10 Trendy Greenpoint Hair Salons For Incredible Hair

Greenpoint is a more laid-back and peaceful location compared to its neighbor, Williamsburg. It is a neighborhood teeming with international cuisines, a vibrant art scene, rich culture, and trendy music.

Home to several top restaurants, parks, bars, and coffee shops – there’s always something to do in this charming neighborhood.

You can order a pizza from Pauli Gee’s, have a cup of coffee from Crema BK, or see the breathtaking views of the waterfront. These are only just a few reasons why Greenpoint is adored by visitors.

hairdresser straightens clients hair

One of the hidden attributes of Greenpoint is its secret hair salons run by talented stylists.

Finding a stylist is like finding the right skin care product. If it doesn’t match your skin type, then the product won’t work well.

If you’re coming from the other end of New York, crossing the bridge to Greenpoint is worth it for your hair.

With a few Greenpoint hair salons, I believe you can find your perfect match here.

If you have been admiring other people’s hair, then it’s time to be in their shoes with great hair salons in Greenpoint.

Here are the best Greenpoint hair salons that I’ve discovered:

  1. Kennaland
  2. Gem House
  3. Hairenomics Mane Bar
  4. VOE Studio
  5. Maria’s Hair Salon
  6. The Hair Bar and Makeup Lounge
  7. High Horse Salon
  8. Exhibit: A Salon
  9. CutLoose BK
  10. Frankie and Jordan Hair Studio

1. Kennaland

  • 113 Franklin St, Brooklyn, NY 11222
  • Phone: 347-335-0666
  • Visit Website



Kennaland is located in Greenpoint’s fashion district. It is owned by Kenna, a celebrity stylist, and Sophia, a famous hair colorist in London. Getting a haircut is only possible by booking an appointment online.

This trendy hair salon is not your typical old-fashioned salon as it offers various services in a contemporary atmosphere.

You can put your whole trust in their team of stylists as they have spent more than a decade transforming people’s hair.

Prices vary depending on the type of service and how extensive the process will be.

The lowest price for a women’s cut is $100 if you book Leslie, and can go as high as $290 if Kenna himself does the cut. Men can have a haircut for as low as $60 and as high as $170.

Other services they offer are men’s refresh clean up, blow-dry, styling, power mix treatments, coloring, and color correction.

For those who are getting married, you can also book their bridal services which start at $150 for consultation and trial, and $300 for the wedding day. Aside from salon services, they have an online store where you can shop for hair products.

Their wide range of products is a selection of shampoos and conditioners, styling products, brushes and tools, gifts, hair accessories, and hats.

On top of that, you can also choose from Kenna’s recommended products for your hair.

If you’re ready for an amazing hair transformation, book an appointment online, call, or send an email via the website.

2. Gem House

  • 35 Greenpoint Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222
  • Phone: 929-295-8155
  • Visit Website

Gem House


Gem House is a beautiful and comfortable space to let your hair down and treat yourself.

Every detail of the salon is on point – from its purple decorative walls to its stylish flamingo-themed bathroom.

This fantastic hair salon is highly recommended by many satisfied happy customers for its pleasing results, quality haircut, and professional stylists.

Its services include styling, coloring, bridal, and hair treatments. If you need a new hairstyle, it’ll cost $125 for short to long hair. For a more transformative cut, it’ll cost about $195 which consists of a more in-depth styling.

Other styling services they offer are fringe trim, neck trim, blowout, makeup, braiding, lashes, and upstyle.

Coloring treatment prices vary according to the amount of color. A single process touch-up cost $125, whereas a single process full head is up to $165.

For more dramatic colors, they offer highlights and balayage coloring. They can also add gloss or shine, and vivids and pastels, if you desire.

As for the extras, they also offer stone treatments for hair including moonstone, opal, lapis, amethyst, rose quartz, obsidian, and even diamond.

Future brides can rest easy with their bridal services which consist of hairstyling, makeup, and a complete bridal glam.

If you need hair products to boost your hair’s vibrance, they have an online shop where you can purchase Kevin.

Murphy products. These products vary according to purpose including detox, hydration, color care, repair, volume, and so on.

3. Hairenomics Mane Bar

  • 69 West St, Brooklyn, NY 11222
  • Phone: 347-926-9322
  • Visit Website

Hairenomics Mane Bar


One of the youngest salons in the neighborhood, Hairenomics Mane Bar offers full hair service in West St. Brooklyn.

The salon is run by Tamara Laureus, a celebrity hairstylist, and owner of the salon. It’s no surprise most clients leave feeling thrilled with their gorgeous hair.

The salon offers your typical salon services including a blowout, braids, up do’s, hair trim, bang trim, and many more.

They also have special services like weave installation maintenance, silk press, toner, rod set, weave traditional sew-in, and wigs.

Moreover, you can hire them as your own professional stylist if you have birthdays, photoshoots, and weddings.

It’s not as simple as getting a haircut as they are professional artists who carefully capture the most suitable hair for you and help you achieve your style goals.

Hairenomics Mane Bar assures flawless coloring and a fantastic experience through their lovely space. You’ll surely leave with a smile and more confidence than ever.

4. VOE Studio

  • 37 N 15th St Suite 207, Brooklyn, NY 11222
  • Phone: 718-635-2886
  • Visit Website

VOE Studio 1

VOE Studio is a hip and cool studio located on N 15th St. It may not be as popular as other salons but they sure deliver and pay great attention to detail.

They offer several services for beautiful hair including cut, color, texture, and styling.

A haircut costs $140 and $120 for a barber cut. Moreover, kids needing a haircut cost $60.

For hair color, they have an extensive line of services including highlights, virgin double process, double process touch up, hair painting, and many more.

When you book an appointment with them, you can even have some champagne or sparkling water.

They are experts when it comes to drastic color changes and is highly recommended by many.

5. Maria’s Hair Salon

  • 119 Meserole Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222
  • Phone: (718) 389-3324
  • Visit Website

Marias Hair Salon


When affordability meets quality effortlessly, you know you’ve found value for money.

Maria’s Hair Salon offers the best price for amazing hair. For instance, you can get a haircut with highlights for $120.

Having only a haircut would cost $30. It’s a price you can’t beat for quality and professionalism.

They’ll be your lifesaver when you have brassy hair or ruined DIY haircuts.

Not convinced? Check out their Instagram page and see how they beautifully change your hair.

It’s safe to say they are one of the best in the business based on their reviews and posts.

It’s easy to reach the salon via Nassau Avenue station, just at the crossing of Nassau and Manhattan.

6. The Hair Bar and Makeup Lounge

  • 674 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222
  • Phone: (917) 966-6095

The Hair Bar and Makeup Lounge


The Hair Bar and Makeup Lounge specializes in various services including haircut, eyelash application, color, makeup, and braiding, to name a few.

They also even offer airbrush tanning as a special service. The business is women-owned and managed by certified professionals.

Aside from booking an appointment, walk-ins are also welcome to experience their top-notch service.

They have been in business for almost a decade, making the best assurance of their extensive hair expertise. If you visit their profile, you can see all their satisfied clients.

They have worked on balayage, styling, lightening, blonde, highlight, and prom hair.

Balayage and color correction are their line of expertise. If you can’t make it to Greenpoint, they also have a branch in Bellmore, Long Island.

Booking an appointment won’t be difficult as they are open seven days a week.

This boutique salon is a 10 out of 10 for having friendly staff and quality service.

7. High Horse Salon

  • 563 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222
  • Phone: 718-388-7703
  • Visit Website

High Horse Salon 1


High Horse Salon has been creating stunning hair since 2010. It is located in the heart of Greenpoint on Manhattan Ave., which can be reached from the Greenpoint Meeker Ave bus stop. They offer reasonable prices for consistently great results.

A haircut for a junior stylist barber and a short haircut is $50 or more, and a mid-length cut is at least $100.

Coloring a single process can be at least $135 and more than $350 for a double process.

Other additional services they have are keratin treatment, blowout, Olaplex, and corrective color.

They also do half-head or full-head highlight and balayage ranging from $200 to more than $300. 

Booking an appointment is recommended to serve better, although walk-ins are still accepted.

8. Exhibit: A Salon

  • 182 Driggs Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211
  • Phone: 929-324-7526
  • Visit Website

Exhibit A Salon


Clients with furbabies can bring them along as Exhibit Salon is dog-friendly.

What separates them from others is their environmental practices and how welcoming they are to the LGBTQ community.

Moreover, their art-filled space that supported numerous artists essentially caught my eye.

Exhibit A Salon is a mix of many things and supports a variety of causes.

With this salon, hair color is not as bad as it seems since they use low-toxic coloring products and clean styling products.

We are aware of how coloring can damage hair over time.

That’s why having clean products is crucial, especially for those who color their hair on a monthly basis.

As for prices, their service prices vary on time and the extent of hair treatment. Thus, it’s important to have an appointment to determine the best course of treatment.

Since they charge based on time, they do not ask for tips anymore, considering it gratuity-free. Should you decide to book an appointment, there are four stylists to choose from.

The lowest price you can book is Jessi, who charges $100 an hour, whereas the highest rate is $170 an hour for Megan.

If you want more clean products, they sell non-toxic hair products like Cult + King, REVERIE, and Hairstory.

These products are said to be sustainable, cruelty-free, and organic.

9. CutLoose BK

  • 78 Dobbin St, Brooklyn, NY 11222
  • Phone: 646-949-1616
  • Visit Website

CutLoose BK


Just along Dobbin St. is CuLoose BK, a groovy and funky hair salon run by a team of stylish women.

It opened in 2017 and has been bringing its creativity since then. Siobhan Benson is the owner and creator of CutLoose BK.

Moreover, she is a DJ and a fashion expert. It’s no wonder why they always play good music in this place.

Plus, their salon is filled with dazzling decor including their center disco ball, round lighted mirrors, and purple chairs.

Their team consists of six fabulous women, including the owner, color director, two senior colorists, a junior colorist, and a senior stylist.

The cheapest price for a haircut is from their junior stylist, which cost $95 for a short cut and $105 for a long cut.

If you’re going for a full head highlights balayage, it can cost more than $325 and $280 for a half head.

Their keratin treatment is at a standard rate of $350, regardless of the stylist you choose. If you want to get a cut from the owner herself, it’ll cost $160 to $190.

They also have services for weddings and other events, just fill out their form via the website and they’ll get in touch.

10. Frankie and Jordan Hair Studio

  • 570 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222
  • Phone: 718-233-8341
  • Visit Website

Frankie and Jordan Hair Studio


Frankie and Jordan Hair Studio is both a salon and barber that was founded by Frankie Campo and Jordan Sammarco.

They both studied cosmetology at the Paul Mitchell Cactus Academy and have been partners ever since.

Frankie specializes in coloring and haircuts, while Jordan is the barber and stylist of the studio.

Their studio is kept on a clean and consistent color theme of having only black and white floors, walls, and furniture.

One of the best features you’ll love about this salon is the spotless and hygienic studio. It’s always kept clean and hygienic.

On top of that, they are one of the friendliest and most skilled barbers and stylists in Greenpoint.

It’s never a bad hair day with the duo as you can be assured you’ll get one of the best cuts of your life.

Many people say Jordan is one of the best barbers in the neighborhood and the entire New York City.

Their services range from haircuts, blow drys, treatments, and lightening services.

A simple haircut costs around $100 to $110 and blowdry is $55. For barber services, a barber cut is only $50, and an additional $65 for a beard trim.

A full barber service including haircut, wash, and beard trim, cost only $75. That’s value for money for a full top-notch service.

They only have three treatment options: Cezanne treatment organic keratin, Olaplex or deep conditioning, and scalp exfoliator.

Should you decide to color your hair with them, their service already includes Olaplex #1 and 2.

Other lightening services they offer are a full or partial balayage, face frame, creative color, root touchup, gloss, and all-over color, to name a few. Check out their website or Instagram profile to see awesome results.

Get a Brand-New Look at Greenpoint

If you want to get your money’s worth, then you should only trust top-notch stylists who can consistently deliver that perfect cut.

It’s more than just looking good, but making you feel good and confident from within for having stunning hair.

A professional hairstylist will make sure they get the job done without making you leave unsatisfied – and that’s something you can get from Greenpoint hair salons.

Not only will you get the haircut, color, and style you want, but a long-term partner and company.

Most often than not, you’ll get to form a bond with them which will even help them more in deciding the best cut and style for your personality. Who knows? You might make a new friend in Greenpoint.

This list has been well-thought-of and only includes hair salons with excellent service, friendly stylists, great ambiance, and quality cuts.

With the variety of prices, from the cheapest to the priciest, there’s always an option for every kind of budget in Greenpoint.

After getting a haircut, I recommend visiting Greenpoint’s top coffee shops and restaurants.

Did I miss a good hair salon in the neighborhood? Let us know in the comments section below!

If you recently had a great haircut with one of the hair salons above, share your experience with us too.

Let’s share and help one another wake up to a great hair day.

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