Best Sushi In Williamsburg, Brooklyn – 17 Amazing Japanese Restaurants

Are you looking for where to get the best sushi in Williamsburg?

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The best thing about New York City is that there is usually something for everyone, especially regarding food. For example, sushi is a staple in Japan and has recently become popular.

Williamsburg, Brooklyn, is one of the few neighborhoods in the City where you can find high-quality sushi.

In addition, they have a diverse variety of restaurants and entertainment that makes many people visit this neighborhood to get a glimpse of this place that is ever on the rise.

The culture and lifestyle of the locals in this neighborhood are somewhat responsible for the first growth.

Where do you find some of the best high-end sushi in Williamsburg?

Here is a list of where you need to make your stop should you crave this delectable dish.

Best sushi in Williamsburg 

1. Bozu restaurant 


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296 Grand St, Brooklyn, NY 11211

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The chef in this restaurant has perfected making fresh and flavorful sushi. When you are at this restaurant, the food alone will make you feel like you are in Japan.

They have a broad menu with several mains such as oysters, Nigiri combinations, and sashimi.

The sushi bombs they serve here make them unique and different from other restaurants. The bombs comprised of fish and rice, and other stuffed ingredients.

You should add this spot to your visit list the next time you are craving sushi.

2. Aburi sushi 

769 Grand St, Brooklyn, NY 11211

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The location of this restaurant is a win for many people who love and adore sushi. It is situated just by Grand street, and its accessibility is pretty simple.

There is nothing fancy about this place, and the interior is spacious, quiet, and clean. However, the appearance and condition of this sushi bar are nothing close to the food prepared here.

The salmon sushi from this restaurant is next level, and you should be trying it out.

3. Fukuyama sushi and ramen 

622 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

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Fukuyama sushi restaurant is situated a few blocks from the subway station exit and has delicious sushi and other dishes.

This place is relatively tiny with a few tables but also intimate, perfect for date nights. The food is delicious and usually at a reasonable price.

So, if you ever crave sushi when around Metropolitan Avenue, this spot is an option you should consider.

If ramen is all you want, here is a guide on the best ramen restaurants in Brooklyn.

4. Musashi Asian 

495 Grand St, Brooklyn, NY 11211

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Whether it’s sushi you want or other delicious Asian recipes, this restaurant will not disappoint. Their menu is broad with different cultural dishes from several parts of the world.

There is nothing that beats sushi in this restaurant. It is well-executed, using the freshest of ingredients. The spot is tiny, but they take reservations.

Unlike many other restaurants, this one doesn’t have outdoor dining. However, the best part is that they serve vegetarian dishes.

5. Samurai mama 


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205 Grand St, Brooklyn, NY 11211

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Here you will find udon soup, but they also make tasty sushi meals. This spot usually gets busy throughout the week, and the best is to make reservations if you want to skip the long queues.

The sushi taco set is perfectly done and often packed with delicious flavor. In addition, the ingredients used in the preparation of the meals are often imported for quality flavor.

This spot makes a go-to option should you want to end your Japanese cravings.

6. Ako


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205 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

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This sushi bar has beautiful outdoor seating and is spacious enough to be perfect for a group or gathering. The atmosphere in this bar is appealing, especially with the well-kept trees and flowers that make the seating beautiful.

The restaurant is simple, and the brilliant atmosphere complements the food served in this spot. The food options in this restaurant are endless because of its expansive menu.

You will get simple sushi meals with the right amount of spice and flavor.

7. Amami bar and restaurant 

57 Nassau Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222

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The sushi in this bar and restaurant is unique and fresh. They have also found the perfect balance between their food and drinks. Everything is done to perfection, but the prices are a bit higher.

They have both indoor and outdoor seating. I love the decor and artistic design of the restaurant.

It is a casual restaurant but at the same time trendy. They don’t have a rigid menu, and you may find the menu updated with new dishes added.

Many dishes served here are classics but with a slight twist that sets them apart from other restaurants. You shouldn’t skip the drinks. They, too, are delicious.

8. Okozushi by Megumi


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376 Graham Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

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This spot is outstanding with a wide variety of sushi rolls they serve to their clients. The sushi is often delicious and perfectly done using high-quality ingredients.

The food prices in this restaurant reflect the quality of the dishes they serve.

Besides sushi, you can get several other dishes from this spot. Spicy tuna rolls, eel rolls, Nigiri omakase, and hamachi with avocado are some recipes in this restaurant.

Quality is a crucial concern for this restaurant, so you shouldn’t be worried about the quantity because of the variety of sushi meals.

9. Shalom Japan 


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310 S 4th St, Brooklyn, NY 11211

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What happens when two chefs from different backgrounds join together and make food? This restaurant is owned by a pair of chefs native to Japan and Israel, and they make some of the best dishes in Williamsburg.

They prepare a classic combo of Jewish and Japanese dishes, which are unique and delicious that you cannot find anywhere in other sushi restaurants.

They don’t have a rigid menu which means some dishes will not be available when you visit the restaurant.

10. Fushimi restaurant 

475 Driggs Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

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The decor inside will replicate most restaurants in Las Vegas. However, sushi in this restaurant is next level, especially since the owners combine two different cuisines to create a one-of-a-kind dish.

Japanese and French cuisines blend to create delicious recipes on their menu.

Everything in the restaurant is shiny and sleek, making it a go-to alternative, especially in groups, for the wow factor if not the food.

11. Ume restaurant 


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237 Kent Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11249

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The good news is there are several varieties of sushi which means you can never miss the sushi of your choice.

This spot is pretty quiet, and they have cushions instead of chairs. Omakase is the only constant dish on the menu, and it is served with sushi, rice, and 12 types of fish.

This restaurant’s dining experience is unique, but the foods are relatively expensive.

12. Minami lounge 

299 S 4th St, Brooklyn, NY 11211

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The lighting in this restaurant is epic because of the light placement, and the best of it is the broad recipes on the menu.

The decor inside the restaurant is shiny, making it the perfect spot to visit if you love admiring stuff while eating. The outdoor seating is spacious, and you can make reservations when hosting private parties.

For the sushi, there are several combos that you will love. The sushi is fresh and affordable.

13. Salt and charcoal 


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171 Grand St, Brooklyn, NY 11249

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Salt and charcoal is a bar and a restaurant. They have some of the best-tasting wines in this neighborhood, not forgetting their signature steaks and fresh sushi.

The best part is that you are given the room to customize your sushi using various ingredients on the display table.

The combo between sushi and steaks doesn’t disappoint. You should consider this pairing.

14. Nami nori


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236 N 12th St, Brooklyn, NY 11211

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(917) 909-1299

Nami nori restaurant is located just a few steps away from McCarren park and has an exclusive menu with classic Japanese dishes prepared with slight twists.

Their signature dish is the temaki rolls, but you can readily find a variety of sushi meals on the menu.

They also serve beer and wine to their clients. The best is to make reservations because it sometimes gets crowded. That said, you can never go wrong with food from this spot.

15. Suzume 


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545 Lorimer St, Brooklyn, NY 11211

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What makes this restaurant unique is the combination of different foodstuffs perfectly balanced in flavor. They combine ramen, sushi, wings, and tacos in a single palate. You just can’t beat this dish.

The other good part is the prices of food on their menu are affordable and the quality outstanding.

The decor of this restaurant is appealing and complements the delicious sushi they serve. Different nacks are also available in this spot.

Besides sushi, they also have a nice drink list you should probably try.

16. Oishi Japanese ramen and hibachi grill


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515 Prince George St, Williamsburg, VA 23185

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This restaurant is where you head to when all you desire is comfort food. They have a variety of dishes, and the one that caught my eye the most was the fresh sushi.

For this restaurant, though, you need to order in advance, then the food is prepared because they don’t make meals in advance.

It is a local joint with fair prices on their dishes.

17. Miyaki sushi and grill 

5715 Richmond Rd Suite 3, Williamsburg

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If all you want is authentic Japanese or Korean dishes, you need to visit this restaurant. Their menu is stuffed with several other recipes that are well executed.

They have a variety of sushi with different fillings to choose from. In addition, the prices are affordable making it a go-to option when on a budget.


There are a whole lot of factors to consider when ordering sushi. Nevertheless, this guide will help you figure out some of the best places to enjoy this dish.

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