16 Best Websites And Apps To Find Apartments In NYC

With the massive landmass of New York City, it would be almost impossible to walk around on foot looking for the perfect apartment. Even if it is possible, it will take you months to do a thorough search to get the best place.

How Do You Search For Apartments In NYC?

If you want to save yourself from the stress of searching for an apartment, all you need is a phone and data to get the perfect apartment in the city of your dreams.

There are many effective and efficient websites and apps that are making life easier for New Yorkers to search for apartments.

These platforms will show you preferences depending on the area, the size, the cost, and the type of house design you want.

Let’s look at some of the best places to run to when searching for apartments in New York City.

  • 1. Apartments.com
  • 2. StreetEasy
  • 3. HotPads
  • 4. Leasebreak
  • 5. PropertyClub
  • 6. Localize
  • 7. Airbnb
  • 8. Frēlē
  • 9. Zumper
  • 10. Apt212
  • 11. Rentalpaca
  • 12. Linecity
  • 13. RentHop
  • 14. Roomzoom
  • 15. Triplemint
  • 16. Roomi

1. Apartments.com

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Apartments.com is one of the leading websites when it comes to online apartment listings, and it offers information and access to more than 1,000,000 housing units in New York City and across the country.

This website is supported by the industry’s largest and best professional research team, and they have visited and photographed more than 50,000 properties across the country.

They are reliable because they make more than a million calls each month to property managers and apartment owners verifying and collecting information about apartment availability, pet policies, rental rates, concessions, leasing incentives, and fees.

Apartments.com makes it easy for you to access listing through their strategic search engine placement and features like their drawing tool that allows you to define the search area on a map.

2. StreetEasy

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StreetEasy is a reliable and efficient real estate search engine that enables you to find apartments in New York City for rent and selling.

This website presents you with a lot of options like new construction houses, condos, apartments, lofts, loops, and townhouses.

They have a cool app that makes the searching process easier, faster and fun. You can search for apartments by prices, location, sizes, and other amenities like elevators, and pet policy.

They have a feature on the app where you can view houses through augmented reality.

You can build a profile depending on your needs, and this will influence the available apartment options that you will be notified of. Their app is available both on App Store and Google Play.

3. HotPads

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Hotpads is a real estate search engine that helps you handle the hottest and best deals in the urban housing markets.

Finding a suitable apartment in New York City can be hectic with a lot of delays, but Hotpads helps you reduce the stress and delays that come with searching for an apartment.

They have comprehensive and trusted apartment listings thanks to their extra effort in verifying landlord ratings, landlord contact information, user reviews, and real-time updates.

Some other features that make them outstanding include their phone notifications anytime an apartment of your search preference is available, map-based search, commute time calculator, and having your real estate agent in your pocket.

4. Leasebreak

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Leasebreak is a unique real estate company in the sense that it connects those who want to break their rental lease with those looking for a sublet or short-term rental.

Breaking your apartment lease can put you in a tricky situation and you need all the help you can.

Leasebreak can help you find a new tenant to take over your lease, and it is also the perfect place for those who want a short lease between 1 to 12 months. This website is available to real estate agents and renters, brokers, and landlords.

Leasebreak offers you flexibility and transparency, and they are interested in your well-being and they make sure you get the best quality service.

5. PropertyClub

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PropertyClub is one of the best real estate platforms that you can rely on to give you all the information you need concerning housing needs.

This platform gives you an insight into New York’s best neighbourhoods and all the rental listings that are up for grabs.

Their NYC apartment finder is effective in filtering houses based on the price, neighbourhood, size, and availability.

Whether you are buying or renting, PropertyClub will offer you a conducive atmosphere where you will get exactly what you pay for.

If you are a keen follower of the crypto market, then you would love PropertyClub because they give you access to the best listings by using blockchain technology which is efficient and reliable.

You can also get an opportunity to earn both crypto and cash rewards by using this platform.

6. Localize

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Localize is a real estate company that is revolutionizing the industry and making it easier to buy and rent a house through the use of AI technology.

The transparency and trust that they offer throughout the house-hunting process make it easier and more enjoyable for clients.

If you are going to make the biggest decision about renting or buying a house, then you need a platform that gives you all the correct data and information and this is what Localize offers.

Localize has a team of creative data scientists, marketing professionals, engineers, home-buying advisors, and product managers that will help make the house-hunting, renting, and buying process smooth and satisfying.

7. Airbnb

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Airbnb is a unique real estate platform because it has solved a lot of holiday rental problems for many people.

So if you are visiting New York City and you need a comfortable place during your stay, you can check out many houses on Airbnb.

You will find unique vacation rental accommodation and apartments which are unique, beautiful, clean, spacious, and affordable.

You will find romantic apartments, apartments near all the top attractions in New York, and apartments with natural and scenic views.

8. Frēlē

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Frēlē is a trusted and reliable NYC rental guide that helps you find some of the best listings in the market.

An outstanding aspect of Frēlē is that they show you videos of apartments that are available making the whole process fun and enjoyable.

You will find both short-term rentals of about one to two months, and standard lease apartments of one to two years.

They are passionate about being transparent in their dealings that is why they use videos of the actual apartments and also showcase the exact addresses.

If you are a landlord or real estate agent, the good news is that it is free to post your listings on this platform, unlike other platforms where you need to pay.

9. Zumper

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Finding a new apartment is a big step that must be taken seriously and with enormous care, and Zumper is one of the few platforms that recognize this importance. With Zumper, searching for an apartment is not exhausting, outdated, and slow.

Their app makes it easy for you to get the right apartment without any hassle. From the search process to touring and signing your lease, the process is easier, faster, and more trustworthy. You can apply and submit your application and credit report online.

Zumper only focuses on quality listings, and you will find condos, houses, apartments, and rooms for rent.

If you are a landlord or a property manager with less than ten properties, then the good news is that you can post them for free on Zumper.

10. Apt212

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Apt212 is a real estate company that uses innovative technology combined with a modern lifestyle to provide efficient services to all clients.

Whether you hope to sell, buy, or rent, you will find top-class quality listings that are not available on other websites.

Apt212 focuses only on New York and they have in-depth knowledge about the real estate marketplace, so you can trust them to meet the unique needs of New York’s tenants and sellers.

You will find all sorts of furnished apartments, short-term rentals, and sublets.

11. Rentalpaca

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Rentalpaca is a real estate company that makes the search process for a new apartment easier through the help of its virtual real estate agent in the form of a chatbot.

This chatbot uses artificial intelligence to search for rentals that meet your needs.

You can have a real experience of the apartment through their virtual tour feature which is cool and exciting.

The quality of rental listings on this platform is all top-notch, and the AI feature removes any suspicious listing that poses a threat to you.

One outstanding thing about Rentalpaca that you won’t find with other real estate websites or apps is that they have an app called Boom and one of its features allow you to pay rent in instalments.

This means that you can pay your rent in small bits until it is complete.

12. Linecity

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Linecity is a real estate company that brings fresh ideas and practice to the industry of renting and searching for housing. It is a private company that helps address the need of renters, brokers, and homeowners.

They have a lot of professionals who are experts in this field and have been in the industry for the last two decades.

They are trustworthy and they make sure you get exactly what was advertised.

One of the advantages of Linecity is that you will find people who are dedicated to their duty, and who are passionate about helping you get the best deals.

Also, they advertize only the best rentals with quality, and their knowledge of the local NYC real estate market is an added advantage.

13. RentHop

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Renthop is a real estate company that is interested in simplifying the house search process for clients. And they understand that getting the right apartment is of utmost importance.

That is why their search process sorts only quality listings, and they also rank apartments according to their quality.

The apartments at the top will contain information like the pictures of the listing, the price, and responsive and active landlord/brokers.

With Renthop, you do not have to worry about finding a quality apartment in New York City, their sophisticated algorithms will bring the best apartments to you.

14. Roomzoom

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If you find the cost of an apartment too costly to bear alone and you are looking for the perfect roommate, then you will be grateful for Roomzoom. It is a unique app that helps people across New York City find roommates.

This roommate matching app takes a lot of financial burdens and stress off your shoulders, and finding the perfect roommate doesn’t have to be guesswork.

They have a series of basic questions about personality and lifestyle to enable them to match the right roommates.

This app is trustworthy and dependable, and finding a roommate is quicker and faster when you go through them.

While their app is efficient, they still advise people to meet up with potential roommates before they make any final decisions.

15. Triplemint

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Triplemint is a standard real estate platform that empowers people to be smarter with real estate issues and to have a more personalized real estate experience.

The founders of this app built this platform after experiencing frustration with the inefficient and complicated process of renting, buying and selling a house.

Its mission is to simplify this process and make it easier and faster for people to get good, quality, and reliable houses.

Triplemint is made up of a team of real estate experts who are customer-centric, and who maintain the highest standards of the industry.

16. Roomi

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Roomi is also one of those outstanding real estate platforms that helps renters get roommates. Getting the perfect roommate can be tricky and dangerous, first because you do not know their personality and behaviour, and secondly because of security concerns.

Platforms like Roomi makes the process of getting a roommate easier, safer, and faster. They believe in affordable and flexible shared living spaces, and they focus on creating game-changing ideas toward this goal.

Roomi is a breath of fresh air when it comes to transparency, it is part of their DNA, and they stay far from listings and dealings that make them look shady.

They are people-centric, and they empower renters by giving them the power to search for listings using amenities, shared interest, move-in dates, prices, pet policies and many more.


There are many websites out there claiming to be real estate companies, some are shady, some are out to defraud renters, and some are there just for the money. But you will find some rare companies and apps that have your best interest at heart.

So, if you are hoping to rent, buy, or sell apartments in New York City, the real estate platforms above are some of the best and most reliable to turn to when you are in need.

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