.

For brunch, diners can have freshly prepared omelettes; the common ones are Huevos rancheros and honey goat cheese omelettes. You can also have a bite of their sandwich varieties.

Then, of course, desserts and beverages are there to complete your fantastic brunch experience.

This joint is children-friendly, and kids can re-energize after a walk in the Brooklyn botanic garden. A visit to this place is worth every penny.

10. Five Leaves

Location: 18 Bedford Avenue, Greenpoint, BK, 11222

Contact: 718-383-5345

Visit Website.

Five Leaves 1


Somewhere along Bedford Avenue sits this trendy little bistro that illuminates hipster vibes. It offers American dishes with a little bit of an Aussie touch.

This laid-back restaurant is conveniently located, making it a great stop for breakfast and brunch. It has a great list of dishes to enjoy in different varieties. Vegan options are also there, and the list of favorites is as long as the day is.

Thanks to a dedicated team of waiters and chefs, the service here is top-notch. Here, they use freshly sourced ingredients and supplies to make delicious meals that can be enjoyed every day, seven days a week.

The meals are seasoned to perfection, and the flavors are just wow. You can partake in any delicious items on the menu for breakfast, such as Moroccan scramble and house-cured Norwegian Salmon.

Their lemon ricotta pancakes are to die for, and the toppings, honeycomb butter, and a cornucopia of fruits are out of this world. The big breakky is another impressive option to indulge in.

Brunch is served from 10 am and can be started with fruit salad or seasonal soup to prepare your belly.

In between starters and desserts are exceptional items like sandwiches, burgers, and others.

The drinks menu is impressive, too, from tequilas, coffee, tea, and cocktails such as Michelda lite and Aperol. You can have your wine here, and the selections are fantastic.

11. Café LULUc

Location: 214 Smith St, Brooklyn, NY 11201, USA

Contact: (718) 625-3815

Visit website.

Cafe LULUc 1


Stepping into this brilliant light-filled spot almost always feels just as eclectic as it felt the first time. The cozy French feeling follows you to every inch of this little cutie, from the service to the ambience and finally to the food.

Breakfast lovers can enjoy: Scrambled eggs with house-cured salmon and scallions, omelette with ham & Swiss cheese, egg benedict ham and Granola Nature Valley with yoghurt and fresh fruits, and others from the creative and long menu.

If you are a bit late to enjoy the magical breakfast, you can always combine it with something else for brunch.

Before tasting their unique dishes, you can start with their signature hot & cold appetizers, such as fresh Guacamole and Fried Calamari.

You can devour an excellent dish of pressed Turkey and brie sandwich or opt for lighter options like burgers and Tacos.

Diners can also go for a full brunch meal with excellent entrees like Fish and chips served alongside nice sides and hearty desserts such as Apple Tarte Tatin.

You cannot think French without pasta and wine crossing your mind, and varied options are also available for selection.

Drinks are also in plenty, and you can enjoy an entire afternoon. This is easily Brooklyn’s fave French spot.

12. Peaches

Location: 415 Tompkins Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11216

Contact: (718) 483-9111

Visit website.



Peaches is another upscale eatery that serves its customers with modernized southern dishes and has been excellent since its inception in 2016.

It has a unique and welcoming atmosphere making it a fantastic spot to wake up to for an amazing breakfast or brunch.

It also features an excellent selection of buzzing and soothing live music to keep you company as you sample some of its superb foods.

You can never go wrong with any breakfast selection since they are all tasty and full of flavors. Choices are many, from chicken & French toast to the out-of-this-world shrimps and grits.

This incredible little joint is full of surprises as its brunch menu changes with the season. This introduces new delicacy options to the menu, prepared with fresh ingredients available for that season.

Brunch is always magical in this diner and is available on weekends from 11 am to 3 pm with various kinds of grubs. Specials like chicken and toast, steak and eggs, and granola-crusted French toast are the most popular, but the options are many.

Full dish sets with starters, entrees, sides and desserts are filling and are better options for those lazy afternoons.

Lighter and fast grubs such as sandwiches are also in contention. Services are quick and exceptional, together with the food, make every visit a memorable experience.

13. Sweet Chick

Location: 164 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11249

Contact: holler@sweetchicklife.com

Visit website.

Sweet Chick


Sweet chick is another amazing addition that you can always go to whenever you intend to amaze your palate with delicious southern comfort delicacies. It is also home to the best chicken and waffles on the planet.

The indoor décor in this little classic is beautiful and full of warmth, and it’s perfect for relaxing and unwinding.

On the other hand, the outdoor space is bubbly and awash with natural light, making it fantastic for chitchat with family and friends- or even colleagues.

Their breakfast table is full of delicious tea and coffee varieties like lattes, mocha, chamomile, and herbal teas. These can go together with pastries, sandwiches, eggs, or a full English breakfast.

From 10 am to noon, you’ll enjoy a variety of delicious brunch sets. Their classic chicken and waffles are the crowd-pleaser, but other must-try options are also there.

From: Spicy Honey Butter Biscuit to Egg & cheese buttermilk biscuits, Blueberry Muffin Waffle, and shrimp and grits, plus many more.

You can accompany your brunch with a cold glass of lemonade, soda, and freshly squeezed orange juice, and you’ll thank me later.

14. Café Mogador

Location: 133 Wythe Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11249

Contact: (718) 486-9222

Visit Website.

Cafe Mogador


If you are hungry and in Brooklyn but not sure what your palate desires, then take a leap of faith and step in at Café Mogador.

At this comfy and charming spot, you will enjoy traditional Moroccan and Israeli dishes. The menu is varied, and each item is delicious and full of flavors that will push your taste buds to the edge. Their ingredients are delightful and freshly sourced too.

On weekdays up to 4 Pm, you will get the chance to sit in for breakfast when you can delight yourself with varied dishes and sets. Moroccan eggs are the most common pick, but that does not mean that you shouldn’t sample other options.

You can have the country breakfast, Tunisian sandwich, or the Halloumi eggs, and if there is still some space, the French toast will fill it up. Of course, all this is just the tip of the iceberg, the list of dishes is vast, and it’s up to you to sample it.

Varied options for brunch are available for selection, from buttermilk pancakes to chicken kebabs and Moroccan Benedict and many other sweet treats. Cocktails such as Blood orange mimosa and Lambrusco Speziato are there to down the hearty brunch meals.

Café Mogador is selected as one of the Best Brunch Spots In Williamsburg.

15. Sweet Brooklyn Bar and Grill

Location: 608 Nostrand Ave Brooklyn, NY, 11216

Contact: (347) 425-0111

Visit website.

Sweet Brooklyn Bar and Grill


This is a relaxed hangout spot in the heart of Williamsburg that serves perfection and sumptuous weekend brunch delicacies.

Amid the Peculiar décor is a lively and buzzing atmosphere filled with music and friendly vibes.

Here, you will have sweet food and drinks and have a great time making precious memories. This incredible spot is lovely for lunch and dinner, but it is great for weekend brunches.

On the weekend up to 6 pm, diners can indulge in Sweet Brooklyn Signature Shrimp & Grits or Southern Fried Chicken and waffles, among other dishes.

Of course, vegans are also looked after, and many dishes have been made for them, Flavorfully Mild Jerk Black Bean Burger, for example.

If you want unlimited drinks, then this is the place for you. Cocktails like Apollonia to Mocktails for the non-alcoholics to beers and wines, you can have all that to end your evening.


Brooklyn hosts a good number of people; to cater to all of them, amenities such as eateries, entertainment spots, and pubs have to be available.

In addition, the availability of people from different walks of life has made this neighborhood rich with all sorts of diners that serve cuisines inspired by other cultures.

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