Top-rated Korean Food Restaurants For BBQ In Brooklyn NY

Brooklyn is one of the most popular places in the United States and is home to several tourist sites, parks, and recreational areas. It is the borough that brims with light, love, and beauty.

The abundance of pleasures in Brooklyn also extends to food, as it is known for various exciting restaurants which offer a swell time with food that cuts across countless cultures and traditions.

Visitors and tourists can enjoy a wholesome experience while in Brooklyn. If you are in Brooklyn and desire to relish the taste of pleasant and popular Korean dishes, while you are hanging out with friends or alone, there are tons of lovely Korean restaurants spread across the vibrant  Brooklyn.

A great percentage of the world population consumes Korean food, so I have taken the time to compile a list of the best Korean restaurants in Brooklyn after having visited these restaurants for first-hand experience and reviews.

I provide this list to help make your selection process much easier, and we hope you enjoy it.

1. Dokebi Bar and Grills



Boasting a large menu, Dokebi Bars and Grills make the list of our favorite Korean restaurants in Brooklyn. In over 10 years of existence, Dokebi has served healthy and tasty meals sourced from organic ingredients.

You can be perfectly at ease with noodles or rice topped with meat Bokkeum or any other add-ons of your choice.

On a cold day, I recommend the spicy Soondubu to provide warmth. You can enjoy freshly grilled meat at your table and select from their exciting ranges of wines, cocktails, and mocktails to enjoy with your meal. They also offer a dine-in or take-out option for customers.

199 Grand St., Brooklyn, NY 11211


Phone: +1 718-782-1424

2. Haenyeo



Haenyeo is an exquisite restaurant in Brooklyn and has been recognized by the New York Times as a recommended restaurant to visit.

Although they had limited options on the menu, the quality of the meals made up for this.

The restaurant takes pride in preparing excellently, traditional and non-traditional Korean cuisines, and I found it especially welcoming the artful design with which the meals were plated.

You can enjoy a great meal of Dukbokki fundido, Bibimbap, and other mouth-watering Korean dishes with friends and family in a welcoming and serene environment.

239 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215,


Phone: +1 718-213-2290

3. Insa



Insa is an exquisite Korean restaurant in Brooklyn that offers the perfect spot to enjoy a hearty meal while having great fun. It has a karaoke bar as a side attraction to provide a bit of adventure while you are at it.

I discovered several classical Korean dishes on their menus such as the seafood corn dogs alongside some other mouth-watering Korean dishes like Japchae and fried dumplings.

I recommend this restaurant as a great spot to hang out with friends or celebrate achievements over a delicious meal. This restaurant also offers private karaoke sessions if you want to enjoy a time with a small group. Insa is closed Mondays and Tuesdays.

328 Douglass St., Brooklyn, NY 11217


Phone: +1 718-855-2620

4. Korean Tofu House (may have closed)

Korean Tofu House


Korean Tofu House? The name of this restaurant is a misnomer, as I expected to find just tofu therein. The restaurant has a wide range of dishes on its menu to cater to different taste buds and health preferences.

They offer meals such as fried yaki noodles bibimbap and several other Korean meals for vegetarians and meat-eaters.

This Korean food restaurant in Brooklyn is open daily from 11 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. and offers dine-in and take-out options.

763 61st St., Brooklyn, NY 11220

Phone: +1 718-567-3838

5. Woori Korean restaurant

Woori Korean restaurant


An exquisite restaurant to satisfy your Korean meal cravings whenever you are in Brooklyn. What stands out is the uniqueness of their menu, as it serves you Korean dishes, which are usually rare to come about in Brooklyn.

This is a perfect spot to have a brunch or late dinner with a date.

You experience a calm and relaxing feel in the environment, and can also feed your eyes with the beauty of the architectural design. Enjoy solid meals of Mandu Guk, Jjamppong, and Jajan myu.

Their kimbap comes in three varieties with the vegetables, bulgogi, and tuna option. You can’t go wrong with this restaurant.

336 Myrtle Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11205


Phone: +1 516-460-8606

6. Ejen



Situated in a pleasant spot, Ejen is a blend of perfect ambiance and delectable Korean cuisine. On the menu are a variety of sumptuous dishes originating from different Korean traditions.

Their menu contains items such as Bibimbap garnished with an assortment of vegetables, Tangsoo, and Ejen Myun soup. Coupled with the art style plating of the meal, your taste buds would be left yearning for more with each meal.

If you are a newbie to Korean, you can start with any of the numerous comfort foods made by this restaurant. As an extra, you can also have any of their specially made teas, or regular beverages to complement your meal.

254 36th St. Suite B-122S, Brooklyn, NY 11232


7. East Hae

East Hae


Literally, a haven of fresh and exciting cuisines, East Hae restaurant is a favorite spot for late-night eats and take-outs. Situated on the third floor, you are offered a beautiful view to take in Brooklyn borough in all its splendor.

You can enjoy regular Korean meals and classic dishes of rice and noodles and an assortment of tasty soups.

This restaurant refreshes the menu list so often, and you can give some latest items like Amberjack sashimi, Chive pancake with shrimp, and mussels soup.

They also have a full bar filled with several cocktails to enjoy with your meals. You can also be lucky to catch their regular Gooftop live comedy shows for premium entertainment.

98 N 6th St. 3rd floor, Brooklyn, NY 11249


Phone:+1 929-239-3421

8. Bokki Seoul Food

Bokki Seoul Food


This restaurant is one of the high-end restaurants which can be found in Downtown Brooklyn. It offers a spectrum of mouth-watering dishes in a lively environment.

Their menu contains many sumptuous and delectable-looking entries like beef bulgogi and spicy chicken bulgogi that you can enjoy with a choice of white or brown rice and a salad mix.

Bokki Seoul Food also offers contemporary Korean dishes and makes options available for vegetarians and healthy food lovers at a fair price.

Every Saturday, the restaurant makes available the popular and tasty Hotteok, a staple Korean Street food that can evoke feelings of nostalgia for Korean nationals.

For breakfast, dinner, or brunch, you can eat to your satisfaction with your significant other while basking in delight.

374 Pearl St., Brooklyn, NY 11201,

Phone: +1 718-243-1342

9. Silver Factory

Silver Factory


If you are looking for a restaurant that mirrors the thrill of Brooklyn, then the Silver Factory restaurant and bar is the best place to be.

Home for traditionally made Korean dishes, this restaurant would teleport you to Korea with several tasty vegetable-based dishes, delicious soups, entrées, and sides.

The Silver Factory restaurant screams fun with a splash of bright colors across the space and entertaining music by local artists to electrify the restaurant.

My favorite Korean cuisines on their menu include Mandu, Bulgogi, Kimchi, and Jja Jang Myun.

If you are in a group, I recommend the Silver Factory the most, as it is designed to be a good hang-out spot to share lots of laughter with friends in between meals. Silver Factory restaurant is closed on Mondays.

270 S 5th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211


Phone: +1 347-725-3017

10. White Tiger

White Tiger


A great combination of aesthetic look and premium meals, White Tiger is one of the best Korean restaurants you can find while in Brooklyn. This restaurant makes an excellent venue for a date or celebratory dinner.

With spectacular illumination and a beautiful interior design with fascinating views, you can’t go wrong with this restaurant.

It gives visitors the option of outdoor dining in a beautifully decorated patio or indoor dining room while enjoying the same diverse tastes of several Korean cuisines.

On their menu is a combination of several high-class meals including Jaeyook Gnocchi, and Eel Dupbap with several other yummy small plates and your favorite veggies. This restaurant is undoubtedly a great catch.

601 Vanderbilt Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11238

Website: www.whitetiger.NYC

Phone: +1 718-552-2272

11. Chingoo



If you are new to trying out Korean food or a returning fan, Chingoo is a lovely restaurant to try out while in Brooklyn.

This restaurant offers on their menus several Korean cuisines and among the popular meals are short ribs, Galbi, delicious kimchi fries, and bibimbap garnished with colorful veggies.

The restaurant takes pride in presenting its meals to appeal to the sight and taste buds. With a very exquisite design and a serene environment, the restaurant has very nice scenery and is a nice spot to enjoy a date.

I particularly recommend this restaurant and appreciate the standard pricing of the meals and the kind and responsive nature of the staff. You should definitely try this out.

373 Graham Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Phone: +1 347-916-1269

12. Kimchi Grill

Kimchi Grill


The Kimchi grill offers several traditional Korean cuisines and is a popular spot for some locals. The restaurant holds an ambiance that is welcoming and calming.

You can find the best Korean BBQ in this restaurant with other meals like tofu, edamame falafel, and pomegranate. Any meal of the day can be enjoyed with family and friends in this restaurant.

They also offer a unique blend of   Korean-Mexican cuisines on their diverse menu. Relish the taste of BBQ nachos, Korean tacos, and big belly burritos in a casual dining environment.

766 Washington Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11238.

Phone:+1 718-360-1839

13. Bulbap Grill

Bulbap Grill


Bulbap grill is an upscale Korean restaurant that offers visitors a pleasant experience of Korean food at an affordable price.

Select from the number of dishes on the menu, such as Homemade kimchi, galbi burgers, and fusion tacos. The restaurant aims for a fusion of Korean and American-style meals.

They provide a signature spicy rice bowl assorted with different veggies. You can choose to have this delightful meal served with seafood kale, tofu, and several other add-ons.

After enjoying your sumptuous meal, you can treat yourself to any of their tasty Bingsoo desserts to finish up on a sweet note.

646 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222


Phone: +1 718-383-3663

Final Thoughts

Brooklyn is one of the boroughs of NYC and continues to receive thousands of visitors and tourists regularly, while other people have made this place a permanent home.

Due to the variety of tasty and mouth-watering dishes, Korean food has gained quite a popularity in the world, even among non-Korean nationals.

This list is not exhaustive. Do you know any favorite Korean restaurants that didn’t make the list? Do well to tell us in the comment section below.

If you have visited any of these restaurants or intend to do so soon, share your experience. we would love to hear from you.

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