11 Best Restaurants Near Smith Street Brooklyn

Smith Street, which is the main artery of Carroll Gardens, is home to many of the best Brooklyn Bars and restaurants. If you’re to try the street’s culinary array, I’m sure it’ll take you years, if not your lifetime.

Whether you’re getting out of New York’s cultural phenomenon, brunch or breakfast, lunch or even dinner, you’ll always find something for you. Smith Street hosts eateries suitable for every budget.

From Italian cuisine to French cuisine to American cuisine and almost all meals under the sun, Smith Street is the mother of it all.

Perhaps you’re new to this vicinity, or you’re just not sure where to hang out with your friends or take a date for an outrageous night out.

Below is a list of 11 restaurants you can try on Smith Street and its environs. Read on to explore.

Smith Street Brooklyn restaurants

1. Avlee Greek Kitchen

  • 349 Smith St, Brooklyn, NY 11231
  • Phone: +1 718-855-5125
  • Visit website

Avlee Greek Kitchen is a Greek spot located in Carroll Gardens. It is the best point for souvlaki. If you love chicken souvlaki just as I do, Tuesday nights are the most fantastic times in Avlee Greek Kitchen.

The space in this restaurant is plain and simple, with light bulbs hanging over several two-people tables. Avlee slaps you with a vast menu you expect in top-tier restaurants in Greece if you focus so much on its simplicity!

The restaurant’s menus are inspired by the owner’s mother, whose homemade cuisine was out of this world. They believe in natural food from natural ingredients.

If you happen to visit this restaurant, you’ll always find them cooking because they value freshness; that’s why they don’t have a freezer!

You can pass by and choose from their extravagant menu that features grilled meats, veggies, seafood, and many small things such as chickpea fritters and spanakopita.

The joint is open daily from 5pm-9pm.

2. Marco Polo Ristorante

  • 345 court street, Brooklyn, NY 11231
  • Phone: 718-852-5015
  • Visit Website


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Situated at the heart of Carroll Gardens, Marco Polo is one of Brooklyn’s famous restaurants offering Southern and Northern Italian cuisine.

Since Marco Polo opened its doors in 1983, it has always delighted in providing the finest meals in the area.

Marco Polo known as one of the Best Seafood Restaurants Places In Brooklyn features dinner, desserts, and catering menus.

You’ll never have enough of their offering; seafood, pasta, salads accompanied by fine wine, and cocktails.

The restaurant’s homemade Mozzarella, wrapped with imported prosciutto and roasted peppers, caught my attention. However, their menu features many more meals you’ll love.

Its operation hours are Tuesday-Saturday; 12pm-11pm, and Sunday 12pm-10pm. The restaurant remains closed on Monday.

3. LuAnne’s Wild Ginger

  • 112 Smith St, Brooklyn, NY 1120
  • Phone: +1 718-858-3880
  • Visit website


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LuAnne’s Wild Ginger is one of the Best Vegan Restaurants In Brooklyn located on Smith Street Brooklyn that offers Asian dishes minus all meats and dairy products. Owned by Xiang Ting Fang, LuAnne’s Wild Ginger has branches in Little Italy and Brooklyn.

It offers a wide variety of Asian vegan dishes, such as Malaysian curry stew, black pepper seitan, pineapple fried rice, dumplings, and crispy soy.

The black pepper seitan sizzler tops the list. The creativity in this dish is out of this world. This flavorful seitan is dressed in black pepper garlic sauce and feels like a steak barbecue.

The restaurant( Boerum/Cobble Hill) opens on Sunday; 12:30pm-10:30pm, Monday to Thursday 12pm-10:30pm, and on Friday and Saturday from 12:30 -10:30pm.

4. Bar San Miguel

  • 307 Smith St, Brooklyn, NY 11231
  • Phone: +1 718-576-3852
  • Visit website

Bar San Miguel


Do you know the famous Jim Cramer? He is the owner of Bar San Miguel!

Bar San Miguel is a Mexican restaurant in Carroll Gardens that offers exceptional margaritas and an awesome back patio.

But should I say the restaurant offers the perfect Mexican food in New York? Absolutely no. But I’d be undermining it if I despised their menu.

This restaurant has the most solid menu that guarantees you meals that’d keep you coming back from time to time.

Their menu features a wide variety of meals that give you the chance to try several plans if you look to stray from your usual comfort.

Their tacos and enchiladas are excellent, especially if you choose to take them alongside jalapeno tequila drinks. The staff offers friendly services, and the environment gives a nice neighborhood vibe.

5. Savelli

  • 195 Smith St, Brooklyn, NY 11201
  • Phone: +1 347-889-7617
  • Visit website



Voted as one of the Best Italian Restaurants In Brooklyn, located at the heart of Brooklyn, Savelli is a restaurant dedicated to authentic Italian cuisine accompanied by genuine hospitality.

The family-owned and operated Savelli restaurant prides itself on sharing its heritage with the world through traditional food made in a Mediterranean environment that’s warm, relaxed, and welcoming.

If you’re looking for an eatery in Brooklyn, drive down to Savelli and try their wide variety of timeless Italian dishes offered by the best servers you’ve ever met.

Their menu features fresh homemade garden pesto, arancini/rice balls, an excellent Italian polpette, or meatballs.

To decorate their menu, the restaurant offers exceptionally prepared napoleon, fresh cannoli, and tiramisu. Please stop by and partake of their mouth-wetting menu.

Savelli is open Tuesday to Thursday; 4pm-10:30pm, Friday & Saturday; 4pm-11pm, and Sunday beginning 4pm to 10:30 pm.

6. Sixth Ward

  • 166 Smith St, Brooklyn, NY 11201
  • Phone: +1 718-451-3825
  • Visit website

Sixth Ward


Sixth Ward is this good neighborhood vibe spot on Smith Street championing the culinary world with their heavenly BBQ, wide variety of comfort foods, brunch collections, and locally crafted beers.

It features a friendly environment that makes it a hotspot for hanging out with friends or family.

When you go out as a family, you’ll always consider a point suitable for your kids. Sixth Ward is it.

This restaurant has a special consideration for kids; its menu features grilled cheese with wet fries, chicken fingers with soggy fries, and pasta shells specifically made for kids.

If you’re searching for a place in Brooklyn for brunch hangout, the Sixth Ward has you covered.

Its brunch menu is out of this world; it features excellent drinks like jalapeno margarita, cider shocker, bloody mary, Mexican coffee, and French 75, including gin, champagne, and lemon juice, among several other drinks.

Stop by and experience the best that Sixth Ward has to offer.

Sixth Ward is open from Monday to Wednesday; 4pm-10pm, Thursday-Friday; 4pm-11pm, Saturday; 11 am-12 am, and Sunday; 11am-10pm. It’s also open for brunch on Saturday and Sunday from 11am-4pm. Fo

7. Cafe Luluc

  • 214 Smith St, Brooklyn, NY 11201
  • Phone: +1 718-625-3815
  • Visit Website

Cafe Luluc


Cafe Luluc is a popular breakfast French restaurant located in Boerum Hill.

As one of the best for Breakfast and Brunch places in Brooklyn, the restaurant is known for its phenomenal breakfast offerings, including super fluffy pancakes accompanied by excellent services.

I think this restaurant offers the best pancakes in the city, if not the whole world; pass by and try it yourself!

Aside from their sweet pancakes, Luluc Cafe offers all egg dishes, served with french fries and greens such as scrambled eggs with house-cured salmon and scallions; omelet served with mushroom and asiago cheese, eggs benedict-bacon and many other egg dishes.

The restaurant also offers hot and cold appetizers, fresh salads, sandwiches, burgers and tacos, and desserts.

If I told you Luluc Cafe is not your typical restaurant, you wouldn’t believe it, so try it yourself.

Cafe Luluc is open daily from 9 am-10 pm.

8.Emma’s Torch

  • 345 Smith St, Brooklyn, NY 11231
  • Phone: +1 718-243-1222
  • Visit Website

Emmas Torch


Emma’s Torch is one of the outstanding Brooklyn restaurants known for training and helping refugees, trafficking victims, and eslees to build a career in the culinary sector. It identifies the refugees’ potential and helps set them up for successful employment.

On the other hand, Emma’s Torch allows refugees to inject their cultural culinary ways into the A styles in a decent way. The restaurant believes that finding a job is more than just having a paycheck.

Instead, it gives refugees a chance to see some sense of fulfillment by allowing them to meet new people and learn the skill of the new language after their unexpected move to America.

Despite teaching and helping the refugees, Emma’s Torch features American cuisine that incorporates culinary from different cultures worldwide. Their menu features dinner and brunch menus.

Here, the dinner menu includes black-eyed hummus, tahini, Urfa, and housemade pita, not forgetting the sweetest meatballs I’ve ever tasted in tomato and pepper, relish, yogurt, and grilled bread. You’ll never have enough of Emma’s meals; it has one of the most exhaustive menus in the world.

Emma’s Torch is open Thursday and Friday; 5:30pm-9 pm, Saturday – 11:00am – 3:00pm; 5:30pm- 9:00pm and Sunday – 11:00am- 3:00pm.

9. Clover Club

  • 210 Smith St, Brooklyn, NY 11201
  • Phone: +1 718-855-7939
  • Visit website

Clover Club


Apart from the American’s Clover Club, known to be one of the best Jazz bars in the area, there is another one that offers excellent food in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn. The restaurant’s founder and the team have good knowledge of what they do.

If you’re on smiths street and its environs, you can stop by for some delicious oyster, sliced steak, and deviled eggs on a toasted baguette, a meal that will always remind you to come back to this joint.

Clover Club possesses a beautiful space graced with chocolate leather seats and private rooms behind the seating area for private events.

The restaurant’s brunch highlights are on point; huevos rancheros, a cheddar cheese quesadilla with refried beans, tomatillo, and avocado salsa, is the signature meal you’ll find there.

Another brunch meal plan that won my heart is the crispy fried chicken breast, toasted in maple chili butter, with pickled onions, on buttermilk biscuits, and served with crisps or greens.

The joint is open Monday to Friday 4-12am, Saturday and Sunday 12-12am.

10. The Levant on Smith

  • 223 Smith St, Brooklyn, NY 11201,
  • Phone: +1 347-689-3694
  • Visit website

The Levant on Smith


Located in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn, Levant is a restaurant known for its cuisine magic. It opened its doors a year ago, and it has an inviting ambiance accompanied by excellent food and drinks.

The restaurant’s magical taste in every meal, alongside amazingly delicious drinks, gives their clients an experience worth remembering. Inspired by French cuisine, Levant’s menu comprises soups, appetizers, vegetarian canapes, salads, and entrees.

One of the restaurant’s signature meals, beef bourguignon made of slow-cooked beef in red wide mixed with onions and crispy bacon and served with mashed potato, will make you revere this eatery.

The Levant is open for brunch and lunch daily from 11 am to 3.30 pm, and dinner daily after 4 pm.

They also have pick and delivery options where you order online, and the food is delivered to you, or you pick it up yourself. You can also make reservations.

11. Verde on Smith

  • 216 Smith St, Brooklyn, NY 11201
  • Phone : +1 718-222-1525
  • Visit website

Verde on Smith


Verde on Smith is a Downtown Brooklyn neighborhood eatery featuring Italian cuisine accompanied by friendly service. Their menu comprises fresh, simple, and tasty ingredients to prepare Italian seafood, appetizers, pasta, and desserts.

Local brews, cocktails, and a wide selection of fine wine complement their food. Quality service and excellent food served in a friendly atmosphere are always at the core of their business.

Verde on Smith’s brunch and lunch menu is characterized by a wide selection of savory burgers and dishes such as omelet, avocado toasts, crepe, pancakes, sandwiches, french toast, and fresh salads.

Verde is open on weekdays 11am-11pm, Saturday; 8am-11pm, and Sunday 8am-10 pm. It’s also open for brunch 10 am-4pm(weekdays) and 8am-4pm (weekends).

Final Thought

There are many restaurants near Smith Street, Brooklyn. The list above is just a few of them. Having a guide that gives you directions to important places such as restaurants is helpful.

But I think having a brief idea of what to get there will help you narrow your choices even more. What do you think? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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