16 Safest, Affordable, and Most Expensive Neighborhoods in Brooklyn You Must Consider!

New York City is one of the most exciting places to live in America. Living in New York is an interesting experience but when reality dawns, the nitty-gritty of where to stay is one of the tough decisions many newcomers have to face.

New York City has five highly populated boroughs, but one particularly stands out; Brooklyn!

While Manhattan is widely considered to be the heartbeat of New York, Brooklyn wins the vote for the trendiest borough in New York.

Famous for its awesome restaurants, diverse population, exotic culture, and magnificent scenery, a big score for Brooklyn is the neighborhood communities.

Whether you are planning to buy an apartment or rent one, living costs are an important part of the decision of where exactly to live in Brooklyn.

In this article, l will present to you the safest affordable and most expensive neighborhoods in Brooklyn.

Safest and Most Affordable Places in Brooklyn You must consider.

Recently, l noticed there is often more news about the expensive and hottest places in Brooklyn, and rarely about the affordable ones.

For those still coming up in Brooklyn, there are affordable housing options that cater to your lifestyle and budget. Below are the most affordable places in Brooklyn to consider;

  1. East Flatbush
  2. Sunset Park
  3. Brighton Bridge
  4. Crown Heights
  5. Bay Ridge
  6. Sheepshead Bay
  7. Prospect Park South
  8. Kensington
  9. Midwood

1. East Flatbush

East Flatbush


East Flat Bush is in the center of Brooklyn. This relatively quiet neighborhood attracts young professionals and millennials each year.

It is one of the up-and-coming communities in Brooklyn. The neighborhood had its fair share of crime and violence in the past but is gradually recovering with the 67th Precinct determined to keep the community safe.

Renting a place here would cost you $1400 per month. While buying a place would set you back from $300,000 upwards.

Living in this part of Brooklyn offers proximity to Kings Plaza Mall, restaurants, train stations, playgrounds, and stores. From East Flatbush, Manhattan is 45 mins and Downtown Brooklyn is 40 mins. Its transport system provides easy access to the rest of the city.

2. Sunset Park

Sunset Park 2



Looking to rent a place with magnificent skyline views of the city, Sunset Park provides that and more! It is a hidden gem in bustling New York.

It is the cultural melting pot of New York boasting a flourishing Latino and Chinese communities. Want to have the best of Irish Pubs, Cantonese street food, Mexican cuisine, and Latino meals? Consider moving to Sunset Park.

Sunset Park is one of the safest and most affordable places to stay in Brooklyn. Here, the median rent begins from $1,648 while the median sale is $479,000.

Sunset Park offers classical brownstone houses, having lime structures dating back to the 1900s. There are industrial city complexes housing creative companies. The scenery in Sunset Park is breathtaking.

3. Brighton Beach

Brighton Beach 1


Longing for a touch of Europe in New York? Move to Brighton Beach, Brooklyn. This European coastal town is commonly known as Little Odessa, because of the high concentration of Ashkenazi Jews Immigrants from Ukraine and Russia.

While Russians form a majority of the population in this part of Brooklyn, it is also a haven for other immigrants from Georgia, Uzbekistan, and Turkey.

Wondering what it offers? This seaside neighborhood offers luxury condominiums and single-family houses with redbrick apartments near the beach.

Head over to the Luna Park in Coney Island to have a nice day.

Prices here range from $2000 to rent and $275,000 to buy a condo.

This neighborhood is lined with the well-known Brighton Bazaar, St-Petersburg bookstore, Holocaust Memorial Park, a casino, a race track, Russian-bought clubs, hotels, and other amenities. The B and Q trains are ideal for a trip to Manhattan. It is a safe and affordable neighborhood.

4. Crown Heights

Crown Heights


Located within easy access to Manhattan and Brooklyn, lies this once affluent neighborhood, Crown Heights! Its neighbors include Prospect Heights, Flatbush, and Brownville.

It has a majority of Hasidic Jews, African-Americans, and the West Indian Population. It is a relatively safe neighborhood. I noticed that the North and South of Crown Heights are patrolled by the 71st and 77th Precincts of the NYPD respectively.

Crown Heights is a family-friendly neighborhood offering median rental prices start from $1,700 for a 1-bedroom and $350,000 for a 2-bedrooms apartment.

This vibrant neighborhood offers a reasonable standard of living and a thriving cosmopolitan culture with a variety of restaurants offering Burmese food at Rangoon and Dominican food at Fefita’s Restaurant.

Planning to head to Manhattan or Bed-Stuy? The mass transit provides many stations and buses passing through this neighborhood. The subway 2, 5, A, and C lines are a good option as well as the B14, B43, B45, and B46 bus lines.

5. Bay Ridge

Bay Ridge


Let’s cut straight to the chase, shall we? Bay Ridge is not only one of the best places to live in New York but also one of the Best Brooklyn Neighborhoods for Families. With a rating of 5.9 non-violent crimes per 1000 residents, Bay Ridge, near Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge, commonly known as “Real Brooklyn” is one of the safest neighborhoods in NYC.

The median listing for a one-bedroom at Bay Ridge is $1,600. While the median purchase price in Bay Ridge begins from $360,000.

If you have a family or planning to start one, Bay Ridge should be top of your list of places to stay in Brooklyn.

This famous neighborhood offers acres of land for kids to explore, a skate park, sledding hills, Alpine cinema, and many other forms of entertainment. Bay Ridge Prep and other top-rated schools in Brooklyn are located here.

Originally built as summer houses for wealthy New Yorkers, you will find a surplus of single and two-family homes as well as apartment buildings.  It offers easy access to mass transit and is noted for its short commute to Staten Island and Manhattan.

6. Sheepshead Bay

Sheepshead Bay


Next on my list is Sheepshead Bay, located in southern Brooklyn. Popularly known as Brooklyn’s own “Riviera,” this up-and-coming seaside neighborhood features Cherry Hill Gourmet Market, Holocaust Memorial at West end Avenue, Lagman house, Roll-N-Roaster, and seafood restaurants.

A one-stop neighborhood with coastal Mediterranean charm provides luxury and affordable housing options. It offers a wide variety of single-family homes, new condominiums, and Co-ops.

The median rent listing starts from $1,525 and the median sale price at $299,000.

Sheepshead Bay Subway and B & Q subway lines ensures easy mobility to neighboring Boroughs and other parts of New York.

Want to do more fishing? Sheepshead Bay Landmark has got you covered. Do you prefer to hang out at the beach? Then head to Brighton Beach just a 40-minute walk to enjoy the sights and pleasures of nature.

7. Prospect Park South

Prospect Park South



This charming neighborhood with suburban vibes is close to the renowned 526-acre Prospect Park. It offers a variety of large splendid architectural homes reminiscent of the Victorian era. There are fewer condos and Co-ops in comparison to other Southern Parts of Brooklyn.

It is a perfect gem for those on a budget. The median rental price is $1,650. Buying a house here will cost an average of $523,000.

It is a safe community and perfect for families. Prospect Park South is served by 4 highly rated public schools. It has an excellent public transit system with public buses and the B, F, and Q trains to ease mobility.

Some of the attractions of this neighborhood include the Prospect Park Tennis Center, shops, neighborhood bars, restaurants, cafes, and a 39.5-acre Parade ground where kids play soccer.

8. Kensington



Looking for a place with plenty of green spaces, suitable for young professionals, singles, families, and hipsters? Kensington is an excellent neighborhood to keep on your list of the safest neighborhoods in Brooklyn.

According to Area Vibes, Crime rates in Kensington are 89% lower than the national average in the United States of America.

Located in Central Brooklyn, Kensington is a melting pot with a population of diverse ethnicities. Here, you will find quiet, affordable vintage detached Victorian buildings.

Kensington is a famous neighborhood to live and rent a place because of its easy access to Manhattan. It offers a great transport system with subways and local buses.

It offers Coffee shops, restaurants, and bodegas. Kensington is a spacious neighborhood and great for long walks.

9. Midwood



Midwood combines is a hybrid of the perfect city and suburban life. The tranquil neighborhood has mainly condo buildings and co-op buildings.

The place offers an array of Starbucks, kosher Restaurants, cafes, food, and clothing stores. A close popular landmark is Brooklyn College.

The neighborhood is a blend of immigrants, with a large Jewish population. It is ideal for families and a great place to raise children.

It is served by B, Q subway lines, express, and local buses. According to Property Shark, for Quarter 1, 2022, the median home sales price was $524k, while Trulia lists the rental price at $1,600/month for a studio and $2,900 for a 3-bedroom/month.

Safest and Most Expensive Neighborhoods in Brooklyn

If money wasn’t a factor in choosing where to rent or stay In Brooklyn, where would you choose? With many neighborhoods, it’s still a bit of a difficult decision to make.

Another significant factor that must be considered is safety. But don’t worry, we set out to collate a list of the safest and most expensive neighborhoods In Brooklyn.

Let’s see what it’s like to not just keep up with the Benjamins, but live next door to them!

  1. Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass (Dumbo)
  2. Carroll Gardens
  3. Cobble Hill
  4. Brooklyn Heights
  5. Columbia Waterfront District
  6. Williamsburg
  7. Fort Greene

Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass (Dumbo)

Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass is the big league of neighborhoods!

Down Under the Manhattan Bridge


Imagine having a name like ” Dumbo” and still being one of the safest and most expensive neighborhoods in Brooklyn. Dumbo is a vibrant neighborhood with boutique hotels, galleries, and an exotic food scene with the Waterfront Park.

In the past, the loft apartment and art galleries were manufacturing factories where cardboard boxes were produced.

Today, it is a hotspot for tech start-ups, such as Esty and West Elm. The community offers a Dumbo flea market, Luke’s Lobsters, Foragers Market, Jane’s Carousel, and SoHo House.

The public commute offers Buses and Subway trains to Manhattan and other neighboring Boroughs.  Want to take the ferry? You can head to Manhattan via the Fulton Landing taking the East River Ferry.

Already liking the neighborhood? Be ready to cough out $1,517,500 to purchase a house and $3,000 to rent a studio.

This quintessential district is one of the most attractive Brooklyn neighborhoods. It is rated the fourth wealthiest community in New York and the most expensive neighborhood in Brooklyn!

Carroll Gardens

Carroll Gardens


All right, let’s not beat around the Bush. There are areas in Brooklyn and New York that were badly hit by the Pandemic.

Others experienced a slight shake and bounced back. Carroll Gardens has been on the top 5 most expensive neighborhoods In Brooklyn for some years.

If you are on the lookout for neighborhoods with great schools and the best for families, Carroll Gardens must be top of your list. Cozy Italian and French restaurants, an excellent public transport system, and amazing parks are among the offerings of this charming prime piece of real estate.

This quaint neighborhood is a short distance from Boerum Hill, Cobble Hill, Red Hook, Gowanus, and Columbia Waterfront District.

Their median rent for 4 bedrooms and larger granted them a consistent place in the top 10 most expensive neighborhoods in Brooklyn.

The median rent for houses here goes for $2,679 for a one-bedroom and $13,000 for a 4-Bedroom and larger. The median sales are $1.5m.

If you rent or buy an apartment in Carroll Gardens, you would be in the NYPD’s 76th Precinct.  According to Area Vibes, Carroll Gardens is one of the safest places in New York, having a 6% lower than the national average crime rate.

Cobble Hill

Cobble Hill


Located just next door to Gowanus, Carroll Gardens and Red Hook lies Cobble Hill. This is undoubtedly the most expensive neighborhood in Brooklyn.

This small, exceptional neighborhood with brownstone architecture offers well-placed subway lines a short distance from Manhattan, and bus lines B57, B61, and B63 service this neighborhood.  It is a 5-minute walk from any bus stop.

The neighborhood offers exotic restaurants and eateries including Joya, La Vara and Hibino, Trader Joe’s, Yemen Café, and Awash.

Looking for a neighborhood that offers superb schooling for your kids? Cobble Hill leads the pack in Brooklyn. With schools like P.S. 29 and Mary McDowell Friends School, your kids are covered.

Planning to move here. Be ready to pay $2.5M for median sales and the median rent is $3,500. Definitely for those rolling in money!

Brooklyn Heights

Brooklyn Heights


Famous for its rich history. With magnificent views of the Manhattan skyline, Architectural charms, and literary landmarks, Brooklyn Heights is the home of the wealthy! Its real estate market attests to this!

According to statistics by Property shark, Brooklyn Heights median sales go for $1.2m, and rent prices for one-bedroom and 3 bedrooms were $3,475 and $9,995 as of the first quarter of 2022.

High-rise condominiums, prewar buildings, and converter industrial lofts are some of the housing options available to buyers and renters.

This historic and stunning neighborhood lies just below the Brooklyn Bridge, and a subway away from busy Manhattan. Its closest neighbors are Downtown Brooklyn, Dumbo, and Cobble Hills. A big attraction is its easy accessibility to Manhattan.

Brooklyn Heights is one of the safest neighborhoods in New York with a below-average crime rate. It is patrolled by the 84th Precinct.

Columbia Street Waterfront District

Columbia Street Waterfront District


Columbia Street Waterfront District is a small quaint neighborhood in South Brooklyn, adjacent to Carroll Gardens and Cobble Hills.

The location of this neighborhood is prime, right next to Manhattan and surrounded by four of the most sought-after districts in Brooklyn.

We discovered renting options here begin from $2,900/monthly for 2 bedrooms to $19,500 for 4 bedrooms. While to purchase a property here starts from $1.250m.

It is half a mile away from any subway station and its proximity to the Brooklyn Bridge is a great plus for the location. Popular attractions include Ikea and Long Island College Hospital.

Fort Greene

Fort Greene 3


Best Known for its namesake park, Fort Greene is one of the trendier neighborhoods in Brooklyn. Located close to Boerum Hill and Clinton Hill, it was built as a Revolutionary War fort built in 1776, originally called Fort Putnam, after Rufus Putnam, Washington’s Chief of Engineers.

Attractions here are Fort Greene Park, Brooklyn Academic of music, Museum of Contemporary African Diasporan Arts, bustling flea markets, shops, bars, and restaurants such as Miss Ada, Habana Outpost, Hudson Jane, and others.

Median prices for the purchase of a place here go from $625,000 for a 1-bedroom to $3,295 for a 4-bedroom house. To rent a studio with 3 bedrooms, the price range is $3,490 to $4, 630.

It is one of the safest and most expensive neighbors to rent or buy property in Brooklyn. Hugely gentrified over the years, Fort Greene has amazing architecture and a tight-knit community in a vibrant, and serene environment.




Williamsburg is another famous Brooklyn neighborhood that has been largely gentrified. The place offers historical buildings, bustling outdoor dining, vintage shops, a local home food market, and the popular Domino Park.

According to Property Nest, the average rent for a 1-bedroom apartment in Williamsburg is $3,257, and for a 3-bedroom apartment is $4,625. But Property Shark lists the average house sale is $1.1m for Quarter 1, 2022.

It is well known for Williamsburg Collegiate Charter school, High school of Enterprise, its nightlife attractions, easy transport system, and proximity to lower Manhattan. Property Shark lists Williamsburg as a moderate safe neighborhood with low crime rates.

Final Thoughts

It is easy to see why Brooklyn is the top-tier choice when considering where to stay or rent in New York. It’s a myriad of attractive housing options, which can seem overwhelming to choose from.

But with each of every neighborhood we’ve complied on this list, you are sure to make the right decision in choosing your rental or dream house in a safe, affordable or expensive neighborhood in Brooklyn.

Whether you decide to stay in Carrol Gardens, Bay Ridge, or Brooklyn Heights, living in Brooklyn is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

Did you enjoy this list of safest, affordable, and most expensive neighborhoods in Brooklyn? Are there some neighborhoods we missed? Drop a comment, so we can check it.

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