10 Top-Rated Flea Markets In Brooklyn, NYC

Brooklyn is known for many beautiful things and places to visit, including arcades, Brooklyn Botanic Garden, parks, Brooklyn Bridge, and museums.

However, apart from that, Brooklyn also offers the best Flea markets you can ever imagine.

So, if you ever find yourself in Brooklyn, whether for a vacation, business trip, or if you are a resident and desire to go for a walk, make it a point to stop by the Flea Markets since there are plenty of options to pick from.

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The following are my top recommendations for the most amazing Flea Markets that you can find in Brooklyn.

There are a couple of them available that you can be mixed up on where to go and where not to.

Worry less, as I am here to guide you on the most amazing ones that I know.

  1. Brooklyn Flea
  2. Artists & Fleas Williamsburg
  3. Williamsburg Smorgasburg
  4. Fort Greene Park Greenmarket
  5. FAD market flea
  6. Brooklyn Borough Hall Farmers’ Market
  7. Greenpoint Terminal market
  8. Grand Army Plaza Farmers’ Market
  9. AquaDuck FleaMarket
  10. Bushwick Market

1. Brooklyn Flea

80 Pearl St, Brooklyn, NY 11201.

Phone: (718) 928-6603.

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Brooklyn Flea


The Brooklyn Flea is one of the most fascinating flea markets in the city. It’s on the cobblestone streets of Pearl Plaza in DUMBO. Every weekend, from 10 am to 5 pm, the Brooklyn Flea DUMBO is open.

The amazing second-hand item sellers sell furniture, vintage clothing, toys, shoes, collectibles, books, jewelry, and artifacts in the market.

Observing how individuals purchased items, I can promise you that you will not leave this market empty-handed if you have a good sense of taste.

There is a large food sector with several stands and a wide variety of dishes and beverages to choose from.

I can say that amazing stuff or good quality stuff is not always cheap. Things can be more expensive at the Brooklyn flea market, but they are worth it because they are one-of-a-kind.

2. Artists & Fleas Williamsburg

70 N 7th St, Brooklyn, NY 11249.

Phone: (917) 488-4203.

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Artists Fleas Williamsburg


If you are looking for original and unique designs, I’d recommend making it a point to visit Artists & Fleas Williamsburg. It is located at 70 North 7th Street and is a weekend-only indoor flea market.

From 11 am to 6 pm, the flea market always opens on Saturdays and Sundays.

Artists & Fleas in Williamsburg has international recognition as an area to show and discover what is original and fascinating in style, vintage, art, layout, and more fabulous things among buyers, trend-spotters, and innovative companies.

Fashion, cosmetic products, home equipment, jewelry, vintage wear, and collectibles from well-chosen Makers and Collectors are available at the flea market.

3. Williamsburg SmorgasBurg Flea

The east river Park, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Phone: 9011211.

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Williamsburg SmorgasBurg Flea


There are many reasons why people visit a flea market. Some go there to learn about the city’s culture and history displayed by artifacts and souvenirs placed on display, while others go there to try out new, diverse and amazing dishes.

If trying out dishes is your thing, then visit the smorgasburd flea market in Williamsburg as soon as possible, as there is so much food to pick from. Williamsburg Smorgasburg is set in a state park on the riverfront in Williamsburg.

It is among the largest weekly open-air food market, drawing thousands of visitors to Brooklyn to sample food from dozens of local merchants. It also has a full outdoor bar.

Steaks, burgers, pizza, chicken and turkey, kebabs, doughnuts, rolled ice cream, sushi, Chinese dumplings, seafood, and more are available.

You can sit at the picnic table or on the grass after being served your favourite meal to enjoy the cuisine while bonding with your loved ones.

There’s no need to be concerned about the sun because the area is densely forested, providing shade to people who are seated and enjoying their meals.

More about Smorgasburg

4. Fort Greene Park Greenmarket

Washington Park btwn Dekalb & Myrtle, Brooklyn

Phone:  (212) 788-7900.

View WebsiteFort Greene Park Greenmarket


If you are visiting Brooklyn and need some fresh farm produce, you should check out Greenmarket, one of the best Farmers Markets In Brooklyn held outside the beautiful Fort Green Park.

It might not be the biggest farmers’ market you will ever go to but what it offers is quite incredible.

You can expect to find a good variety of fruits, veggies, baked products, locally made ice cream, fish, and dairy and beef products. Practically any farm produce that you might need to stock your fridge.

The market is open from 7 AM to the afternoon on Saturdays. However, most vendors start closing things down around 1 PM, so I recommend visiting the market in the morning to get the full thrill.

When you are done with your purchases, you will find free composting and textile recycling programs on the other end of the market.

I have gone to this market for three Saturdays now and have even come up with a list of my favourite vendors.

  • Conuco Farm Vegetables: It is one of the biggest corners you will meet at the front of the market. They are from Ulster Counter, NY. Here you will get fresh Apples, Stone fruits, and tomatoes.
  • Rexcroft Farms:  They are from Green County, NY, and mainly deal with meats, fresh green, and root veggies.
  • Ronnybrook Farm Dairy Milk: They are from Columbia County, NY. Here you will get any dairy products that you might think of, and that includes milk, butter, ice cream, and yogurt.

5. FAD market

55 Water St Brooklyn, NY 11201.

Phone: (917) 775 – 4636.

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FAD market


Do you have a taste in designers, artists, and creativity? If so, then you should visit the FAD market.

It’s a pretty big market filled with vendors dealing in unique handcrafted items, jewelry, clothing, pottery, coasters, and general house gold stuff. If you are looking for a gift for someone or just something good for yourself, visit this place.

Also, don’t forget to check out the trucks parked outside this market, as they are also part of the thrill.

I was surprised to find amazing pop-up shops inside these trucks with many handcrafted items and jewelry.

If you have visited other markets that deal with local products, you probably have noticed that items are quite pricy.

And the FAD market is no exception. That isn’t the markets’ fault as we also need to motivate and promote local talent.

I highly recommend visiting this market no matter your price range, and there is always something for everyone.

6. Greenpoint Terminal market

2 Noble St, Brooklyn, NY 11222-6821

Phone: +1 718-625-1327

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Greenpoint Terminal market


Are you looking for a place to chill, eat and shop originally handmade stuff? Greenpoint Terminal is the way to go.

Greenpoint Terminal Market is a large outdoor flea market with views of the Manhattan skyline, located on the waterfront in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

The market is open every 10 am to 6 pm on Saturday and Sunday. It is often a great flea market with many small and local businesses.

I would recommend pet lovers to visit this place as it is a pet-friendly zone, unlike many other flea markets.

It’s a great spot since it has lounge chairs and picnic tables where you can unwind and eat with a lovely view of the sea after a long day of shopping, making it even more exciting to return.

It contains unique handmade pieces, antiques, and artistic vendors. Greenpoint Terminal market also offers plenty of vintage treasures, international fashion, fresh fashion items, unique handcrafted pieces, and local art and design.

Outdoor activities such as live music bands, rollerskating, skateboarding, and entertainment are also available at the flea market.

It also offers great international foods, street foods, and interesting vegan diets. Some of the foods available include fried chicken, rice, among others.

7. The Brooklyn Borough Flea Market

Court St & Montague St, Brooklyn, NY 11201.

Phone: (212) 788-7900.

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The Brooklyn Borough Flea Market


I would not recommend Brooklyn Borough Hall Farmers’ Market as a destination to visit as it is a pretty small market with only about 10 stands.

However, if you live in the neighbourhood or you are visiting the area, it is worthwhile to drop by and get flowers, veggies, fresh bread, cakes, cookies, apple cider and fruits.

I visited this place before with a friend who lives in the neighbourhood, and I enjoyed the whole moment. We had some yummy pecan pie and cookies. The farmers are amazing and friendly.

You can ask them anything about the wide range of organic and freshly picked products. This is a must place to visit for foodies.

8. The Grand Army Flea Market

Prospect Park at Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215.

Contact;  (212) 788-7900,

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The Grand Army Flea Market


I first visited the Grand Army Plaza market after my Air BnB host recommended it. I honestly loved this place.

They have unique products like fruits, eggs, jam, cheese and other farm produce.

I was also surprised to find Ostrich meat, as I didn’t expect anything close to that here. Being the ‘meat lover’ that I always am, I had to try a piece of this bird.

Some farmers have small plates where you can try out the different fruits available for free. I also hoped to get some coffee, but the only beverages I could find were apple cider and mint iced tea.

If you are a local, maybe you can take this as a gap in the market, and you might reap big if you installed a coffee booth.

If you are used to the markets outside your city, Grand Army Plaza might look slightly different.

The produce is much fresh than what you are used to, and the price is also relatively high.

9. AquaDuck FleaMarket

700 Fountain Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11208.

Contact;  (516) 996-3558,

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AquaDuck FleaMarket


If you are looking for an inexpensive flea market, then AquaDuck FleaMarket is the place to go. Household items, cheap clothing, random eye-catching items, and unique and handcrafted treasures are all available at the market.

Here, you will find great things like shoes, bags, kitchen goods, and clothing at very lower prices.

There are additional food stands in the area. Rice, chicken, cheese, soup, and maize are just a few of the foods available at the market.

10. Bushwick Market

54 Wyckoff Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11237.

Phone: (610) 724-7983.

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Bushwick Market


The Bushwick Market is a flea market that sells a wide range of multicultural goods. It’s strategically located in Brooklyn’s Bushwick neighbourhood.

Every Saturday and Sunday, this flea market is open, and the vendors sell a variety of items.

It sells vintage clothing, jewellery, children’s toys, antique, furniture, plants, collectables, ornaments and other goods of high quality. The place also offers a range of fresh farm produce like fruits and vegetables.


It’s evident that Brooklyn has a plethora of fantastic sites to visit that you won’t be able to see in a single day. That is why you should plan a vacation to Brooklyn during the holidays.

Finding the greatest Flea markets in Brooklyn, New York City, can be challenging with so many fantastic options to select from.

Are you looking for something else than what we have listed in this guide? These are some of my favourite flea markets, but there are many more that I may have overlooked.

What suggestions do you have? Please let me know in the comments section, and I’ll check into it.

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