15 Most Romantic Restaurants in Brooklyn Of 2022

What is life without a bit of romance? Whether you want to arrange for a memorable engagement event or just a reminder for a fantastic day of your life, you need to go to some of the best restaurants.

Whether you are looking for bars or restaurants, you will be surprised to find the perfect restaurants to use at home.

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Some restaurants and people opt to use dimly lit restaurants to make it a perfect setting for the romantic setting.

However, when it comes to the restaurants, couples, in this case, will be looking for spaces that look and feel comfortable yet romantic too.

I know it can be overwhelming to look for the perfect restaurant in NY and specifically Brooklyn.

  • Convivium Osteria
  • Lilia
  • The good fork
  • One If by Land, Two If by Sea
  • The river café
  • Olmsted
  • Maison premier
  • L’antagoniste
  • Vinegar hill house
  • Celestine
  • Ops
  • Gino’s restaurant and pizzeria
  • Tabare
  • Le Parisien
  • La Bergamote

Beautiful And Romantic Restaurants In Brooklyn

1. Convivium Osteria

My personal favorite is convivium osteria, just like a neighborhood restaurant that you will find hidden behind the antique windows.

There’s something about Italian restaurants; they make the ideal setting for two loved ones. It’s not always about the food only but also the ambient environment.

When you visit this restaurant, it will take you back to Italy where we have the city of perfect fun and fashion.  You will be in NY, yet you feel as though you are still in Italy.

It features the use of a rustic, cozy dining room to complement the menu. Here the love birds are only going to get the Italian-style restaurant.

This is not going to be any restaurant; instead, it gives you the romantic vibe even from the light settings it has.

It will always make a memorable experience, so those first dates make them remember the time forever.

They often also deliver the perfect wine list making the day even more memorable. And of course, with the different Italian food and the wine, you will taste mother Italy’s hospitality traditions.

Now, this is by far one of the most romantic and unique restaurants of its kind.

They set the restaurant at the park slopes, which is also Italian osteria. Upon request, then you can have them set a candlelit dinner for you.

They use the ingredients for the meal that’s from Italy as well as locally manufactured ones.

Address: 68 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217, United States

Phone: +1 718-857-1833


2. Lilia


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Here are another one of the best restaurants that will bring Italy closer home. If you stay in Williamsburg, then you can be sure to enjoy these perfect settings.

I know you are probably wondering why I keep listing Italian restaurants but aren’t they just the best. From the meals to the environment, you will always enjoy what these great restaurants have to offer.

I love their seafood just because they deliver the best smokey flavor, and when you eat it with wine, you will have a solid and perfect dinner. At Lilia, therefore, you can take your significant other for a unique casual dining experience.

You shouldn’t just see it and then think that it will be any other restaurant in the block. This is one of the very best kinds of restaurant.

Of course, when you look at the design, it may confuse you whether it’s the perfect place to go in or not, but trust me, you will be happy you did go in.

They have concrete floors, a beaming ceiling, and many other significant aspects of this restaurant. Most people enjoy their handmade pasta, making it a memorable experience to go to this restaurant.

The kind of food they serve from time to time is what makes this restaurant always packed.

Talk of simplicity this restaurant is all about using all the simple ingredients to make a fantastic meal. The essence is to bring out the traditional way of prepping the meal to attain the rich flavors.

567 Union Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11211

(718) 576-3095


3. The good fork

When all you want is to try the Korean style of meals in America, this is the most romantic setting. You will mostly like it because they deliver the food in a warm and cozy environment.

Here you have the owners being sohul Kim, an author, and her husband, Ben Schneider. They bring together a signature curved wood ceiling but with handmade architectural details.

Most people who eat there say that they always deliver the global trotting menus. So, you can have comfort food but also fine dining.

When you’re after the romantic setting, you will have fine dining options to make your day memorable.

For me, the architecture alone gets me wanting to go there now and then. However, when you look at every part of the restaurant, you will realize that they deliver the perfect planned structure. It makes it look so perfect as it is.

So, it’s this setting that gives you the vibe to come for a meal here. However, when you try their menu, then you go on to seal your experience. I know you will be coming back here every so often.

You will feel as though you are eating at home even though you aren’t. This restaurant offers a comfortable experience that is further welcoming to you and your loved ones as well.

Address: 391 Van Brunt St, Brooklyn, NY 11231, United States

Phone: +1 718-643-6636


4. One If by Land, Two If by Sea

This restaurant is recognized for its perfect menu. And, of course, it makes it to #5 in the whole world for some of the best and most romantic restaurants. Notice that it has a rich history and if not for anything you will love its decoration.

To most people, we can set it as the #1 most romantic restaurant in New York. This is because it delivers some of the best blends you need for a romantic setting.

Notice though that this restaurant will always serve some of the best meals America has to offer. You will, in most cases, have it serve even the most connoisseur dinner. As a result, you will have a memorable dining experience.

They have featured in vogue magazine, and of course, Forbes also recognizes this restaurant. Now this tells you that you will not be going to any other simple restaurant.

You will find it in the west village institution, and the room exudes the romantic setting. You will enjoy the candlelit tables. Often, they will also have live music to accentuate your experience.

The menu you do have or make is everything as it delivers the perfect combo for your date night.

With more than 40yrs experience, it still amazes the younger generation, which shows you that they are here to stay.

Address: 17 Barrow St, New York, NY 10014, United States

Phone: +1 212-255-8649


5. The river café

Look at that picture; you should love that by just seeing it.

You want to come to this restaurant in the evenings, especially during summer, to view the sunset. Are there any other romantic settings that will beat your viewing the sun setting?

But river café is at the top of the list because it gives you so many things to view in the process. The Hudson River, Brooklyn Bridge, and Manhattan skyline are all you have to experience in the process.

The river café will give you nothing short of the perfect experience that you can hold as your significant memories for ages to come.

So, it will give you a serene environment, most features to make it a memorable scene with the perfect food.

Of course, you will wear your shirt and tie for the critical date, but if you like to make it even fancier, consider going for the patio.

Now, this restaurant will draw people from different parts of the globe to become and be part of this.

You will realize that it’s more alive when you have dinners. So, you will view the skyline and the statue of liberty, which makes the restaurant the perfect choice for all and sundry.

You can be sure they only use the finest ingredients to make their meals. This is why they have made a name for themselves for being perfect when it comes to enjoying your dinner.

Address: 1 Water St, Brooklyn, NY 11201, United States

Phone: +1 718-522-5200


6. Olmsted

In my list of favorites, I have to set this restaurant in the mix. You can be sure that here you have the neighborhood restaurant around the block.

They prefer the hyper-fresh produce to make a memorable meal. If you are eating the meal, you will be taking one meal of distinct quality.

So, when you’re going for a date here, then you should brace yourself for an unforgettable meal. Chef Greg is here to wow your taste buds, and no wonder on paper he recently earned a 3-star rating for the hotel.

They will offer you both the casual and the fine dining experience.

If you are a repeat diner, you will have already fallen in love with their carrot crepe. The Olmsted backyard gives it the chance to make the perfect space for its fans.

Consider coming here for either lunch or dinner for an experience of a lifetime. You will find a seasonal menu for you to enjoy the different meals they offer. I feel like the lush garden gives it the perfect experience.

659 Vanderbilt Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11238



7. Maison premier

Hello love birds, when you are looking for a space to go out and snuggle around your significant other, you should visit this restaurant. Notice that it offers traditional ceremonial oyster bars and shellfish.

When you’re going to this restaurant, you will find the best meal to eat in no time. If you like to enjoy exotic meals, then you should visit Maison. They work to deliver the perfect food and drink all the time.

It gets its influence from the different meals you may have already taken in Paris, and therefore you are always looking for the best methods.

They will primarily use a combination of tastes from the globe to make sure you feel the deliciousness of the meals.

When it comes to the drinks, too, you can be sure to have a unique set of drinks in no time. This restaurant will serve you best if you love oysters. It’s first an oyster bar, and then they also make non-seafood meals.

If you go on a date during the spring or summertime, you should organize to sit in the garden section as it will never disappoint.

Address: 298 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11249

Phone: (347) 889-5710


8. L’antagoniste


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This one focuses more on the fresh farm food on the table. Making it show out as the best destination is that you will be eating some of the healthiest food choices. Therefore, the aim is to enjoy authentic, fresh food, thus giving you the French vibe.

Notice, though, that they make this food using authentic ingredients that are locally harvested.

But it doesn’t stop before it makes you see or feel like you’re eating the French-style meals.

I particularly enjoy their steak tartare, and I think you will like it as well. Although not necessarily made for romantic dates, it works for any time you bring your partners to the restaurant.

The only thing that will make it stand out as another romantic setting is its back patio. You can use it when the weather gets warmer.

I would advise you to try their duck breast roasts as well. They do deliver the perfect delicacies.

238 Malcolm X Blvd Brooklyn, NY 11233

(917) 966-5300


9. Vinegar hill house

This restaurant is ideal for different settings of your choice. When you’re looking for a brunch venue or the perfect romantic date place, then this is the best restaurant to go to.

They serve this in a salvaged décor, but you will love its garden setting the most. But of course, it will often make sense when you have warmer weather.

With the recent pandemic, though, you can order from the restaurant, and still, they tend to deliver some of the best meals.

It will amaze you just how cozy the setting is and how perfect the meals are too.

Address: 72 Hudson Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11201


10. Celestine


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Notice that this one is situated under the Manhattan bridge. But then you will also have a view of the two main bridges with the downtown city skyline. Notice that you will enjoy the meals here, especially if you’re a fan of Mediterranean meals.

They will then offer a wine list to enjoy, yet they also deliver the perfect cocktails to different people.

Its location is what makes it an even better setting for the meals. You will be surprised that this person even creates some of the perfect seasonal dishes too.

It’s such a fantastic experience to cook or prepare the different roasts on the wood grill. It’ll deliver the perfect smoke for meals. So if you want to go to this restaurant on special days like valentine’s day, you will be all set.

For both the setting and the meals, you have the perfect combo to deliver a memorable experience.

In addition, you will always feel nicely comfortable when you walk into the restaurant.

1 John St. Brooklyn, NY 11201


11.  Ops


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This space is one of the easiest to trace, you know. And if you want to go on a romantic dinner setting, you should reserve a spot in their outdoor restaurant.

Although, of course, it’s more of a Bushwick pizzeria. But, it usually offers a tiny space that is still cozy and welcoming to go into.

Unlike most restaurants where you go for a specialty here, everything you see on the menu will always stand out.

Nonetheless, it still has its specialty meal. The great thing is the wine program since sometimes they choose to offer wine tasting to the people.

If you are within Bushwick and next to the coffee roaster, then you should eat it as it is.

346 Himrod St

Brooklyn, NY 11237

(718) 386-4009


12. Gino’s restaurant and pizzeria

Another one of bay ridge staples is this restaurant and pizzeria. It’s one of the most celebrated restaurants just because it delivers both the perfect environment for relaxation and excellent meals as well.

The restaurant makes some of their particular choices every time, but then they deliver them at a casual price. So if you’re thinking of having a week date, then this will serve you best.

7414 5th Ave Brooklyn, NY 11209

(718) 748-1698


13. Table

This is an indigenous name of Tupi origin, and they say it refers to someone who lives far from town. Well, the name is about the traditional Uruguayan cuisine.

Notice that this cuisine is based on the deep roots of Europe. Most Uruguayans are descendants of Europe, so you understand why their cuisine matches that of Europe.

So, this restaurant mixes the European and specifically Italian style of meals with the Latin American ones.

And they then bring the meal they already prepped to this rustic space, and this area has a patio for you to enjoy the meal.

Notice that tabare is in Williamsburg and, therefore, at the heart of the perfect space of Brooklyn.

However, they also do have a restaurant in Bushwick, so you can be sure to enjoy the one-on-one time whichever space you, therefore, choose to work for you.

Address: 221 S 1st St, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Phone: (347) 335-0187


14. Le Parisien

Most people who like it say that it’s the best because they ensure you have privacy between tables. This then gives you the perfect atmosphere to have a romantic date.

This is the go-to restaurant for romantic dinners and dinners with families and friends if you need to. Opened in 2010, the restaurant has served the population of Murray hill and many other tourists visiting the region.

Here you are best going if you know you like steak and many other French meals. Well, what is a good meal without wine? The restaurant works to deliver the perfect wine to you, which makes it ideal for your romantic dates.

So then, if you are going to dinner or brunch, you will make it work. So, whether you will take the meaty stuff or the bready kinds of stuff, you will be okay. But, in the end, you want to enjoy every bite and, in this restaurant, you will do precisely that.

This is one of the best restaurants, and the best way to go there is to reserve a spot.

163 East 33rd St New York, NY 10016-4644

212 889 5489


15. La Bergamote

You will never go wrong when you go to visit the restaurant. It gives you the perfect food and the ambient environment for you to have your perfect romantic meal.

They are very consistent when it comes to making the meals as they use fresh ingredients.

The secret, in this case, is to book earlier. Not only will you get the perfect room but also the food stands out at all times.

They will make your day memorable but if you inform them earlier on that you are going for a romantic date.

515 West 52nd St, New York

(212) 586-2429


Here you have the perfect list of the best romantic hotels you can go to. Do you know of one that you may have left?

Comment below and tell us your experience. These are only the restaurants but remember there are also hotels that you can go to.

Otherwise, check out the 15 restaurants we have suggested here for ideas on which one works best.

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