14 Best Russian Restaurants In Brooklyn New York

The best thing about the city of New York is the diversity of the population living in this place. Besides the natives, the number of people living in this city from different parts of the world is not one you can ignore.

The neighborhoods are packed with people from different regions across the world.

Since the early 70s, there has been massive immigration by the Russians to the US, and have established themselves in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn, over time.

If you are looking for the best places to find Russian food style, then it should be at Brighton beach with several restaurants just down the street.

Here are some of the best Russian restaurants you can find in Brooklyn;

Best Russian Restaurants In Brooklyn NY

1. Tatiana restaurant

Address; 3152 Brighton 6th St, Brooklyn, NY 11235, United States

Contact; (718) 891-5151

This restaurant is full of Russian culture. That said, if you are looking for a place you can shake your feet and enjoy eastern cuisine food types, then Tatiana restaurant is the place you need to visit first.

It was first opened in 1990 and has been one of the standout go-to Russian restaurants in Brooklyn ever since. It was named after Tatiana, a beauty from Odessa.

This restaurant is loaded with different entertainment options and makes the perfect night out club.

The food is served with the same traditions that happen back in Russia. Dancers, artists, and singers always accompany the meal.

2. Pirosmani restaurant

Address; 2222 Avenue U, Brooklyn, NY 11229, United States

Contact; (718) 368-3237

This restaurant serves Georgian, Russian, and Ukrainian cuisines. The location is quite far, especially when you are taking a walk, but it’s worth every single step.

The restaurant serves a wide variety of foodstuffs throughout the week except for Mondays when there is neither lunch nor dinner. The prices of their food are affordable.

Besides, the service is one you will not regret as it is excellent. The environment within the restaurant will make you want to come back.

Should you step into this restaurant, go for kuchmachi or the khachapuri (cheese boat). They have a delicious authentic taste. There is also live music during specific weekends.

Note that this restaurant doesn’t accept credit cards. Instead, the payment is only made in cash.

3. Russian tea room restaurant

Address; 150 W 57th St, New York, NY 10019, United States

Contact; +1 212-581-7100

This restaurant was first established in 1927, and it was mainly a resting place for Russian expatriates. After two years, the restaurant was moved to its present location, where the owners retained some of the food cultures in Russia.

The interior part of the restaurant was retained even after it was partially closed. The restaurant is elegant with delicious eastern cuisine.

It has been home to politicians, executives, and actors who have come to plan and execute future deals.

They have updated their menu with inspiration from dishes made in other soviet republics. For example, they have the best borscht in New York and other exotic recipes like cheese dumplings.

The service and food in this restaurant are excellent. However, the prices might not be pocket-friendly. Therefore, you might have to spend more than expected.

4. Skovorodka

Address; 615 Brighton Beach Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11235, United States

Well, this is another restaurant where you would gladly find authentic Russian dishes. They also serve different international dishes to accommodate several guests.

The ingredients used in preparing the dishes are very fresh. They do have live music, which continuously keeps the restaurant and guests lively and entertained by playing saxophone music.

The prices of the foods are affordable. In addition, their broad menu makes it easier for their guests to choose, which is essential to fit their customer’s taste buds. The signature dish is the skovorodka special short ribs which you don’t want to miss.

5. Hot potato house

Address; 109 Oriental Blvd, Brooklyn, NY 11235, United States

Contact; +1 718-975-7990

The foods in this restaurant are always straightforward but perfectly executed. They specialize in Eastern European cuisine.

This restaurant was established in 2016 and has been one of the best spots to get Russian delicacies.

Their new outdoor patio is large and spacious enough. The service is excellent and friendly, and the prices of the food are a bit higher.

Draniki and the mushroom cheese is the food you should try.


6. Taste of Russia

Address; 219 Brighton Beach Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11235, United States

Contact; (7180 934-6167

This spot is a grocery store, but they also prepare Russian dishes and specialize primarily in pastries.

This spot is usually bustling on Sundays during lunch hour, and you might have to wait to get served. Snacks, meats, and bread are some of the food sold in this spot that sits at the heart of Brighton beach.

The store has brought a significant influence on Russian culture to this place. So it’s worth a shot if you are craving Russian foods.

7. Gold label international food

Address; 285 Brighton Beach Ave #281, Brooklyn, NY 11235, United States

Contact; (718) 743-3900

Gold Label is the place to find pirozhki street food. Pirozhki is simply a fried bun that is stuffed with anything of your choice.

The good news is the prices of this street food are reasonable, and they come in several varieties because of the different stuffing used.

They also sell different products imported directly from Russia at very affordable prices.

If you are craving Russian foods and products, head out to this location. You will not be disappointed.

8. Ocean view café

Address; 290 Brighton Beach Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11235, United States

Contact; +44 20 7790 1059

This café is casual and simple but with the very best Russian delicacies in Brooklyn. Ocean view café is on the same street as the Taste of Russia, and it is also a favorite spot for many people craving Russian dishes.

They have not specialized in the preparation of specific dishes as their menu option is extensive.

Traditional Russian delicacies such as Chebureki, blintzes, perogies, and schnitzels are some of the dishes you would likely find in this restaurant.

The food is not complete without borscht. Whether cold, hot red, or green, this is a must-try anytime you visit this restaurant.

This is the best spot if you only want to indulge in authentic and classic Russian dishes.

In addition, they also do prepare American dishes that are just as good as the Russian dishes.


9. Varenichnaya restaurant

Address; 3086 Brighton 2nd St, Brooklyn, NY 11235, United States

Contact; +1 718-332-9797

If you have been wondering where you can satisfy your cravings with pelmeni or Russian dumplings, then Varenichnaya is where you need to go to.

You will find Russian dumplings of any shape and size that are perfectly prepared.

Their menu option is expansive, with several Russian dishes you can order. The restaurant is tiny but with enough space for you to dine in.

The fillings for the pelmeni vary, and it depends on what you want. I would recommend the one stuffed with meat, manti meat in particular.

This restaurant is family-owned and has been serving locals delicious Russian cuisine.

The food portion is generous with reasonable prices. They also sell frozen vareniki and pelmeni in packs.

10. Stolovaya

Address; 813 Avenue U, Brooklyn, NY 11223, United States

Contact; (718) 787-0120

This Russian restaurant is one of the most underrated in Brooklyn. However, they have some of the best-tasting Russian dishes.

The menu option is packed with a variety of Russian delicacies that are often well prepared.

The menu is translated, and you don’t have to worry about the Russian language. The restaurant is tiny, but the food is authentic.

Pelmeni, fried potatoes and mushrooms, cherry dumplings, and chicken kebab are some of the dishes on the menu that you need to try.

This spot might not be popular, but it sure is a hit with the food. It’s worth a shot.

11. Chinar restaurant

Address; 2775 Coney Island Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11235, United States

Contact; +1 718-368-2955

The experience in this restaurant is always one you will keep in your memory for a very long time. This is the place with either your family for a party or just a casual dinner.

At Chinar restaurant, you get to experience live performances from artists and comedians.

The restaurant is huge, and it’s always open for big events such as weddings and events with the ability to accommodate more than 200 people.

The food and service are one you cannot easily find in many of the restaurants in Brooklyn.


12. Gurman restaurant

Address; 2402 Coney Island Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11223, United States

Contact; +1 718-382-3300

This restaurant isn’t located in an enticing street, but the service and food are top-notch. The food selection is broad, with several well-executed Russian recipes, and the portions are generous.

The atmosphere in the restaurant is always fantastic, and the music played in the restaurant is a blend of both Ukrainian, Russian, and American old-school music.

The restaurant might be slightly tiny, but that should not put you away. It is one of the best restaurants in Brooklyn where you can host a party. The banquet menu is what you need to order.


13. Vis A vis restaurant

Address; 3100 Ocean Pkwy, Brooklyn, NY 11235, United States

Contact; (718) 333-0003

This restaurant was established in 2014, and its food cuisine comprises both French and Russian dishes perfectly prepared.

The meals in the restaurant are luxurious because of the preparation techniques. This makes the food prices slightly above.

The décor inside the restaurant is beautiful, and the menu is expansive with several options.


14. Caspiy restaurant

Address; 1309 Avenue Z, Brooklyn, NY 11235, United States

Contact; +1 718-616-1399

This restaurant was established in 1997, and it is one of the best Russian restaurants in Brooklyn.

This is the best destination if you want to host private events such as birthdays, wedding anniversaries, baby showers, and corporate events.

This restaurant is family-owned, and they have been preparing traditional Russian delicacies by introducing innovations. As a result, the food menu is broad with several eastern European dishes.

The service is amicable, and the staff are attentive. The food prices are reasonable, and the Russian music played makes the restaurant lively.

The restaurant also serves classic Russian drinks that are just as delicious as their meals.


15. Matryoshka restaurant

Address; b/t William St & Gold St, 88 Fulton St, New York, NY 10038, United States

Contact; +1 212-766-8600

Here, you will find authentic Russian dishes that are well executed. This restaurant has been there for over a decade now, and locals have made this spot their home.

The portions of the food are large with reasonable prices. In addition, they serve super delicious lunch specials.

The décor and atmosphere are unique and beautiful with nothing fancy except for the food.

The only disadvantage is the location of the restaurant, which is at a bathhouse. So you might end up receiving the bathhouse air while dining.


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