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Elite Williamsburg indeed answers to its name by providing an elite Latin dining experience. What makes Elite the spot to visit this summer is its beautiful interior complete with art, urban décor, a champagne wall, delicious food, euphoric lighting, and awesome music.

Their world-case Dj would have you jamming to the best and freshest tunes all through your visit and the rooftop bubble igloo would make you feel like you’re dining in a futuristic spacecraft.

Elite Williamsburg food


Elite offers a variety of unique experiences that you may not find in other locations. They offer the best drinks, a wholesome food menu, and great vibes.

The staff is fun and bubbly and when you visit you should try their famous watermelons. You can order frozen watermelon drinks with generic or custom cravings.

Elite Williamsburg is the perfect place for birthday parties, dates, a girl’s night out, or maybe just weekend brunch and some casual day drinking.


The vibe at Elite Williamsburg is urban and fun. It’s an exciting bubbly location to enjoy some great food and maybe get back home a little drunk. The restaurant features an- indoor dining space, drinks bar, and rooftop dining area.



The interior dining space features urban art pieces strategically placed all over the restaurant, street-style art walls, bright colorful lighting,  a champagne wall, contemporary woody seating, and cool comfortable lounges equipped with tables and scented candles.

The private event space is uniquely decorated with CD records placed in glass frames on the walls and the roof to create a hip, cool vibe. Just like in a club you can have your drinks and customized watermelons served with sparkling candles.

It’s always a party at Elite. If you’re looking for a fun location to turn up some delicious steak, then make a reservation.

interior dining space


The rooftop area consists of bubble igloos, each containing a private dining space. You can also enjoy the lovely view of the city from up there.

The bar has high comfortable seats and serves a variety of cocktails and mocktails to complement your meals. You can also get shots of other alcoholic drinks like tequila, whiskey, and vodka. The bartenders are always ready to whip up fun cocktails to get a bit tipsy before dessert.

rooftop area


Rooftop Igloo Bubble

Enjoy the euphoric experience of dining at elite rooftop bubble igloos. The igloos are private dining spaces that can accommodate 6 – 10 people over the amazing view of the city. The interior of the bubbles consists of a dining area decorated with candles, led hue lights, and a fireplace.

The igloos offer full privacy, you also get a private server and each bubble has a Bluetooth speaker so you can play whatever jams you like as you dine. All menu items including the watermelons are served in the bubble.

Rooftop Igloo Bubble


The igloos are open all seasons even during rain and snow, it is also a kid-friendly environment because they are private spaces. It’s a great idea for a fun family dinner, anniversaries, or birthday celebrations.

You can make reservations for the space directly on their website or contact them through their email and phone number.


The restaurant offers a full-service bar with a variety of cocktails prepared with the best drinks. The bar is a comfortable space with padded high seats and a drinks display, showcasing the finest bottles in the house.

Alcohol is only served to adults from the age of 21, so you may have to show proof of age. The bar serves wine, beer, tequila, champagne, vodka, and Scotch.



You can get shots, mocktails, frozen drinks, brunch cocktails, and a selection of their specialty cocktails.

Get a little loose with items from their specialty cocktails menu like demon time with Henessy and red bull and if you’re in for a little weekend day drinking you can check out the delicious mango or strawberry mimosa from the brunch menu available only on Saturdays Sundays.  Here is a link to the full drinks Menu


Elite serves Traditional Latin American dishes, they have a very wholesome menu offering a variety of delicacies. The menu offers an exciting twist on familiar recipes.

Using only the best ingredients, the chef prepares all your favorite Latin dinner and lunch choices with richer and fuller flavors.

Menu 3


The food at Elite is delicious, beautifully plated, and well served, but don’t take my word so if, check out their hundreds of reviews on Yelp.

For food, they offer a dinner menu, weekend brunch menu, and special packages. The dinner menu offers appetizers, main courses, side dishes, and desserts.

Some popular menu items include fried rice served with additional items like chicken or steak on request and the Elite burger.

For the weekend brunch menu, they offer choices like steak and eggs, chicken and waffles, and Empanadas. You can also order sides such as bacon and home fries and dessert.

The restaurant offers one package for brunch and three packages for dinner. The brunch prix fixe package offers three appetizers and three main courses, a 25% down payment is needed before seats are secured during reservations.

For the dinner packages, they begin with the silver package serving 3 appetizers, 4 main courses, dessert, and an open bar with beer, wine, soda, and frozen drinks, you can book the package with or without alcohol.



The gold package offers 5 appetizers, 6 main courses, a family-style dessert, and an open bar including specialty cocktails.

The elite package serves  7 appetizers, 6 main courses, dessert, and the open bar include Hennessy, Jack, Titos, and Casamigos. A 25% deposit is required for all packages and you can pay less if you order without alcohol.

Happy hour is between 5 pm till 7 pm Mondays to Thursdays, you can get half off appetizers, and drinks are served for a little less.

Here’s a link to all the Menus.

Elite Watermelons

Elite Watermelons


Elite is most famous for its custom frozen watermelon drinks. These are whole watermelons flavored as you like with custom or generic items craved on the front. Watermelons are super fun to drink and also super delicious.

All watermelon orders need to be made at least 48 hours before your visit or pick up, you can have custom orders with a choice of cravings or generic watermelons with a variety of designs.

You can order watermelons Here.


Elite is a bit on the pricey side, but what elite experience isn’t. It might cost you a little. but dining at Elite is 100% worth the cost. I suggest Budgeting between $50 – $100 for brunch and $85 and $200 for dinner. They also accept payment in cryptocurrency.





like wings and tings and loco tacos

$13 -$18
Main courses

Such as the  elite burger and roasted half chicken

$18 – $42 dollars

Like the sweet plantains and lobster mashed potatoes

$7 – $ 18 dollars

Including coconut flan and oreo cookie cheesecake


You can order certain main courses with additions, like chicken and steak. Added chicken cost $10, added steak cost $18 dollars, and added shrimp cost $16 dollars.


Brunch mains

Like the steak and eggs

$13 – $39
Brunch Sides $6
Like bacon, hash browns, and mashed potatoes  
Desserts $12


Specialty cocktails $18
Red wine $16
White wine $16
Sangrias $16
Frozen drinks $12 – $16
Brunch cocktails $12 – $30
Beer $6
Champagne $240 – $450
Cognac $240 – $450
Vodka $200 – $240
whiskey/ scotch $200 – $450
Tequila $220 – $450

Special Packages

Brunch Prix- fixe $39.99
Silver package $75 with alcohol

$125 without alcohol

Gold package $125 without alcohol

$175 with alcohol

Elite package $175 without alcohol

$225 with alcohol

Prices are per individual


Elite accepts walk-ins but seats are not guaranteed. All reservations and bookings can be made on their website. You can also contact them through their phone line and socials for private events and igloo booking.

A credit card is required for booking, credit card details are safe and secure, and canceling reservations less than a day before a visit would cost $10.

All other bookings can be made without a deposit except the special packages where a 25% deposit is required.

They recently limited reservations to adults age 21 and above due to limited seating.

You can make reservations Here

Reservations 2


Order Online

Order Online


You can order all menu items online and enjoy the delicious food in the comfort of your home. Orders can be made on Doordash, UberEATs, Grubhub, Seamless, and Postmates.

All meals are delivered on time, you can also pick up orders at the restaurant. Meals are the same quality as dine-in orders.

Order Online


128 Metropolitan Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11214

718 599 0200 info@elitewilliamsburg.com

Service Hours

  • Mon-Fri 5PM – 11:30PM
  • Sat-Sun 12 PM – 11:30 PM







Does Elite require a Covid-19 Vaccine?

Elite requires that customers present proof of at least one dose of WHO approved covid-19 vaccine to protect themselves and others.

Does Elite serve vegetarian dishes?

The menu offers limited choices for vegetarians but you can enjoy options like the Vegan Picadillo Empanadas.

Can I bring my kids to Elite?

Other than the private bubble igloos, Elite is not a space for kids. Leave the little ones at home and come over with your dancing shoes.

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