Amazing Oysters Restaurants In Brooklyn

“On a summer afternoon, nothing beats cold oysters”

Brooklyn is a beautiful place to visit. New York is undeniably a foodie’s paradise. Despite being only a 40-minute subway ride from Manhattan, Brooklyn has its own distinct cuisine culture that should be explored.

It boasts a diverse range of ethnic communities and culinary selections to suit even the most adventurous eater, as well as a variety of fantastic cuisines to offer, such as Oysters; the briny, savory meat that is regarded a delicacy all over the world.

Have you been craving oysters? Or do you simply want to try them and enjoy the flavor? Not only that, oysters have so many nutritional benefits that you don’t want to miss out on them.

Perhaps, this is your first time seeing oysters, or have you seen them but have no idea how to eat them? I will put you through how to eat oysters and where to find them in Brooklyn’s restaurants.

Oysters can be cooked or eaten raw. Oysters can be consumed in a variety of ways depending on your preferences. It can be eaten fresh, stewed, fried, and steamed.

They are all good options. The majority of people, however, prefer to eat it uncooked.

How to Eat Oysters

Move the oyster around in its shell with your fork to make sure it’s separated. Then put it in your mouth, and suck it down. It Is easier that way. Before swallowing the fish, chew it to fully savor the flavor

Oysters are often served with condiments such as well-made wine, cocktail sauce, and lemon but it’s up to you whether you want to dress it up or eat it ordinary.

I’m here to recommend the amazing oysters restaurants in Brooklyn. Keep reading, to know more about these amazing restaurants whether you are an adventurous person, or you are looking for spots to chill out with your friends.


  1. Maison Premiere Restaurant
  2. Grand Army Bar
  3.  Mayfield Restaurant
  4.  Seawolf Bushwick/Williamsburg -Waterfront Restaurant
  5. Hotel Delmano
  6. Littlecheck Restaurant
  7. Mominette Bistro and Bar

1. Maison Premiere Restaurant:


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Location: 298 Bedford Avenue Brooklyn, New York 11249

Contact: +1(347) 889-571

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This bar is well-known for its lovely grounds and wide selection of seafood, particularly oysters, and tasty cocktails.

It has a lovely ambiance and It is one of the incredible restaurants to go for oysters. It provides excellent meals, which are eagerly recommended and served by courteous waitresses.

Also, if you get the chance, ask for a seat inside the oyster bar, which is the best experience in my opinion.

The waiters are friendly. The wine is delicious, The food is great and they are well presented in an orderly way. It’s also an amazing photo opportunity, especially for those who enjoy taking pictures.

There is a large assortment of oysters to choose from, as well as attentive wait service and courteous bartenders.

The greatest oysters in New York may be found at Maison Premiere restaurant. If you have not had the chance to dine at the Maison premiere, I recommend you pay a visit. The experience is worth it.


2. Grand Army Bar


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Grand Army (@grandarmybar) 分享的帖子

Location: 336 State St, Brooklyn, NY 11217-1707

Contact: 718-422-786

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The oysters are the best in town, and the cooks prepare them beautifully. It’s the ideal spot for an oyster date, as well as one of the best restaurants in the area.

It’s a decent bar with a varied menu of food and brunch options, including plenty of seafood.

It has an impressive quality. On Boerum Hill, this bar is located. Weekend happy hour offers $25 oysters, $1 wine glass, and beer at this lovely bar near Hoyt Schermerhorn Station.

Cocktails are a little pricey, but they’re well worth it if you’re seeking for a relaxing atmosphere in which to share some special moments.

This is one of the most amazing bars in the area. The bartenders are always courteous and friendly, and the atmosphere is always welcoming. Grand Army is an incredible place to get a cocktail, read a book, or meet new people!

The seafood meal is excellent, and the outdoor seating is a welcome addition. It’s best to make a reservation or reserve ahead of time.

Overall, it’s a fantastic spot for a drink. The bar has plenty of bar seats as well as a few tables for date nights, and the cocktails are great.


 3. Mayfield Restaurant


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Mayfield (@mayfieldrestaurant) 分享的帖子

Contact : (347) 318-3643

Location: 688 Franklin Avenue at Prospect Place Brooklyn, NY 11238

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This is one of Crown Heights’ most popular restaurants. It is well-known for serving a variety of delectable foods in reasonable portion sizes.

They have a variety of wines, carefully prepared cocktails, and non-alcoholic drinks. Every dish on the menu is delectable, and the oysters are reasonably priced.

This restaurant is normally open throughout the day and is a great spot to unwind after a long day at work.

Steak fries and fish are two of my favorite dishes at this restaurant, which I highly recommend. There is always something to suit your taste and choice, as well as many lovely drinks to go with the food.

The menu comprises a variety of conventional meals that have been revamped. This is a restaurant I recommend you visit in Brooklyn.


4. Seawolf  Bushwick/Williamsburg Waterfront


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Sea Wolf – Williamsburg Waterfront

Location: 420 Kent Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11249

Contact : (718) 782-9213

Sea Wolf- Bushwick

Location: 19 Wyckoff Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11237

Contact: (718) 366-3272

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Sea Wolf Restaurant is a fantastic restaurant that is well worth a visit. Seawolf offers fish and other delectable seafood and has attractive decorations that will appeal to you.

These restaurants are located in two areas: one in Bushwick and one in Williamsburg.

Seawolf Williamsburg is located on Brooklyn’s Waterfront.

Their oyster happy hour is a wonderful moment for all oysters lovers. Aside from the discount on oyster prices during oyster happy hour, you also get a beautiful view of Lakeview. It is breathtakingly wonderful to see.

The food is delicious, the beer is good, and the ambiance makes every moment of your stay beautiful.

With its good ambiance and decor, Seawolf Bushwick is the best place to stop by when exploring Bushwick. It is a perfect spot to have some tasty oysters accompanied by cocktails. Everyone is friendly, from the guests to the staff and management.

Fresh food and oysters are only $1 per hour, which is a very reasonable price. Seawolf’s location is worth every positive review.

The servers are courteous and professional, attentive enough to get your orders and suggest you food and drinks to munch on when you ask for their ideas.

While you’re eating, I recommend you take in the breathtaking view of the lake.

You may be at the advantage of getting a seat with a view of the three New York Bridges, in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Williamsburg. Food is usually hot and flavorful, and it is prepared according to a special recipe.

This restaurant comes highly recommended if you are visiting Brooklyn and looking for interesting locations to visit, or if you have a particular occasion to celebrate.


5. Hotel Delmano


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Location:128 N 9th St. (at Berry St), Brooklyn, NY Cocktail Bar · Williamsburg

Contact : (718)387-1945

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A romantic cocktail bar that also serves oysters and has a fantastic wine list? That’s Hotel Delmano, where you’ll be swept away by antique chandeliers and marble cafe tables adorned with fresh flowers.

They have fantastic cocktails and good vibes, as well as an incredible liquor selection. I also discovered that they have a cozy raw bar. It’s ideal for securing a table outside on a soon-to-be-summer day.

It’s dog-friendly, so bring your dog along. It’s the kind of place where you can unwind with laughter and lovely music from inside wafting through the open windows.

The atmosphere is lovely, with just enough darkness to appeal to romantics and those seeking a speakeasy vibe. The service is excellent, and the cocktail specials are well made and delicious.

On a gray and rainy day, I came here with a male buddy, and the atmosphere and touches, such as low lighting and candles, just felt right. I enjoyed the oysters and then shared the ricotta cheese which was so good!

I suggest you bring a date along; it is a great spot to bring a date. The background music is not too loud or too soft. It is pleasing to the ears and perfect for the place.

The ancient portraits on the walls also add to the aesthetic appeal of the space. There is a high-quality cocktail, and a seasonal menu to choose from. From oysters to charcuterie, the Hotel Delmano serves an upscale bar menu.

You should pay a visit and have a lovely time with your date or whoever you bring along.


 6. Littleneck Restaurant


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Location: 288 3rd Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11215

Contact: (718) 522-1921

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In Gowanus, Littleneck is a lovely New England-style seafood restaurant and oyster bar. Delicious drinks, live music, a full raw bar, and a laid-back eating ambiance make this an ideal spot for date nights or supper with friends.

This has to be one of NYC’s top brunch spots. It checks all the boxes: excellent food, pleasant environment, really pleasant people, and reasonable costs.

The Charred Squid Hash is the best brunch item on the menu. It’s insanely good. Well prepared with flavors that last for days. Littleneck offers a rotating oyster menu, as well as the freshest lobster, clam, crab rolls, Butternut squash soup with shrimp, and much more. Every menu item in this restaurant is deserving of its review.

This restaurant provides amazing heated outdoor seating if you want a great outdoor setting.

Even if you don’t like shellfish, which is a specialty here, the lemon ricotta pancakes and fried chicken will appeal to you. They also make excellent fries.

The ambiance is exactly nice, with good people and wonderful reggae background music. The drinks are exceptionally well-balanced.

You should make reservations to come here. I highly recommend it.


 7. Mominette Bistro and Bar


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Mominette (@mominettebistro) 分享的帖子

Contact: +1 929-234-2941

Location: 221 Knickerbocker Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11237, USA

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It is a French bar in Bushwick with an exotic menu, lovely outdoor seating, and flavorful cocktails.

I assure you that if you come for the happy hour oysters, you will enjoy every minute of it. This bar has a terrific feel and is located just off the southeast corner of Maria Hernandez Park in Bushwick.

Happy hour drink specials are also enjoyable. Overall, the aesthetic is appealing, and the music is entertaining.

When you visit this bar, I recommend you try the pancakes, amazing steaks, eggs, and omelets.

The atmosphere is fresh and clean. It features outdoor, indoor, and backyard seating for your convenience. Brunch is being served at this location.

You can get oysters for $1 each at this French bar! This special is available daily from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m., and the Oyster and French Bar are open seven days a week!

Fine dining is also available in their lovely garden! This is a great spot for a quick brunch or dinner with friends.



There’s no denying that Brooklyn is home to some of the best oyster restaurants in the country.

These are fantastic restaurants to visit with friends and relax in whenever you’re in the area, so take advantage of them.

When was the first time you tried oysters and how did it go?  I’d like to know.

These are my favorite oyster restaurants in Brooklyn, but I’m sure you have your favorites. What are your recommendations for me?

Please leave a comment in the section below. If you enjoyed this post, please share it with others.

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